Can E-BIKES Help Fix Climate Change?

Make a Difference – Keep Recycling Those Aluminum Cans

Did you know that even the smallest things you do to help with energy conservation can make a huge difference for our energy needs of the future? The fact is they do. Take for instance the recycling of aluminum cans.

Causes and Effects of Global Warming

The earth’s climate has been in a constant state of fluctuation throughout its history. Of course there was the ice age but our planet has also gone through long periods of warmth. However, over the last 200 years the earth’s average temperature has been on a steady rise. This is the undeniable fact that our globe is getting warmer…

Global Warming Starves Polar Bears

As an inconvenient truth, global warming is affecting our world. But who can physically feel the effects of global warming on a daily basis? Sure, this summer may have been a couple degrees hotter than the last summer, but do the majority of humans really notice…

Global Warming Solutions – Why Your Business is a Key to Success

Businesses are the key to saving the planet. Think big and be entrepreneurial if you want to fight climate change.

Do Your Part to Fight Global Warming

You do not need to be Al Gore to help fight global warming. Here are some tips so you can be part of the solution.

Move Out of the Reuse-Recycle Mantra

What does green printing mean? Is it only confined to FSC certification, the use of recycled paper and soy ink or does it have any other dimension? I agree that FSC certification is important and recycled papers and soy ink have contributed significantly to combat growing environmental hazards. However, there has been a fresh debate on the effectiveness of these measures.

Why Recycle Christmas Cards?

There is a downside to the sending of Christmas cards and that is the huge amount of paper and card that is needed for their manufacture each year. The recycling of Christmas cards can produce a new paper or paperboard product and is an ideal way to ensure that they do not just end up rotting in landfill sites taking up valuable space.

Worries on Global Warming

Global Warming has been an impending topic since years and very few people are looking into it. It has now reached levels where nations need to be involved to make the difference. Because the disadvantages of global warming are percolating into the life of the common man. Read this article and find out more.

Explore Emerging Renewable Energy Sources!

Discover renewable energy science fair projects on solar power, wind power, and electric cars. You won’t run out of great ideas to pursue!

Global Warming – A Geological Perspective

A geological perspective on the issues of global warming. Geological forces will remove the accumulated carbon from the atmosphere, and all we need is time, which is unfortunately not on our side. Having said that, ultimately human induced perturbations in atmospheric chemistry will be smoothed out due to the wonderful carbon silicate cycle, driven by plate tectonics.

A National Recycling Standard

I recycle, at least, I try to. Lifelong dedication to the environment, and I still wonder whether that envelope I’m holding is accepted in our paper recycling program. Are the plastic windowed ones allowed? If so, does the window have to be under a certain size? What about shiny paper? Usually it is excluded, however, junk mail is specifically mentioned as accepted. Of course, that doesn’t cover the plastics.

21st Century Recycling – Getting to Less Waste

Just because you would like to be accountable for less waste that’s produced, that does not mean you have got to do away with shopping. Nevertheless, it might mean shopping at the food market store bins and bringing along your own reusable container rather than merely picking up whatever.

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