Ciclovia Alpe Adria Radweg, Tag 2 von 5 // E-Bike Radreise 2020

In this video … what is it ?! Steffi, will you make me a Mettbrötchen? Second day of the Alpe Adria cycle path. We are currently rolling from the campsite in Hallein. The campsite / hotel can be recommended. The breakfast in particular was very rich. They dished out full, although only three guests had breakfast. Now they had already dismantled. Real madness. Yes, we're driving from Hallein to Bad Gastein today. I think 86 km, more than 1,200 vertical meters. The weather has been modest so far. The road is wet, but we hope that it stays dry from above. So hope. Just take a look. Then we roll the first few meters. We are back on the Salzach. Anne in her complete rain outfit.

Shoe covers, etc. Among them are the waterproof socks that Anna and Martin lent us. We didn't even know there was such a thing. Something great. I already knew, but they are definitely good. They will definitely be in your luggage next time. And of course Mario is in his rain outfit today too. He, too, with a shoe cover. And gloves. Sunshine path. Whats going on here? There is no one on the way. Only we. A natural wet storage. And how is the mood in the rain? Still good? Still good, sure! And with you? Yes Perfect. I can't think of anything better. So you see that you can't see anything. And you can see that we are totally wet. But the advantage at the moment is that it is more warm than cold. And we're driving towards the sun. Exactly, it is somewhere. These are really fat raindrops. I am completely wet. The best thing is when the water runs down from the thighs, over the calves and into the shoe cover.

Magic! And now we have red too! Steffi, will you make me a Mettbrötchen? No, I still have to … Steffi, will you make me a Mettbrötchen? No, I still have to … Steffi, will you make me a meat roll? No, I have to lubricate first. Go then! This is the shower host. We don't need them. We have the automatic shower at the moment. The first ascent is done. It's on the road here. That no longer slows you down. Yes, too much water on the brake disc. We just said that we are not sure if we will camp tonight. If we go into the sun, then yes. But we are so wet. And when it has rained like this everywhere, the ground is completely wet. We really have to think about that. Otherwise we will never get things dry.

We even meet a cyclist. We are currently on a very narrow section. But there are few cars on the road on a Sunday. It's getting lighter back there. After 30 km this is also appropriate. You can see Hohenwerfen up ahead. The sun come's out! Yes, you can guess. There was no improvement in sight this morning. That's why we had to go out there. Let's hope that what is said comes true. It's getting warm on the hands. We thought the road was blocked. But it works. The winter closure does not currently apply in August.

Rub pants dry. Rub off the gravel a little. Ne ball of salt? Yes, let's eat a Mozartkugel. Yes can i offer you one? From my treasure trove. Then book a withdrawal of two pieces. There is a lot of mud from the river here. It was still overflowing here recently. Closed due to flooding. Risk of death. Now we take the red diversion marked. Yes we are correct. The blockage was up to this point. Fitnesspark St. Johann Unfortunately it started raining again. Just take a look. But we are on our way towards the sun. It is shortly before noon and it has really rained down again. Anne was saying it was going to be tough. Let's see when we take a break. We're taking a short break and changing the battery. Here behind us we have the entire range of confectionery behind iron bars. We have just booked a hotel in Bad Gastein for 77 euros including breakfast. That looks pretty good, was renovated in 2016.

We're looking forward to it again because we're very wet. And it rained here all the time. We therefore suspect that everything is wet there too. Yes, it is now 12 o'clock. We still have 30 km to go and we will drive through now. It's Sunday anyway, and many shops are closed. I don't think we can find a baker on the bike path.

That's why we're going through. There you can see a ski jump. Decent incline here. It is currently working. Apparently there is a lake ahead of us. Brandstatt equalization basin It's very quiet on a rainy Sunday. You can also enjoy it. You have to look for something positive Oh, blue sky! Lick my ass! Hey, what is that ?! Can't be true! 😉 It's still raining totally here, but blue sky there.

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At once. A minute ago it didn't announce itself. My God. So better. Did you see blue sky. I cast shadows. I'm getting warm. Look, we're driving right here in the sun. I just said I am casting shadows. Yes exactly. The sun can't be far away. I really need the sunglasses today. Incredible. And how are you? Very good! And look what a great view we can enjoy. I didn't expect that today. Neither do I. But after rain comes sun. What's your name? Pino! And your name is Mauro, ciao! We just met the two Italians. They also go to Bad Gastein. They asked us about Ortlieb bags. Waterproof is important today. We are now driving through the tunnel and do not have to go over the mountain. And the second tunnel. The sun is still shining on the other side.

That would have been it. We are in the village of Gastein. We are now stopping at an Italian restaurant. Yes, here at Da Antonio we have earned the pizza. So Anne, saddle up! Is Anne coming? Yes, Anne is coming. Where do you want to go Certainly after Grado too. Bad Gastein and Villach. We spend the next two nights there. We can now see Bad Gastein for the first time. With its magnificent buildings. A few meters of altitude are still ahead of us. My parents used to be here. It's steep up the mountain. Shortly before Bad Gastein. Now it's getting really steep. But now I have to kick.

We are there. And I can already hear the waterfall. And you can see him. There is a lot of water in the air. We are currently on the final climb and Anne's range is about zero. The last 250 meters. I have 4 km left in eco mode. Then we can finally get rid of our wet habitat on our feet. Here is the hotel. That looks better. So, Mario is going to the hotel now.

Then today I can sum up the day. Maybe I'll start at the back. We just had another real climb. Especially when you know that you hardly have any range. That was another challenge. It was only a steep climb up the mountain. But we did it. That was great. All in all, we had long stretches of continuous rain today. All our things were checked for water resistance. Overall it was good to drive. The landscape is very beautiful. Sometimes you have to use the street. But there was little traffic today. And in the end it was a really demanding track. We booked the hotel at short notice.

The actual campsite was further down. Maybe tomorrow we can take the cable car to the Stubnerkogel. Now we rest first, try to clean all the luggage, freshen up, take a break and then continue planning. Small fine room. Everything okay. Very nice here in the hotel. We dismantled our bikes and locked them in the ski room. It is not used in August. We can leave them there until tomorrow. And we can use the washing machine here. Then our things will be clean and dry again for tomorrow. This is followed by a short excursion to the imposing Bad Gastein waterfall. We are happy! We are very full now, go back to the hotel and hereby also end the video. I think we will definitely remember the day because it was just really amazing.

I think it'll be a pretty good movie too. And then it continues tomorrow. Alright see you then. Ciao!.

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