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5 Steps to Ensure the Success of Your School Recycling Program

Business recycling programs have discovered a remarkable new source of cost savings in the form of waste management. Virginia Mason Hospital, in Seattle, has garnered a savings of over $170,000 in the first year of their business recycling program as they reduce their contribution to local landfills by 80%.

Environmentally Friendly Industrial Solvents in Aerospace Applications

Industrial solvents need to be used on a daily basis in the aerospace field. Removing greases, particles of dirt and grime, oils, and asphalt from machinery is absolutely critical.

Recycling Tips From World War Two

Many people think of recycling as a recent phenomenon of the green revolution however there is evidence of recycling from as far back as 400BC. During the Second World War resources were scarce and the Government ran massive recycling campaigns to ensure nothing was wasted Households were asked to wash their recyclables before putting them out in tied bundles.

Living Green Also Means Recycling

If we stop to think about the amount of waste that is generated by everyone on the face of the planet on a daily basis, that puts a whole new perspective on the idea of recycling. So, if we really are going to live green, then recycling is a must.

Eco-Friendly Fabrics – Fashion School Experts Examine the Pros and Cons of the Top Green Fabrics

More and more fabrics are being marketed as eco-friendly. But not all eco-friendly fabrics are created equally – or even sustainably.

Choosing the Right Recycling Center For Your Printer Ink Cartridges

You can help the environment considerably by choosing to recycle your ink and toner cartridges. But not all recycling firms are the same. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a place to recycle your ink and toner cartridges.

Recycling at Home and Work

Many of us are now recycling within our homes with council run incentives where recycling bins are provided. Recycling all of the above helps us to reduce our CO2 emissions by reducing the amount that goes landfill sites up and down the country.

How to Make Eco-Friendly Paper Grocery Bags

Just being well aware of the side effects of using plastics and polythene alone would not help. One has to take some steps to avoid their use and save nature from pollution, which will make a difference. Nowadays most of the people when making their visit to any store will end up using the plastic bags instead of the paper grocery bags, which is a wrong practice.

Recyclable Does Not Equal Recycled

Many of us think that what we send into a public recycling depot as plastic gets actually recycled at the depot into the plastic containers with the little triangle underneath. This article clarifies the recycling industry process of recycling.

Recycle Your Old Electronics For Money

It’s an appealing concept, recycling your old electronics for cash. Did you know that you could take your old computers or monitors that are just lying around being neglected and turn them into some money? This can be a great way to put a little extra green in your pocket while helping the environment.

Green Myths and Eco Products

Trying to live green and eco friendly can be really difficult, especially with so many conflicting messages on environmental issues. Many people are left confounded by decrees from some environmental groups suggesting that nearly every aspect of our lives could be environmentally damaging, but many of these claims are either misguided, have not scientific background or are just plain wrong.

Looking to Go Eco? Tips to Get You Started

Everyday, more and more people decide to make an effort to help the environment. This is great news for the planet but often, people give up quite quickly, either because they are confused with so many mixed messages about the environment, or because living green seems like hard work. But trying to be green and eco friendly shouldn’t be complicated or result in you having to sacrifice your way of life.

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