Craigslist KILLER – How to sell used Electric Bikes $$$

If you want to sell your electric bike I have   five tips for you to get the 
most amount of money possible. A very common question I have is people asking me,   Hey where can I sell my used electric bike or 
do you take trade-ins for used electric bikes? First off i'm concerned about 
your transportation situation… Because I've either bought something newer or 
better or different and as much as I would just   love to take every single used ebike as 
a trade-in logistically it doesn't make a   lot of sense.

I have customers all over the 
country and shipping on used bikes back to   California and possibly back out to customers 
just wouldn't quite work but I do believe I   have found the solution and that is something 
called but more on that later. Step number one to selling your bike 
easily quickly and for the most amount   of money is to find all of the parts and 

I see bikes for sale occasionally   that are missing the charger or missing 
the keys now if they're missing those   two things that's often a telltale 
sign that the bike has been stolen. On the fifth time he pulls 
out a tool and just like that   he cuts through our lock is the first time. Anchor: "Is this the first 
time you've stolen a bike?"  Thief: "Yes."
Anchor: "Not   very good luck."
Thief: "Obviously not." Because most of the time the owner 
will have the charger or the keys   but those are the two things that most ebike 
riders don't carry with them on a regular ride so   just a tip if you are buying watch out for 
bikes that are missing the keys and the charger. If you're selling however 
make sure you have the keys   the charger to your bike and any other 
accessories that originally came with it. Number two make sure the bike is ready to 
ride. No one likes to see a bike listed online   or come test ride your bike 
because they might want to do that.

pexels photo 4254902

Napolean: "Can i try it really quick?" If they show up and it's got flat 
tires the brakes are squeaky and   the shifter doesn't work tires 
make sure they're inflated don't   have any slow leaks and that the tires 
themselves aren't completely worn out. Make sure your brakes are adjusted and stopping 
properly and both the rear and the front. Go   around the bike checking all the nuts and bolts. 
The bolts on the kickstand, the pedals; anything   that tends to come loose over time. It's a good 
idea just to give it a good once over and odds are   hopefully you're already doing these things but, 
if you're selling the bike that might mean that   you're riding a different bike and you haven't 
been paying as much attention to it.

Make sure   the battery is fully charged. That way if someone 
does want to test ride it they can turn everything   on they can ride the bike up and down the 
street and they know that everything is working. Make sure the chain is smooth the 
derailleur is working properly. It doesn't need to be like new unless 
you're selling the bike like new but,   generally speaking if someone's 
buying a used ebike they don't   expect everything to be perfect but 
they do want it to be functional. Number three: Take some nice detailed photos of 
the bike if you're going to list it online it's   not going to sell if there's no pictures you just 
have to put pictures don't even consider posting   an ebike for sale without photos because that is 
the number one thing somebody's going to ask you   for what will she look like i would take a good 
side profile photo like this where you can see the   entire bike so someone can quickly tell what type 
of ebike it is at a glance and i would get some   close-ups so they can see the quality what sort of 
condition the bike's in does it have any scratches   or nicks if you have any tags or stickers 
that have pertinent information such as the   wattage of the motor the capacity of the battery 
those are just really helpful in cutting down   on any questions potential buyers might have 
looks like there's a lot you don't know about   and i know this might not be in everybody's skill 
set but if you have the ability do a video like   this one where i show off the turbo ant 750 
watt bike with a 48 volt 14 amp hour battery   it's like new used once for an e-bike review 
number four write down everything you know about   the bike that includes specifications from the 
manufacturer what size the bike is is it a small   a medium a large now it's pretty obvious this 
is a fat bike but i would still write that down   include it in your ad or description 
because that makes it easier to find   in search results the definite things you want to 
put down are the battery capacity the wattage of   the motor how many speeds the bike has the size 
of the frame the size of the tires the brand and   model what kind of bike do you have it's a 
sledgehammer dang i would also put the model   year if you know what it is i would also turn on 
your display and if it has an odometer see how   many miles and finally if you've made any changes 
or modifications to the bike you got shocks pegs   lucky for example the upgraded rad rover 
that i put together i put that it has an   upgraded controller upgraded motor upgraded 
battery three two one go whoa holy cow nothing   um i'm gonna have to turn the camera here 
cause she's gone the more thorough you are   in your description i think the more people 
are going to stay on your ad they're going   to read through your ad and they're going 
to slowly but surely hopefully fall in love Singer: "Yes I love technology but not as much 
as you, you see but, i still love technology." And want to buy your ebike and in the case 
of something like the turbo ant that is a   current existing model it's not a bad idea to put 
a link to the manufacturer or company's website   with all of those specifications as well number 
five and the last thing you need to do is to put   your e-bike online now just a couple of months 
ago i probably would have told you to visit the   Facebook groups for various ebike brands 
or just general Facebook ebike groups but   not all of them allow you to sell there is 
the facebook marketplace which is just a   random marketplace mixed with dollhouses and 
cars and boats and trucks and Pokemon cards and   whatever things people are wanting to buy or 
sell also have websites like craigslist which   are the same kind of thing just mixed with all 
sorts of goods but there was no one place for   electric bikes and to me that seemed like a 
problem because yes i could list this bike   for sale on craigslist i could list that one 
on Facebook marketplace and eventually i would   probably sell both of them but would i get top 
dollar and would i sell them quickly probably not Don't sell to this guy: "I can't find my checkbook 
hope you don't mind i pay you in change." And the reason is those sites are not optimized 
to sell one specific type of thing if there was a   website that was designed specifically for buying 
and selling ebikes people know they could go there   and only find ebikes however if you want to go 
for example to craigslist and search electric   bike or e-bike depending on what search terms you 
put in you may miss a bike that's for sale you may   find things that aren't e-bikes at all it's a 
little bit confusing it works but it's not best so   that's why i decided to start my own new website which is a buy and sell website   specifically for electric bicycles and nothing 
else we opened the website about a month ago for   beta testing and it was by invite only and so far 
i've already seen bikes sold from ad motor bike   tricks bolton e-bikes there is currently right now 
a boles evo mountain bike for sale rad power bikes   and i've tried to make it as easy as possible to 
use you can search on a geographic map and find   e-bikes that are close to you you can also filter 
by the type of bike if you want a cargo bike   say you want a fat bike maybe you need a folding 
bike or if you want to search by price you can   also do that if you want to find a specific motor 
wattage if you want a battery that's at least   a certain size those are easily selectable and 
searchable features to narrow down to the types of   bicycles you're looking for and as of today ebike 
search dot com is completely open to the public   anyone can log on create an account put your own 
electric bike up for sale or of course you can   create an account for buying a bike that someone 
else has put up and to encourage you to sign up   for i am listing some point in 
the next 30 days this turbo ant 750 watt fat bike   on ebike search dot com i'm also going 
to list the KBO road bike over here   for extremely low prices now i'm not talking about 
a good deal like a thousand dollars or even 500   but these are basically going to be given away 
we're going to put them up there for crazy   low prices it might be 10 it might be 20 but 
it's going to be something that is well worth it.

Guy #2: "How does the dealio sound to you?" That's going to be done at random with no 
warning so all you have to do is make sure you go   sign up to and check regularly 
because you never know when you might see an   ebike for a killer deal now if by chance you're 
considering selling your ebike because it's not   comfortable make sure that you've seen my video 
on how to make your ebike more comfortable first..

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