Cycling from Milan to Rome on a speed pedelec – E-BIKE TOURING – Italy

Hi, I'm Jessica the Fietsvlogger, which is 
Dutch for bicycle vlogger. I'm on another   bike adventure, traveling from Milan to Rome, 800 
kilometers, more than ten thousand meters altitude   in one week. But well, I'm cheating. I'm traveling 
with Hi-Biking, a small Dutch company that offers   bike trips on speed pedelecs, electrical 
bicycles which can go 45 kilometers an hour.   In some countries you need a moped license 
and you have to wear special helmets   The good thing is that you 
can go through the mountains   while you're whistling. Well 
that's what they told me. We're cycling southwards, going through Tuscany. We 
will also reach the sea for a little moment,  Umbria, Lago di Bolsena and 
then towards Roma.

In one week. We start at a slow pace, cycling along the 
Ticino river, meadows and rice fields, but then   we go for turbo speed. Uhm, some days the high meters are 
like 2000 to 2000 meters going up.   Which is crazy for me crazy. I mean, I would never 
never never do that, 120 kilometers and then climbing 2000 meters. I 
wouldn't be able to handle that. When we arrive at the wine yards on our second day, 
we can see wine growers harvesting their grapes,   which can be tricky sometimes.

We reach the Apennines mountains, with 
hilltop villages and churches at the Trebbia river. We get an amazing view of the valley, 
watched over by the citizens of Brugnello.   Car drivers can't stop, but we can, as long as we want. I'm at the castle of Cambaro. 
The village only has a few houses, 15 people   live over here. The castle here used 
to be a monastery, a long long time ago,   but a few wealthy families changed it into 
a castle. The current owners renovated it and   now run an atmospheric B&B. And well look this 
is my bedroom for tonight, very classy. I heard   that it took a long time to renovate this? 
Yes, I live here for 14 years. The renovation took 7 years. Now my wife and I
live in the castle offer little hospitality for   cyclists and backpackers.

pexels photo 5445007

I've made it to another top uh how much 
1590 meters. I's funny because one of us   actually didn't see the sign and
just went on very fast on the speed bike.   When you're on a normal bike and you 
would end up here at the sign, it would   be more like this. You would be like
dying and drinking water and: I made it, I made it. And now it's like oh we're on 
the top, let's make a picture. Okay,   let's go on now. I'm not covered in sweat, I am
just chilling. I have to say t's a bit windy   today though and we had the wind against us.
So you do feel a bit like.. it is a little bit harder   to pedal. But you're still going uphill 
25 / 30 kilometers an hou,r so it's pretty cool. We made it to the sea after all 
those mountains, the Apennines. Climbing 20% hills, sweaty…

Well not 
not really sweating. It was actually   pretty easy on the speed pedelecs. But anyway,
we made it to the sea. Marina de Massa. I have   to say, it's a bit run down here unfortunately. In the
town a lot of buildings are not used anymore.   But we found this lovely spot here. There's a 
little nice beach tent here where you can have   a coffee. So i'm going to have a cappuccino 
and you see the sea is always beautiful.   That's good. It's the end of 
September now that I'm here and   the water temperature is still quite good , 23 degrees,
so we could go for a swim here. We'll be the   only ones. And after this we go back into the 
mountains, more climbing, looking forward to it.

Yeah sure is very nice weather, it's warm. You know 
in the mountains it's pretty chilly. But here   it's nice. Nice and warm. But up to my cappuccino.
Oh the chair, the chair was already here.   Cappuccino cappuccino. This is what it's 
all about: cycling and coffee, and the sea..

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