[DK-01] mit dem E-Bike nach Kopenhagen | Dänemark | Teil 1 Anreise bis Puttgarden

first turn the music down.
Welcome to the video. Yes, we're off again this time on a little trip. I am
now near Neustadt on the Baltic Sea to watch the more offered that my car
can be parked there is south of some port and then I want to drive about 30
40 kilometers to Derb and the garden and there I go to the campsite I don't think
I'll take the ferry today I still needed a whole morning to pack
and yes I'm happy we wanted to go to Copenhagen and I'd like to see the infrastructure
there customers the drivers not only of course that means yes your fans should bike town
at all and I wanted to convince myself of that. I wrote to them once
and heide they are only in gremersdorf. That means yes and we offered that I could
leave my car there. It is also possible to go to Fehmarn. There is also
a parking fee for one week for 20 euros but does n't have to be yes unfortunately I'm
traveling by car would have loved to take the train but due to de s new euro tickets do
n't have a chance of getting one somewhere else, that's fine because So, I've arrived here at Rainer's
and Heide's, enjoyed coffee, parked my car and even got some air.
Excellent! First aid and safe journey thanks.

Yes just nice to be back often now have
about 19 kilometers to puttgarden am then on the campsite where I no longer thought it would be
34 we are checking my destination again wonderful best weather and dreamed you have
had to stop for a moment until about five I 've driven for hours and I'm already noticing where the recovery starts
so driving my car is recovery but not on the freeway somehow that
only cycling now makes you really nice again clear your head yes and I'm very proud I
've managed my advice pack it so that I don't need the rear pocket at all there's
another difference and I don't have the second battery with me either flat one just in case I
step on foot just awesome if you have five pockets instead of 6 yes the big one he has I think 30 lies to
40 50 liters and I also don't know why I still have my free time stuff going
and didn't want to move in it anymore the road is done when we have to get out that's really great again
now really great and there's a damp scent in the air yesterday
it rained really badly in stores otherwise it's also seen like that of course a lot of
luck and yes the air is correspondingly good but not too much air i was comfortable i
don't think so 24 degrees 180 degrees ideal and there are many there are many insects so
it would be bad to drive without glasses yes everything worked out how important yes now
the plugin will definitely come I'll go back later Too annoying but I have to live with it now on this
tour yes I'm on time today at 1 p.m.

pexels photo 4254902

It comes as I had planned yes it took
me about four hours so I didn't get ready to pack everything together And
from scratch I also have a few bags or inter players that I had last year,
for example for electronics things, I didn't know that at all more where i
had the kids in and yes i think i have everything in the right place and can find it quickly enough
and have not forgotten anything warned that will always turn out to be yes i have saved quite a
bit and now i have in the back where do i have to be I managed at least managed
to do without on the one mcgregor so this large cross bag the black one I brought
everything in my two rear two front and the handlebar bag I brought
as much with me but I didn't have any electronics with me either I left the second battery at
home I want to manage that too yes I just told you that the air
smells so good it is a bit damp here it has now become clear what that is I am pretty
close to the sea here it was long ago it was there on the right I was now going to the top and here
will he have one across from more well I saw it right away
yes I met a woman with me too luggage on the way was a bit desperate
because she hasn't seen an exhibition yes I was now pointing to the company at the bedburger
I don't know if you can see it at the depot yes I'm slowly creeping up to the films are
points on I can already do them I unfortunately can't drive faster because this is
n't quite so good here for the via claudia augusta sees both you have to be able to get along with the
northern German rough way a little bit there it was, that was Matthias' plan again I just put my
finger on the map at the start Recipe I want here at the bridge but unfortunately I'm down there too
and not now I have to see if I have to drive this long way I have to yes I ca
n't up the ramp here I've now driven about a kilometer for that you have to do one now
fence but not here you can obviously through teams open perfect there comes holiday feeling or
island feeling yes yes here you had to ta actually stop briefly to come from to
let oncoming people pass the episode with i staged that you also do a little something
because many want to go to fehmarn there too one and rainer told me
that no train here experienced since last week there can be some
things than that cars are allowed to drive the 31 i don't even know what a great family is
but probably newly built or additional i don't even know where i'm now across the bridge that went in no time at all and if it does have a
nice view of the water and i find it
underneath me I don't want to glorify it but I find the island boring I
was here a few years ago at the campsite that had the only caravan I
once spent a whole weekend here only drove around in the council that means
laughing when you look at maps meters out of the water me was now through let's see maybe in
the end I have a different opinion yes and bike paths are hi he also roads we have that's complaining
at a high level oh yes and these drug explosives or do you have to use them more often i had because i just the day
before yesterday but that's how it is now in burgundy we look
at many ice cream parlors or is my boat on it some ribbon I
had campsites and also charging stations as paul also indicated points of
interest for foreign countries and you can announced you pass a charging station
the double corpse is exactly my humor you also got an ice cream means
the year of life that you didn't ask in German why google baby numbers
can someone like in my eyes conversations in german with me in english we just talked yes wonderful in the city is really great
for women the procedure is so easy to drive yes i got it yes maybe I have to
come now a few yes I've looked at it too
it's very touristy the sellers are like that How something unfriendly
may have changed is a bit of a mystery to me why they
didn't notice the street here I found the bike path here you ride in the
opposite direction to the small strip of 50 each well I'm looking forward to coming back
out of the castle yes and my impression has been confirmed so i don't have to have many people
many cars almost no bike lanes on the road bad turned out anyway i'm looking forward
to denmark want to come up am curious what a contrast program can drive
that's an intention that one finds out whether in the construction site yes but here it is so first
cream good a country road doesn't make anything very nice says like a child although here we only have kilometers to the campsite
until puttgarden at least my cousin christine has sent a voice message
maybe knows her she still house part 6 o'clock of a bike trip 2021 here claudia augusta very
briefly I thought that you enjoy your ice cream and since someone has already arrived the
weather is probably great and nothing to compare with the heat record in Verona for
sure and yes I just wish you a good time and thank you for joining us again a
full class really great thanks and have fun we want to go there and here is a campsite on the left
I called yesterday parking the car would cost eight euros a
day so that's good the way it went on several channels with it the
advertising also counts here nice comeback is still short look is
now set up a chair the tent is up and me here at the day
care centers is law I think I have to location is entered we will also order books göhner
box 6 euros doner kebab plate 15 eur 4 50 films what was that one from erfurt exactly about the prices
one can argue it should have gotten really expensive this year compared to
last year i don't know nn judge yourself I 'm looking forward to the refreshment just
drove back to burg eight kilometers or eight and a half there 8 degrees back again
get a cat hall and yes up to coffee cream for my coffee and in general
for the days I don't know yet if I'll always kitsch in the café and a couple of yoghurts
yeah it's funny breakfast is that morning when you drive past child
never to look at that too we're more relaxed that's at the same time the
parents rather put the ferries there when I know I'm going to lie down for a moment I
'm sweaty I entered properly where it came from
, work off my video editing stomach again , yes, thank you for watching, today was more of
an arrival day, but it was fun and yes, why is it going on with the ferry
to Denmark and I am very excited about the cycle paths in denmark i have planned about 120 kilometers so i have to
economize a bit with my one battery but i am happy
I'm on it with that in mind, see you next time and slowly sneaking up to the via
cloud yes I'm slowly sneaking up to the
Fehmarnsund Bridge.

Now of all times a car
is coming I
'm looking for it here you're looking for something nonsense yes you are.

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