Die besten E-Bikes: Cube Stereo Race Carbon HPC 2021 Bosch Performance Line CX Damenversion

yes the stereo race in one really gigantic color is comes here a bit different than it is because it is is a little more tender a little softer from the color here is turquoise as it is here is shown on the camera i can already see each other but here is nico ockenfels what will it be weigh approximately now we are about the same question just under 24 kilos, however, as you can wear high because we are now showing this bike and he just said no you Don't you feel like I'm carrying this up but because it can happen that someone on the first floor, for example lived and then you have to go up wear and so you can do the same times show that nico can really do it Has and as soon as it stands we start immediately provider moderation to see how he went the head or as well as is that first name of a woman tina der nico der don't have to do any more sport than me drifting through the whole store are here we again now the drivers are a bit different from yes but only briefly to me come nico is that a model there yes so at least once in terms of color speaking it is a model that kju racing team, no, not at all the cube racing team has exactly this colors and that is what distinguishes the model I've already got it from others models had said we had them access models at pew complete eliminated for that there are now those pure stereo it only comes in three Colours that was very nice that is frame size here the frame size here is a 16 inch 1 s that you just have a special feature of the cube is what is known as a bike categories introduced yes there suits me four on that they define the bicycles after use you can say that yes you can say that different classifications filmed in the new ride of course by an adjustable front where a completely different classification we get a full here now sprung wheel we have with the wheel of course, of course, of much higher quality components in terms of their intended use and of course that does that too difference from target group come here girls in and say they are cool that was exactly what I wanted it to be means i have i have my ears that rock shox on the front, I've got the back rock shox spring elements what's on it i have bosch performance cx i have a super sharp look with the blue and turquoise So what can it do? to 4000 euros so let's get to the whole of us here have the 140 models cube distinguishes between three different ones segments 120, 140 and 160 millimeters Travel at least in the e bike segment 120 there are two different models with the 140 it is so there we have it several model variants wsl tm action team slt and there is the bandwidth even bigger just with this one spring travel is therefore the choice biggest was the best selling advice is and the comparison to the 120 we have a carbon frame carbon 3909 carbon carbon yes we know cube is extreme price aggressive what the topic concerns many manufacturers in that may also have a price segment no full suspension bike in the program then with an aluminum frame that has to be done now not necessarily be worse but we have a carbon frame here and also sees htc that stands for then but not completely for the carbon means behind is only the main frame Behind the seesaw, everything is off made of aluminum and forms the race the entry into the 140 series stereo 140 race cars learned a lot I would not have expected now that the frame is made of carbon prejudices carbon travels fast so i have a carbon frame myself is nothing that is even removed there I fell several times I have the feeling it still holds better Vienna aluminum frame that that's the way you break it but it is difficult it depends so we are the ones ask carbon is not the same as carbon i can also use an aluminum solid aluminum pipes have a thick band stronger but I can also say a very thin one now like a can of coke I pull it then simply and that is in principle a fiber also speak in habit the difference is there are highly modular fibers that he break as I say a classic phase that is forever it always depends on the purpose on it not exactly what the lightweight construction as far as I go, I only use highly modular ones fiber he in this segment because simple There the stress points are not so big the stress points are repeated head tube bottom bracket seat tube area these are the nodes where many forces emerge and I lose the fiber or, of course, of the resin content as a whole have to work differently there are that it says yes in different phases yes there are tons of different fibers exactly just like there are also different steel pipe grades or aluminum on 7005 6061 there are different qualities and every fiber right now too times towards the highly modular phase are of course very sensitive and come not necessarily for that either intended use intended a high impact resistance easy to have but that’s the key point so me can do a lot with carbon what frame shapes or dimensions similar things always go to im to see the relationship for what is that purpose and was something i do so and the topic o if the bike falls on the pointed stone or I say something like that yes, so to speak, the poor fairy tales you already have know from the nineties this usually just happens the 90s are not where they stand themselves we are racing bikes or the first carbon mtgs already had impact resistance very very high but always in consideration how the whole thing was made of course there are different procedures whether I take monocoque now that means so baked in one piece or youtube that means I have like one classic pipe single pipes i then glue them together that always depends on how that manufacturer is on the move like that Of course, technology also makes sense that too has changed in the last 20 years only in this case this bike the stereo hybrid We now have 140 rays in this case main frame made of carbon the strongest bosch motor the performance cx den large battery, i.e.

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625 watt hours and then in combination with the pure display rock shox chassis xt group so really a lot of top place at entry-level model yes we are still talking from 4000 euros and to come back to the color again this is the team design color girls racing team at cube the bike is still there still in two other colors like also with the hotels that is one color then the black kept blue and the third color is great in gray yellow yellow so a really great bike for that I can't really go wrong that means I can use components now me are not good enough normal swap later that we have no problem at all for example what is now it is here eg here and now the handle there as in the economic handle on it have no problem these are of course the little ones subtleties that you can do in mountain bike area is one thing so common but we have here also not just easy and rubber grip we really have one The screwed handle is also stable fixed on the handlebars is also clear tires we now have many of these brown tone or this child probably I think that fits in sensationally well farmers pay for the colors of others black tires are really more beautiful the problem is that maturing has a life that means staying in the vehicle for many years so they are never exchanged and never break next to the next change where I'll be with for a woman of course it works but also just the topic of mature changes the look very brutally always want to go on this there are now different ones Color shades where the manufacturers choose themselves can make it much more expensive I believe that again now I do believe for those for the original equipment is that there is no difference in price but i just find the optics very very awesome it is very feminine that but should also be so because the ex is simply omitted in models thing are the full suspension wheels youtube it was just like that here that with the three colors we still do there are also many women who say me actually want a black bike and that is what the manufacturer combines here actually very good to say consciously man that is now the intestinal model or there are also men who say something similar I think the color is awesome, everyone he wants interesting is a dangerous one Seat post is included that also means it is perfectly laid, that is me don't see much there Correction a lowerable sentence is conceivable I meant correctly so here one lowerable support always will more we see the full suspension models that you can now maybe just going home the haibike is now one entry price is what it says here we are my price structure 3299 euros there cube also has the stereo 120 pro for both models not I can retrofit it here it's easy from the price structure, mr Etna I can not now for 3300 euros nor expect that there will be a lowerable Support is in the case now as with the bike with 4000 euros and we calculate such an average support costs about 200 250 euros but it is still accurate already included well that's not a cheap one either doubt you must then two years give a guarantee if there really once in the area then would be then separate the wheat from the chaff everything is cool, too, laid out nicely rubbers are in the right place is meanwhile also standard but everything fits now is there nothing more wrapped around but like out one casting yes and above all not only from above, therefore, a chain cannot only hit from above but she can yes also hit from below and that is also given here because the chain can definitely pop up so far and that is completely encased by itself such details as the routing of a line because the trains are now all in frame run you have to say that that too here one so no specialty but it is a difference the lid we have already explained sufficiently how well it works so you can then please if it is now really lifts up he is from metal the lid properly anti-theft exactly i'm coming i'm you have to go there for a moment briefly accept please i have the big one light on there you can, yes much better, never so great for the battery and you definitely want to show them trains have faith own channel exactly the trains have a separate channel that what you see here now is the bracket I should come up briefly on the other you stepped a second time You can see here in principle the bracket for the battery yes and underneath there is one separate cable duct brake line sounds pipe lowerable support run through they used to be like that you just moved the rhine and then you put the battery on it then the battery has a bit the line carried when the line in the way the battery was not right get in now we have a separate entrance that means for the if, too let's swap a line it works relatively simple and that's exactly what it is engine became god so beautiful you stand for it have that that really does So there you have a difference really a lot of brainpower plugged in, even if it's relatively simple and easy but for maintenance later exchange of the caves or something similar is just a pleasant one history clear on such details neatly the trains moved that nicely come out neatly side by side makes it easy does it there just that difference looks very nice that the brake system from magura and here can't see the beautiful too I can wear the brake pads visually see from the outside here too there are a few pointers down here it's good for free air spring customer it is valve use it to set levels at rock shox is always represented by the lawn fast and slow ok in the back so you have to turn it and was that I was fast or slowly from spring rebound is always that from the feathers of the fork stop is also important when I have it completely open it comes Relatively quickly out therefore means at it always bangs after a mogul slope above Here it is important to also adjust the tension stage thus have the chassis also optimal on monday reason works up there there is also a forest button what is the function ok slide function slide functions a help are support up to 6 km h this shows completely that one that you should see one now make a work of art out of that somehow you can do it again drop off if you want or naked painting pushing help means it's fun makes sense because sometimes there are moments then the bike is the most popular no help is interesting at all I know until now at the train station maybe also luggage with or with third degree or something similar and the push help is just meant for that let's say the stairs up that bike just hold up bring because the council has a certain weight and with this support activated people must have issues I here word + I say when I am here press on it appears work plus nothing happens earlier now Was it like this when I pressed the key? press it started immediately means when I I came up with it and I wanted to my bike hasn't set off now I activate to with plus as from ghost hand that is of course only in, I'll say in a frame too casual that is not fun allowed in Germany or Europe nothing to do with that I am with it now drive off or something like that, it really is I only have one support now here too, for example, the up the stairs the bike and then with the the slide help the whole stop user understood so 3999 euro the frame sizes here with which there are many big we have four different frame sizes start with 16 inches es 18 2 20 inches and 22 inches xl that is also the reason why it is maybe you give it to me turquoise drives if he likes it so be it i'm once when you're one woman now with flowers colors skied and a woman behind me was original on the lift and also took care of the cia I had earlier I also turn around the bathing lake no more spoken but that's how it is who likes it the colors are there and it there are also other colors this time yes there are three different colors like already mentioned so there is additionally a completely black or then stop in a gray with yellow in it that would now be the case with the model alternative already the club name what club stereo hybrid 140 race club stereo hybrid 140 race at recycle in st wendel I think it will be the same today last video what represented I think we only do one thing that afterwards exactly and yes pretty cool and what would like to have here too homeopathic doses 2021 if you feel like it the website should also go straight away we order shooting today on the second February 2021 so when you see the video it is maybe too late thank you bye nico

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