Detailed Ruff Cycles frame Review | All you need to Know

I will review this frame after being testing
it for three years Before I start, I want to make clear that
I am not being sponsored either receiving any kind of compensation from the frame factory I will show the frame options, specifications,
PROS and CONS and final considerations about it Stay with me! If you are thinking about building your custom
bike, the frame is one of the most important and critical parts to be considered It will define your bike and set the parameters
for all parts Before getting in this frame specifications,
let's see what are the frame options First option
If you have advanced welding, metalworking and fabrication skills (and the proper tools)
you can design and build your frame from the scratch Second option
Buy a high-quality frame to add your parts on it This is the easiest way, but not much room
for customization Third option
Customize a pre-built frame to match your needs This was my choice
Choose a good frame to work with.

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You will need some construction's skills,
but less than building the whole frame Warning! Keep in mind that the frame warranty may be
violated with structural modifications! Frame details This frame is made by Ruff-Cycles It is a solid company based in Regensburg,
Germany When I bought this frame, back in2014, they were specialized in frames fabrications They sell premium quality frames Very well designed and with a lifetime warranty Nowadays they offer a lot more than only frames,
they are building one of the most desirable electric bicycle in the market: The Ruffian! Ruff-Cycles offers a wide range of frames
to your choice This review is about the Smyinz frame Let's take a look at the frame specifications It is a low seat frame, very long, and the
bike will ride very close to the floor This frame will accept the rim sizes of 24"
or 26" and 65mm, 80mm or 100mm width The bottom bracket type is US / BMX Head tube 1 1/8", 155 millimeters length with
the rake angle of 45° The seat post base is 31.8 mm Brake Mounts Fits disc and coaster brakes Perhaps some small adaptations will be necessary
depending on the chosen parts The frame is unpainted / raw, but the company
offers a powder-coating service You can pick any color you like It will cost you around 100 Euros extra and
a little longer to receive the goods The distance of the seat-tube to head-tube
is approximately 780 mm – according to the producer it should be enough for people above
190 cm tall The distance of the seat-tube to bottom bracket
is approximately 640 mm The frame is made of steel, approximately
1400mm long and weighs 6.6kg Time to talk about the Pros and Cons of this
frame PROS Very well built and solid frame The welded joints are very well done and practically
disappear after painting the frame It is designed to fit and accept all available
parts of the market You don't need to buy special parts to build
your bike on it Perfect aligned and straight Modern and aggressive design Easy to customize As there are many free areas, and it is made
of steel, you can easily make changes and add your custom elements as tanks, fenders,
engines lights and a lot more High-quality steel, it offers great elasticity
and resistance Ergonomy Very comfortable for short distances and daily
commute The low seat position makes very easy to reach
the ground and hold the bike if necessary Very good for city rides and flat areas No holes or cable holders You can customize the cableways as you desire Lifetime guarantee Cons The lower part is actually very low
(between ten and twelve centimeters from the floor) it can be quite frustrating for some riders The 45° head tube, depending on the selected
forks combination, can make the bike turning a bit heavy Despite having holes for rear brake some adaptation
might be necessary It depends on the chosen parts No holes or cable holders You will have to make holes or design your
own cable holders My final considerations I do recommend this frame for experienced
bikes builders as well for those who will be building the first bike ever
The producer offers a great customer service and very fast delivery
At the time I'm doing this video, the retail price is €329.95
I'll place my links in the video description below You never know when these things might go
on sales Don't expect to perform very long rides within
this frame Considering the very low bottom tube, this
frame ain't the best option for countryside riders This frame is so reliable that I'm planning
a new build very soon I would like to build an electric bicycle
using a Ruff-Cycles aluminum frame Hopefully, if it ever happens I want to record
a step-by-step video and later another product review I hope this video will help your purchase
decision If you have any questions concerning this
frame feel free to contact me

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