Can You E-Bike in Winter? – 3 Things You Need To Know

That was a nice eRIDE, pretty wintry conditions you can see the bike is Pretty filthy, that's no problem because it's water-resistant. It's now time To head home, warm up, wash this thing, get it charged up And tell you some details about how You can look after your ebike in winter Back from the ride, I'm washed and warmed up Now, it's time to wash the bike, as you can see it is absolutely filthy There's mud everywhere but that's not going to be a problem washing it down We're just going to get straight in there Okay, so the next stage of this process is that I'm going to dry it down Get rid of these water molecules And then we're going to oil the chain The bikes is cleaned, it's dried and it's lubricated The next step of the process is actually To take the battery out and we're going to clean the contact points Before we go on to charging it Remove the water-resistant casing, put the key in Turn the key anti-clockwise, push the key in Pull the battery down to the green line Push it from the bottom and it should release All the contact points on the battery And also on the bike are now clean and it's time to Actually reinstall that battery, so let's go ahead and do that Pop it in, I'm gonna get that green arrow lined up That's when you know it's in place And then just slide it in and wait for the click And then you can remove your key And then don't forget to actually cover up that keyhole so no water gets in there The contact points on are now clean and dry The battery is reinstalled and the next step Of this process is actually to charge it You can do this either on or off the bike But you want to make sure that it is in a warm and dry environment If you aren't going to be riding the bike for a little while We recommend you take the battery out and store it inside Where it's guaranteed to be warm and dry You want to charge up to 70% which is 3 lights plus 1 flashing And then every two weeks check that it remains at 60% This is going to guarantee the maximum life for your [battery's] cells As soon as you finish your ride, you can plug your bike in to charge From 0% to 100% it's going to take around 5 hours So there you go with some of our Tips to keep you riding your bike this winter

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