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– Upgrades, gears, locations and talk. – It's Ask EMBN. – Ooh, that's a very
deep voice Christopher. (Lightning sound) First of all, on this week's
show is a story from Brumster, who is contemplating a
move to E-mountain bikes, but like so many, is no
doubt balking at the cost. I suffer from tinkeritis and am quite happy to
upgrade a bike over time.

It's a good idea. If you take as an example a
Canyon on or a Haibike Nduro, and look at the versions six,
seven, eight, nine and 10, my current thinking is
to buy the low-end model and evolve and upgrade it over time. So, the question from Brumster is, does the approach stand
for E-mountain biking compared to mountain biking,
really good question. – Yeah, I think it's a pretty good idea you've got going on there. Most manufacturers share that
actual same frame design, same battery, same
motor, as in the high end as the low end as well. So, it's specialized
because they sometimes stick that smaller
battery in the lower end. – But, some brands have
aluminum lower end bikes and carbon fiber higher ends.

– Yeah, yeah. Definitely yeah, but a lot of it shares
all the same technology, So, the actual bares
or backbone of the bike is gonna be similar to the high-end bikes. So, they're just cutting prices with the wheels, fork,
suspension, things like that which is a really good way
of getting that same bike and just upgrading it as
you go for a cheaper option. – Yeah I think the most
important thing to remember with an E-Bike is that the
performance of an E-Bike or advantages of an E-bike
are quite different to those on a conventional mountain bike,
because in the conventional bike people go for those
little weight losses, you know, those 300 grams here and there. Whereas on an E-bike the
performance advantages are such things as battery range. So, when you say you're gonna get a bike, probably a 700 watt hour
battery is better than a 500 watt hour battery. But, when you talk about upgrading, I think the critical
things are the suspension, although not so critical as
it is on a conventional bike. And things such as wheels
and tires and strong brakes. 200 millimeter rotors is really
powerful four-part calipers.

Would you say? – Yeah, yeah. As well
as contact point really, I think grips, pedals, the
usual, seat, things like that. – But it's a damn good idea Brumster and I highly recommend it. There's also another
part to Brumster's story and it's to do about the
maneuverability of an E-bike. He says he needs to test ride some, but I think the weight and
plushness of an E-Mountain bike is going to suit me down to the ground. I don't mind a bit of weight
and slowness to the bike, if you will. Out of the Canyon or
Haibike, which would you say is the less fidgety and more stable or any of the recommendations that matter? Which is more fidgety or more stable? I think all E-bikes are
considerably more stable than the conventional mountain bikes. In that regard, I think if you compared say a 140 ml trail bike compared
to a 140 ml E-mountain bike the stability and the potential
you can get on that bike is massively different. So, if you had a really
rocky tactical section on a conventional bike you're gonna be bounced
around quite a lot.

It would be really
difficult to hold your line. However, take that E-bike and it's gonna be way more
planted, way more stable and you're gonna keep
your line far easier. Would you agree? – Yeah, I think you need
to get out some demo days. Just try those different bikes out. All those different
geometries, head angles, ball and bracket chains, links gonna make a massive
difference on the trails. – But what is important actually and I've written quite
a lot on the E-bikes is the suspension, it's more
due to the suspension tune than it is the bike, in general.

Because you can get a 120 bike with a really good, progressive
suspension tune in it with 2.8 tires and
that's gonna be a really lively bike on the
track compared to a bike with a more linear suspension tune and with narrower tires. So, there's lots and lots involved. It's not just the type of bike it's the components involved into it. – Got this one in from Andrew Martin. Guys, I have a giant Full E and it's eating the 11 tooth gear. I keep rounding teeth off. I use the gears but
when I get the speed up and put the torque down
I strip the lowest gear. I think you mean the
highest gear, actually.

So, you're talking about the smallest cog on the cassette on the rear. Basically, getting a
lot of jumping going on. What do you think it's Steve? – Don't ask me. – Sounds like you've
either got a worn chain or you've got like a new
chain on an old cassette things like that, that can
cause a lot of jumping around. Or that chain sounds as
if it could be worn out. So, I would basically
check your chain stretch and the cassette wear as well. Also, the gear index and things like that.

– Those chains do wear quite a lot on E-bikes don't they? Definitely. – But, yeah check that out first and just check if it's all
line, things like that, as well. But, we have done a really good video about changing your chain and cassette and check that one out in the link below. – Okay, so the first we're
gonna do is insert the cassette removal tool into the splime face. There's no master kit it
just goes in anywhere. The next thing we're gonna
do is sit the chain on just some of these lower cogs Just make sure it's
nice and locked on there cause there's nothing worse
than trying to undo the cassette and that slip in and you skinning your
knuckles on the cassette.

Make sure the tool's in nice and tight and just oppose the
chain where you feel it. Click around on the
lock grate, pushing hard and then unscrew it. Once that's loose you could
just spin out the lock ring out the middle. It's really, really small and then work on taking the cassette off. – Andrew Green was asking,
hi Chris and Steve. One question. Are there
any plans for Yeti bikes to bring out an E-bike
in the very near future? Not that I'm aware of.

– So, it's a really expensive game as well for the manufacturers to get on board. I think if anyone's gonna
tackle that E-bike game now you have to come in with a
pretty strong package in it to tackle what's out there. – You know what, there's
actually very few bike brands who haven't gotten an E-bike now. So, I would like to do a feature on it. What bike brands have not done an E-bike. It's actually bit of a negative story. It's like, we've haven't
gotten one yet, well so what. Anyway, next on to, which is a shame because Yeti is a great company and they make some great bikes.

– Great to see 'em. – It would be amazing
to see an E-bike Yeti. So, c'mon Chris Conroy. Get in the workshop and knock yourself out
one of those E-bikes. This from Keith Smithers How do I upload photos? There isn't anything down
below to upload from. Does he mean below as in
New Zealand or Australia? God no, I don't know. Yes, real easy. You've got a new upload service on EMBN. So, it's This is the actual address
up on the screen now. – This from Max Befordase.

pexels photo 7018257

"Hi, I'm getting an Overvolt
AM 600I as a lap year 27.5 plus a standard,
but can take 27.5 or 29. I mainly ride natural tech
trails in the surrey hills. For the winter I am considering
going 29 front and rear or 29 front and 27.5 plus rear or I could just leave it alone. Just leave it alone. Aww look it depends. – Manufacturers spend a lot
of time dialing in that bike. Is it actually meant for 29? – It says, okay here's how it is. So, if you change the wheel size it's gonna alter the geometry of the bike. It's either gonna make your
bottom bracket lower or higher depending on what wheel size and that's gonna affect
how the bike corners. How stable it is. – Hopefully mud clearance as well. If it's quite tight, you got 29 as you gonna be cramping that
a little more tire clearance. Especially in winter months
probably not a good idea wouldn't be too fast.

– What I will say is a 29
inch tire or 29 inch wheels, in general, are better in the
mud and slippery conditions than a 27.5 plus. And said that if you've got
a good 27.5 plus on the rear that's if you're running technical trails like you say you're doing it's really good to have that bite off
a 2.8 tire on the back. Also, if you're riding
trail centers at 27.5 plus front and rear is actually
a real good combination because if you could get in 2.8 all those square edge hits on trails centers as you
become increasingly worn out is really good option to have. This from Paul Simpson. Chris, what's Paul asking? Hi chaps, I purchased my first
E-bike about 6 weeks ago. A Haibike 8.0 Xduro. I've been riding mountain bikes for years, but I love more technical
climbs I can now take on. I just want to know of
any good biking areas. I go to Dalby Forest and my local woods, but now I need more of a challenge.

The rock looked like a great challenge but where in North Wales is it? He lives in Bradford in West Yorkshire. – Paul, honestly there's so many places in North Wales to go to and it's not far from
your place, I'd imagine. Where is it? It's pretty impossible to describe, but we did another ride on that trip, which is up Snowden and that's
a bridleway in that area for you to go and check out. We did Fillmore. We're gonna put a link on later on but where else I mean,
there's the Lake districts which is not far from you. There's the Peak districts. There's trails centers, Lake Front Dagglers not far from you. I think any adventure North Wales If you just get an ordinary
map from North Wales and just have a look
and navigate bridleways and honestly it's insane.

I particularly look in
the Betws-y-Coed area There's some good stuff there. But, check out the video which me and Chris did on the climb up Snowden just down here. (relaxing music) And there we were at the top of Britain's second
highest mountain, Snowden. Conquered on a bike that
had no right to be there. (rock music) Ashley Holland – Should I buy an E-bike this
year or wait till next year as they are changing at a rapid pace. – They're not changing at a
rapid pace Ashley, not really. – It says she fancies a Spectralon but I do like integrated batteries.

– Ooh, Don't hang about. Just start living life. Buy the E-bike right now
before they get out of stock. – Good thing about that
Spectralon is obviously, you've got that external battery. Meaning if you've got one in your backpack you whip it out, change
that battery really quick. Get on with the trail. – Yeah, lots of E-bikes are pretty easy. When you say integrated, the
Spectralon is pretty integrated really if you think about it. I think lots of E-bikes they're easy to pop their batteries out. I guess it depends if you're
in a key-operated one or not. So, specialized ones are just a bolt. Spectralon's key-operated. Just go buy it. – Get on it now. Just go buy it right now,
get on it, get on it. – Got this one in from Andrew Melling. What happened to Don. He used to do EMBM videos all the time. What has happened to Don? Have you seen him? – Don is still here. You'll see Don in the upcoming weeks doing more E-bike selfies.

He still rides his Kaneval. Does uplift all the time. I guess, maybe he's doing some
other videos at the minute, but the Don will definitely
be back in the weeks to come. – Mihai Sterpu, is that
how you pronounce it? I have a question regarding E-bike motors. A friend of mine told me
that it doesn't matter if I buy a Yamaha PW-X or PW-SE because I won't be able
to get the maximum torque of even 70 mm due to the fact you also need a high mass on the bike. I'm currently 65 kg. Is this true? Is it worth it for me
to buy an 80 mm motor? The PW-X is a fantastic motor.

– It's amazing. – It's really reliable and
one of the great strengths of the PW-X is the fact that
when you're on an incline that engagement is absolutely instant. So, it's dead easy to start off on climbs. It's really good strength to that. It doesn't work so well on higher cadences as other bikes. In technical conditions,
that PW-X is, I'd go for PW-X over the PW-SE every day of the week. – It really decouples nice, as well as once you go about 25K it's really nice and smooth as well.

– And it's quiet, quiet as well isn't it? – Yeah, it's really reliable. One of my favorite motors actually. – Yeah, really, strong, strong motor. Now if you get any doubt, any doubt at all about the Yamaha PW-X motor, me and Chris did a pretty
technical climb in North Wales – Biggest one to date – called the Rock and I think it shows what that motor is capable of. We have done some crazy
steep stuff on our bikes over the last few months, but it's all been very
urban, very man- made. That's all very well and good but we thought it's time to
come to some proper mountains which is why Chris, I brought you here. – What some old ruins
and disused slate mine. Yeah, it looks great fun. I can't wait to get into it. – No Chris, to this. The Rock, a real mountain
rock-faced challenge. (rock music) – Whoa, the explosion to
my left is insane, Ahh! (rock music) And finally, End05. – When I change from a 27.5
to 29ER classic mountain bike it made a huge difference.

Especially, when rolling
over technical challenges. Is there a similar difference with EMTB's. What have been your experiences? Crikey, I guess we've been
running 29 since 2010. 29 did take a long, long time to catch on and even last year in
the World Cup Donnelseen people are still making
the move to 29 inch wheels. And when you get on a 29 inch wheel bike particularly the longer travel ones, they are absolute flying machines. It's actually scary because
I certainly couldn't push a 29 inch wheel one 80 ml bike to a slim because there's so much
more potential there. Obviously there's a
different, you yourself know, there's a different timing
involved in braking. They are far better rolling
over, sort of square edge stuff. Again, it does depend on
the tires you using as well. A lot of people talk
about the different vibe at 29 or sort of steer slower than a 27.5. I mean there's no end of comparisons. But, yeah if you talking E-mountain bike then tire choice is as important
as wheel size on an E-bike.

– It's probably one of the biggest things we're seeing this year is a lot a manufacturers
going over to that full 29 at front and rear especially more on those trail bikes. – It's a great feeling
on the Canyon Spectralon. It's a really good feeling bike. It doesn't feel quirky at all. It's really balanced and has a good lively feel to it. I think that maybe a mix
or two is right outside. I don't know. I love riding 27.5, 29
and the mix of both. As long as the bike's got good geometry and good suspension I think it's all good. And that's it from this week's Ask EMBN. Thanks for your great questions. I really enjoyed answering them. – You got anymore questions don't forget to drop them in the
comments box below #askembm and we'll get back to you next week. Give us a thumbs up if
you enjoyed the show.

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