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A Secret Solar Energy Technology

Two of the greatest obstacles encountered by the solar energy industry are related to costs and efficiency. In order to compete with conventional power producers, a small company has developed a secret solar energy technology. The company is V3 Solar and they have discovered the new Spin Cell Technology. Can we expect lower costs and greater efficiencies for our solar energy? This article will investigate the new invention and explore the exciting implications it could bring to the entire solar industry.

Chemical Fertilizers, Health, Environment and Bio-Fertilizers

Chemical or synthetic fertilizers are basically salts by definition, and therefore, are expected to be harmful to agriculture in the long run. Yet they were promoted by their manufacturers under the misgiving that they would replenish the nutrients in the soil. Contrary to this, studies carried out from time to time have established that synthetic fertilizers tend to replenish only nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous, while depleting other nutrients and minerals that are naturally found in fertile soil. Decrease in soil fertility also corroborated with continual use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the field as revealed in these studies.

Perils of Second Green Revolution

The foray of genetic revolution in agriculture, especially during the last three decades has posed serious challenges to man and environment all over the world. On the one hand there is much buzz over the development of transgenic or genetically modified (GM) crops that would produce higher yield augmenting food production for the growing population, while on the other hand there is the hazard of unpredictable effect the introduction of such crops would cause.

Investing in Commercial Solar Panels

Until recently, investing in solar power was something that only the most dedicated business-owning eco-warriors would be considering, but thanks to government subsidies many business owners are starting to come around to the idea that installing these renewable energy producers can actually make a great deal of business sense. The installation of solar renewable energy sources is proving to be a great way for people to save money on their electricity bills at their commercial or domestic premises. Not only will users of solar PV (photovoltaic) panels save money, they will also be helping to contribute to creating…

The Immigrant Way of Recycling

When I was growing up, the concept of recycling was present in my life, but it looked nothing like the current sustainability movement. My parents were immigrants. They were thrifty in the way many immigrants are: they bought food in bulk and froze it.

Collecting H2 On Hot Plates Using the Swash Zone Effect

If you are an engineer, or someone interested in energy and you realize that H2 makes an incredible fuel. This lightweight gas contains quite a bit of energy. One of the biggest challenges so far is where to get the H2 because the electrolysis process takes energy to run, and therefore defeats much of the purpose due to the time and energy it takes to separate out the H2 from other molecules such as natural gas for instance. Natural gas is a real winner because there are a lot of hydrogen atoms in it and right now it’s cheap due to fracking technologies creating abundant supplies.

Vertical Swash Zone Strategy for Collecting CO2 in Coal Fired Plant Smoke Stacks

The other day, someone came to our think tank and was discussing the need for clean coal technologies. In fact, I can’t agree more because we have tons of coal available; in the United States we have enough coal to operate all of our generation electricity plants for over 250 years. Right now we are selling some of our energy generating type of coal to China, rather than using it all here. This is because we are using more natural gas now due to the fracking technologies and the fact that it is cheaper to use. In any case, this got me thinking of different ways to collect the CO2 out of the actual smokestacks of these coal fired energy generation plants.

Artificially Created Topography to Create Rip Currents for Predictable Ocean Wave Generation

When we talk about ocean wave generation, that is to say using ocean waves to generate electricity we are primarily focused with the incoming waves. They are constant, renewable, and pretty reliable as they’ve been going on for billions of years for all we know. Ocean wave energy would be much more reliable than wind turbine generation and we should do more of it, not less of it. Still, you may not realize this but rip currents also have a lot of power behind them, and they are also very predictable, as long as you stay within a narrow band where they exist.

Treated Effluent – Laterally Tilted Carbon-Metallic Swash Zone and Rip Current Enhanced Structure

One of the greatest things that United States of America has is clean water. Not only the water coming into the system which is of the utmost importance, but also the sewer treatment leaving the system and returning back to nature. If it isn’t done correctly it would put all sorts of bad bacteria into the environment, and pollute our waterways, and kill the chance of eating fresh fish, or using that water later on down the river for farming for instance. Bacteria ridden and polluted water also make it tough for anyone along that river to take that water out and put it into their pipes to use as fresh water for their city.

Extending Rip Currents By Way of Underwater Structures for Discharged Effluent

In many large cities along coastal regions the sewer treated discharge effluent is sent in pipes many miles offshore where it is released from there the ocean does the rest of the work. Of course, when you have a small city near the ocean you can’t always do that, you don’t have the city budget to build a large pipeline along the ocean floor and maintain it. Instead, you treat the water the best you can, allow it to flow in ditches or into lagoons, and eventually allow the non-evaporated water to flow out into the ocean through the natural rip currents.

Charged Carbon Composite Blimps to Collect CO2 Molecules of Air Pollution Hypothesis

Well, over the weekend I came up with an interesting concept to take the CO2 out of the atmosphere using a little trick I learned from Mother Nature. Have you ever walked on the beach and noticed there’s an area where there is just a little bit of water, and not even enough to really cover your feet, or get much higher than your ankles? This is called the swash zone, and it turns out that researchers have found that this process is very good transporting suspended sediment and sand onto the beach. That’s interesting isn’t it?

Eco-Friendly Sunglasses Options Definitely Worth a Look

If you are wanting to make a difference to the environment then why not take a look at eco-friendly eyewear. There are now a number of options in the market for you to purchase sunglasses made of recycled and sustainable materials. Instead of replacing your damaged or scratched sunglasses lenses you can just replace them instead. This makes it possible to save money while at the same time helping the planet.

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