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Could Solar Flight or the Silver Surfer Inspire a Generation?

Inspiration can come in many guises. For clean energy, the jury’s out. What will inspire the next generation of engineers, homeowners, business people and individuals remains fluid. The industry is still on the fringes. But things like a solar airplane and even something from a comic book may make the difference.

Environment Friendly Products – A Perfect Option for a Green Lifestyle

We all dream of a safe and healthy environment and one perfect way to achieve this is recycling and reusing rubber. By successful recycling of rubber, you can protect the environment from further degradation and also reduce the depletion of ozone layer. The disparaging activities of human beings are damaging the environment ruthlessly and it is extremely important to find out strict measures to avoid this. There are different products which can successfully be recycled like tin cans, wood, batteries, paper, metals, and rubber. Rubber takes a lot of time to decay even after it has been dumped in the landfills. Due to this reason, rubber recycling is hugely important.

Oliver Lawal: A UV Technology Innovator

Oliver Lawal has worked in the UV technology industry since the late 1990s and has completed some major projects that affect public water supplies. Like many in the UV water disinfection field, his knowledge base crosses disciplines. Learn more about his family history and professional interests.

The Mayan Year of Change (Armageddon) – And the Maori Nation With Chief Charles Hohepa At The Helm

To many people, the end of the current Mayan calendar in 2012 brings on many fears of Armageddon, the supposed end of the world, rather than its real meaning as the beginning of a brand new era. His Excellency Chief Charles Hohepa, hereditary leader of the Maori, ends a 15 year absence in Europe to rejuvenate his Nation, showing that 2012 will be the beginning of the Year of the New Era for the Maori Nation.

Water Desalinization Project Improves Navaho Life

Parts of the Navaho Reservation in Arizona can be extremely desolate, and you may wonder how these people have managed to survive their environment for so many years. What you probably don’t know is that 40% of those living on the reservation have no access to clean, safe water. It has been an almost impossible situation for decades.

Ideas For Giving Your Clothes a New Lease of Life

Find out how you could free up some space in your wardrobe in an ethical and environmentally friendly way. Browse these ideas for giving your clothes a new lease of life.

One-Dimensional Shrink Wrapping With Graphene – I Can Think Of Applications for That Nano Science

It seems that many people in our society and civilization are worried about carbon and their carbon footprint. Still, what many humans don’t realize is they are made of carbon, that is to say they are “carbon-based bipeds,” and the only way to really get rid of their carbon footprint would be to cut off their foot. Carbon is not evil it is abundant in our solar system, and is necessary for life. It also has some remarkable molecular abilities for future materials. Okay so, let’s talk about this for second shall we?

Movement of Business to the Green Sector

Business is not only about making profit, it is also about making an impact. Now that more and more people are being becoming aware of environmental issues, they actively seek goods and services from businesses that care about the environment. Recently, the demand for eco-friendly goods and services has increased. That is why more and more businesses are moving to the green sector these days.

A Guide to Recycling

Recycling has become an essential activity in recent years, because it is one of the most effective ways to reduce damage to the environment. Most countries around the world have imposed laws and incentives to encourage their citizens to practice recycling, and many organizations and individuals have made recycling a part of their daily routines.

Choose Environmentally-Friendly Recycled Street Furniture

Recycled street furniture is a great choice for councils, businesses and people alike. It’s exceptional for the environment as it uses old plastic and carries on its lifespan. Smooth plastic is much better for furniture for picnic areas as they are safer and look so much better compared to wood or steel.

Graphene and Water Purification Strategy Proposed

Carbon nano tubes and graphene structures lend themselves well to environmental technologies. Having formerly been in the carwash industry, I realize that carbon attaches itself to just about anything, and therefore other things stick to it is well. Carbon nano tubes and graphing structures also have electrical properties which make them even more intriguing for environmental eco-innovations for pollutant remediation.

Bottlemaker, Building Owners Embrace Efficiencies and Save Big

Energy efficiency measures by the private sector are sweeping the nation as companies seek to save money in office buildings, industrial operations and manufacturing. While new construction going green has slowed because of the econmy, the energy savings on utility bills continues to fuel interest in the practice.

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