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Global Warming is a Lie, Earth May Heat Up, But We are Not Going to Die

The Earth we live on like any other planet goes through cycles and changes, we know this from the geological record. The Sun also goes thru cycles and periods of unrest. The Solar System in its little energy bubble travels thru the depths of space. Gravity waves affect the Earth and the core spins within. The magnetic field also goes thru changes and we all have heard of the plate tectonics and other issues.

Global Warming is Not Real

What makes you think the global warming is real? Because you saw a movie that Al Gore who is a politician decided to promote and a hefty sum of profit to himself (assuming he was paid)? Is that your line of reasoning? Let’s face it political parties and politicians always want you to fear something as a motivator to get you to vote for something or do something or believe something in order to promote their agenda. Why would this be any different?

Global Warming: Do Not Take Away Our Comforts

The greenhouse effect is causing global warming and we are being urged to take note and to do something about it. The trouble is, life is too easy at present and I don’t want to get too stressed and put myself out. So how do we help the global warming slowdown?

Global Warming Caused By Man: Still Doubters

Many of us have had an idea but now it is confirmed by scientists. Global warming is “very likely” to have been caused by us – man. There are still doubters.

Is It Too Late to Save the World from Global Warming Disaster?

Many folks who are Global Warming Alarmists say that mankind has already crossed the Climate Cliff and gone beyond the point of no return. In other words the Tipping Point is here and it is too late to save Human Civilizations from Global Warming Disaster, or worse the next swing of the pendulum into the total chaos of Global Cooling and Ice Age!

Global Warming Will Kill Us All Say Alarmists; Do You Believe It?

One inconsistent scare and fear tactic is being labeled as truth; but is Global Warming real? Many folks in the political realm are using this to attack their political opponents and we have politics and political Think Tank generating hundreds of reports per month of doom and gloom. The all basically say the same thing in so many words; Global Warming Will Kill Us All.

Global Warming Alarmists Accuse Scientists of Obscuring Facts

You know one thing I have found in life is that when you are kicking everyone’s butts in any endeavor the losers call you a cheater. It happens in sports with folks like Lance Armstrong and in happens in business too. Having been slandered with BS more times then I care to remember, I have always investigated those who throw stones at glass houses.

Look Inward to Curb Global Warming and Pollution

We see the Global Warming Alarmists out in full force, especially in places like Canada complaining that the United States is polluting too much CO2. Yet in reality Canada puts out more CO2 per capita than the United States. Plus they have been busy clear cutting checkerboards all their trees; remember trees take CO2 and turn that into oxygen!

How Do People Recycle A Battery?

When the runtime gets low, the battery often gets serviced or replaced. Critical failures are rare because the owner adjusts to the performance of the battery and lowers expectations as the battery ages.

China Taking the Lead In Renewable Energy

There is little doubt that China is a country coming into its own. With a massive population, the country is starting to wake up and grow economically. Of course, it needs power to make that happen.

Renewable Energy

Reduce dependence on foreign oil while helping the planet. Renewable energy options for your home and business.

Why Starting A Home-Based Business Is Environmentally Friendly

When starting a business for your family one important consideration is it a business that preserves the environment or destroys it.

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