Distance and Speed Test Electric Bike / 2020 Zero DSR Black Forest

oh man I am out here in the middle of
nowhere and I am down to 2% of my battery maybe I shouldn't have been
racing I'm doing speed tests out there good morning y'all today we are going to
be taking the zero DSR electric motorcycle on a mileage test we're gonna see just
exactly how many miles this can really get out of one charge so this is
the black forest edition and it's brand new for 2020 it is sitting on some
Parelli mt 60s mounted on 19-inch rims both front and rear
it also has regenitive braking which means every time you break it charges
the battery and this is why you actually see the opposite of gas
vehicles and you see more range in the city than you do on the interstate so
according to the zeros paperwork here the city range is going to be a hundred
fifty seven miles to 196 and of course on the highway you are 64 to 80 miles
your combined range should be somewhere between 91 and 114 miles so your peak
torques coming in at 116 foot pounds of torque peak power 70 horsepower at 3,500
rpms so at a dollar sixty one to two dollars and two cents to charge on
average that is 150 miles to the gallon if you're comparing it to gas pretty
impressive charge times two ninety-five percent nine point three hours for the
regular tank and eleven point six for the power tape but if you have the rapid
charger you can get that charge time all the way down to two hours a weight is
489 pounds seat height thirty three point two inches and the thing comes
with a five-year power path warranty that's pretty impressive so today we are
going to put this thing to the test I'm gonna take it out on the road and
we're gonna see what it actually gets I think we'll call it a combined ride
because I will be doing some highway but I will also be doing some city riding so
we should expect somewhere between ninety and a hundred and fifteen miles
out of this thing today according to their worksheet
one thing I do absolutely love about Xero is as it says right there
it is indeed crafted in California this is actually an american-made motorcycle
you have got to love that one of the things I love most about the black horse
is the fact that it comes with these hard luggage bags really staying true to
the adventure bike market that I think this bike is going after these are all
aluminum fairly light and actually fairly easy to put in you just push down
there and a little click there and that is probably the easiest attach and
release bag I have ever put on a motorcycle it looks very good naked
without them but today I'm gonna be carrying some luggage because well we
are going out for probably at least 100 miles in I guess some gear I want to
bring so hope you put the bags on there is also a trunk that goes on the back
here I don't think I'll be needing that today we'll just take these two
sidebands you will see they have rubber sealed
mounts for the keys and when you open up the bag itself it opens up at about an
angle like this maybe not as convenient as a top-load bag but this is the style
that I would say almost all of the adventure bikes are going with so again
they're staying true to the market they're going in so this is kind of an
idea of where all the charging stations are for level 2 this is where you can
charge this thing in like two hours there are over 60,000 level two chargers
in North America alone growing 20 to 25 percent a year so that my friends is
actually a pretty impressive range of chargers across America then also you
can always charge it with 110 and it keeps a spare 110 cord right here in the
swing arm so you can always stop just about anywhere and plug in as long as
you can talk somebody into letting you use a 110 outlet I don't think that
would be too difficult okay we turn this thing on and see that we do
indeed have a 100% charge and now we have the trip to zero so now we put
zeroes claimed mileage to an actual test I do not have the power take so I expect
to get somewhere around 90 miles out of this tank I'll give you some updates to
events and schedules at the end of this video
stay tuned to the end so the good thing is on these
motorcycles you don't have to worry while pulling in a clutch they're
finding neutral when you're making random stops like this Tollbooth okay I'm gonna go get the scooters
medicine we got scooters meds $100 a month for
scooters medication that's what it's come out to be right now getting old
isn't easy for any of us there are a bunch of different modes on this thing
let me show you you hit this button right here that says mode and they'll
change on that screen zoom in for you Eco custom or sport we're gonna go back
to eco the whole first part of the ride I did it in sport mode I ripped it I
gave it everything I had full throttle multiple time kept it
mainly around 70 80 plus miles an hour did some hills really just try to drain
the batteries fast I could so now I'm gonna do the next 50% of this battery
continue their remaining 48 percent of this battery at the Eco standard and I'm
gonna try to save as much battery as I can and see how many miles we get in the
Eco on the second half of that let's get it going so another thing I will say is
the suspension has been pretty good was a stiff enough in it and it held well at
the higher speed it's a show-up 100% adjustable suspension and I've got mine
set right about in the middle I'm about a 230 pound guy so I'm not real light
and that middle setting has been really I think I could say ideal for me it's
one cool thing is with this bike is it's just silent there's no noise there's no
nothing as long as your kick stands up and this red switch is on all you do is
just twist the throttle no gears no clutches you just start going perfectly
silent or pretty much styling a little bit of an electric noise but it's not
much and I like it this way I don't think I would want to fake noise on it I
think I prefer to be just exactly what it is I will say the windscreen does a
good job and deflecting the wind off my chest but I do get a lot of helmet noise
and wind noise up in the helmet I'm I'm up in the air there so doesn't do much
for the helmet but it does certainly help a lot with the wind on the chest
you're gonna do a speed test now this is gonna affect my distance a little bit
and probably cost me a few miles but I think it's worth it to see exactly what
this thing can do but before I give you to all the speed test I'm gonna ask you
to go down below if you're watching on YouTube and click that subscribe
button it does mean the world to me and if you click a little bell for
notifications you will get updated every time I upload a new video we're gonna do
zero to 60 in two different segments we're gonna do one in the eco and then
we're gonna do it in the power house here we go let's get to a stop of course
we're at thirty five percent battery now and at forty two point two miles zero to
sixty and ready set go see how it slows my start there but then it starts to
grab pretty decent forty fifty and time not bad that was the Eco that's saving
the Jews it's getting us the most miles out of the ride now let's try it in
sports and switch it to sport mode all right let's get to a stop
ready set go that is quite a bit faster 40 50 and stop time that was 60 and it
just keeps going I mean it's it's a fast bike and we get it back into ego so we
can get the most miles out of this thing oh man I am out here in the middle of
nowhere and I am down to 2% of my battery maybe I shouldn't have been
racing I'm doing speed tests out there now the question is how accurate is this
gauge can I make it home or not 59 miles 98% of my battery I think literally I
have probably eight miles to go that doesn't equate it doesn't add up
but we'll see how it goes let's try to do it on two percent battery try to keep
it under 50 that's gonna be my goal here going down these hills if I lay off the
throttle and Coast does create an engine braking which will slow me down some but
I shouldn't all oh man it just went to zero
maybe I could regenerate going down this hill a little bit all it's slowing down
on me just break the crest here we go breach ending you got big Hills here –
that's good E power I shouldn't have been playing so right now I have no
righto and it is slowing me down the same way
an engine would I guess I can feel it it's wait not me you don't want to make
this hill so I stopped at this gas station plug it
in how do I just keep how to read Japanese
Hill I think I'd better stop here see if they
got a 110 outlet I can plug this thing into oh man at least I made it here the
nice lady in there says no problem I can plug into this outlet and charge up I
think that's what you're gonna find most places you'll always be able to
find someone that's willing to give you an outlet so I'm just gonna reach right
in here pull this out this is a plug and all I can do is hold it what are the
odds of this right here please please be an outlet in there yeah baby we are in
business luckily it still had enough juice to go
a little bit don't know if you two made it all the way I'm just gonna plug it in
here have myself a soda pop maybe a sandwich that should definitely give me
enough juice to go ahead and get home now I just have to hope this outlet
works like this in here plug this in here and that little green light
says it's charging so our official number was sixty three
point six so that's right we got sixty three points six miles out of this thing
on one charge it's a little short of their 90 miles claimed combined but I
will say I did probably 75 percent on the interstate and on the highway and
highway speeds so when you look at what their highway numbers were on this bike
it was I think it was 64 and we did just an almost identical to that tivity so I
gotta believe your other mileage that they've said it's gonna be pretty
accurate I think they probably did a very accurate job of judging this I
unfortunately did not do as accurate a job is judging my trip but like I said
will let it charge here I'll be back with you all in a minute along with one of
please know I said I have a snack wait a couple minutes and I'll be back on the
road all right I shouldn't need too much to get home let's see what that little
stop gave me well it only gave me two percent but two percent will get me
where I need to go the truth is I could have sat for modern how we're with one
of these maybe two and it would probably given me enough juice to make it to a
level two charger somewhere else where I could charge the entire bike in an hour
or two this is gonna work to get me home and wrap this video okay so like I said
you know I probably could have gotten more miles out of this I probably could
have hit that 90 mile mark without an issue I think I would really like to
have the larger upgrade battery for doing any real touring the way this is
set up now man you know electric bikes our exact opposite of gas they get
better mileage in the city worse on the interstate because of that braking
androgenic which we saw well it's what got me to the gas station to be able to
sit and plug in charge so so I think in the city these things are amazing
commutes you know 100 mile or less commutes where you can plug them in
while you're at work and then come back out and ride perfect but mainly I think
a city bike and when you want to do your touring I think you could but the bigger
battery I think would be nice to have I'll take it on a longer trip one time
and see how it works out I'll look for like you know charging stations and see
how easy it really is to cross multiple states hitting charging stations on this
thing because it was comfortable the seat was comfortable riding position was
great had no issues with any of that as I told you I'd give you some updates the
K River Campground all the events here as of today are still on still going
we've got the fast life garage campout the dates are right there we've got the
Lita's campout the dates are right there and
that leaders camp oh if dudes if you want to come you got to be sponsored by
a girl you means you got to have a girl bring you as her guest and every girl
can only bring one dude so it goes we don't want to overrun all these women
with us crazy dudes right and I'm still going on the road I'm still traveling
some of our events have been postponed and canceled like our Albuquerque event
listen y'all I almost thought I was gonna get stranded out there on the road
but I stayed stubborn I suggest you all do the same don't give up chase your
dreams in fact dream until your dreams come
true let's see tomorrow

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