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Blocking Urban Heat will Slow Global Warming says Online Think Tank

Everyone is now saying the Global Warming is Official? It is not really, but if that is the way human politics in the World want to play it then who is an Online Think Tank to deny the human civilizations from their typical fear tactics? Now then, although it is hard to convince a scientist that mankind is 100% at fault, most all agree that human pollution is at least a contributing factor to ambient atmospheric temperature increases.

Global Warming and Pollution; Meaningless Talk Without Discussing China Too

For those who wish to talk about Global Warming and controlling CO2 emissions they must be all inclusive with regards to China. Without discussing China in the mix any so-called solution is meaningless. Recently in our Online Think Tank someone mentioned that they did not wish to take sides in the sociopolitical debate. Yet if we do not include China and her emissions and say that mankind is causing Global Warming then we are simply kidding ourselves.

Global Warming-The Facts

Temperature change is a normal occurrence on the changing earth that we live on. If we look back over the past 400,000 years, we see that the average temperature as determined by Antarctic ice-core records, show an 8-deg C change. The earth is normally about -4 to -5 deg C below the current temperature. This was during the four ice ages that occurred during this period.

I Am Completely Awake-Are You? Global Warming No Longer Possible

It is amazing to me that we humans can think, talk and take any action today that is NOT geared to cleaning up and reversing the wanton damage we have done and are doing to our communal home – the earth. Global warming no longer just a possibility as it is already here!

We Need Simple Renewable Energy Resources and We Need Them Now

Driven by steam, hydraulics, ocean waves, hydro or ice fluids can be a great way to make energy. There are hundreds of ideas that need to be explored and thus there is a big need for the meeting of minds online. If not to protect our atmosphere from unnecessary pollution to improve health or Global Climate Change then surely for our unfortunate dependence on foreign oil we must seek other innovative alternative energies.

Recycling-People Think It Is New

Recycling is not new. A couple of mates and my father would get an old pram chassis, and go door to door in the blocks of flats, asking for old newspapers and other waste paper. Once the pram was loaded they would push it around a mile or so to a yard where they could sell the paper for a penny a pound, just slightly more than a new penny a kilo today.

Recycle Tips

You can save money and the environment by recycling. You can do many things to reduce the trash. Here are some tips to get started.

If Global Warming Were Real, Democrats Would Talk With China About It

If politicians were really concerned about global warming would they have talked to China about it? Did China shoot down their old weather satellite because they were afraid that everyone would see that they are polluting the world so badly? We do not need a weather satellite to tell us that just go to Beijing or Shanghai and try to breathe the air yourself; it is a lot like Mexico City.

Canadian Issues Over Global Warming and Clear Cutting?

The Northeastern Canadians love to complain and one of the things they love to complain about is the United States of America, the single greatest nation ever created in the history of mankind. Perhaps these complaints are a knee jerk reaction to an inferiority complex? It is interesting however that with only 8000 people in their total military that Canada relies on the United States of America to protect it and we do.

Bill Gates Told You Y2K Was a Lie; Now Global Warming is Here Are We Really Going to Die?

Do you remember when Bill Gates of Microsoft told everyone that Y2K was a non-issue and not to worry about it? Do you remember that he said that Microsoft had no problems with this and therefore it simply was not a concern because most people use Microsoft products?

How Global Warming Scare Tacticians Silenced Reality

One of the easiest ways to control human beings is through social humiliation and this tactic is well known in religions of the world and in other endeavors. Religious flocks can be controlled through social reinforcement on the individual’s mind. This is how global warming alarmists have turned a trend into what now 90% of the population in the first world countries believes; that mankind is causing the planet to heat up.

Global Warming or Global Warning?

As the Earth turns into a fiery hell exactly as the global warming alarmists predict, all of human life and human civilization will burn to a crisp on the scorched surface of the planet. Many people believe that global warming is being caused by mankind emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere.

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