Driveshaft on an electric bike?!? IGOGOMI e-bike review!

Energy Transition Saved By Cloudpower

We have some new theories that could bring about Energy Salvation. Can this be the one? We all await a science miracle or a capitalist miracle.

Biosphere Technology Revolution

Biosphere Technology is the innovation that has revolutionized green technologies to the point where clean solutions finally have a chance against the currently prevailing brown technologies. It is considered a breakthrough because it possesses the perfect equilibrium between efficiency and greenness.

Biosphere Technology and a True Green Planet

Biosphere Technology is our last remaining ticket towards a True Green Planet. Many innovations in green technology and the sustainability industry have been tried but none have been able to stay at par with brown technologies. The lack of efficiency has always been the fatal flaw of clean energy that has driven away consumers.

How to Reduce C02 With Flue Gas Condensing Economizer Technology

As you probably already know, Planet Earth faces some major challenges in the near future if we keep with the status quo. Arguably the most important environmental issue to date is the increasing amount of greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere, especially Carbon Dioxide.

Using Bioplastics: If We Don’t Change The World, Who Else Will?

Bioplastics are on the rise. The chemical industry has already discovered the huge market potential of such biopolymers. To boost their wide application and consequently substitute fossil fuel based products with sustainable alternatives, we all need to implement these biomaterials into our every day life.

Offshore Wind Turbines Made In China – Reliable Energy?

In the US Stimulus Package was not millions but billions of dollars set aside for rapid advancement of research in alternative energy science, and tax credits, subsidies, and guarantees for installation of our clean energy future. All good right – well, yes many believe this is so and yet, let me play devil’s advocate for a moment here and ask some questions; 1. Are we really providing for a future of reliable clean energy?

Paper Cups – An Instant Replacement to Plastic Cups

One of the setback of industrialization is pollution. Any step taken towards reducing the pollution and being Eco Friendly is highly appreciated. It is your “Chance to Contribute” towards having a greener earth by using Paper Cups Products.

Canadian Website Publishes Community Pollution Data

In an effort to promote grassroots environmentalism, two Canadian developers have created a website that will share pollution and carbon dioxide emissions data with the public. The site uses a geo-focused search function to track chemical plants and other industrial polluters by area, using government data, maps and direct contact with facility managers.

Federal Government Goes Gaga Over Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid Ford Fusions and Chevrolet Malibus are among the vehicles snapped up the by the federal government since President Obama took office. Will the feds prop up electric vehicles too?

Collect Water From Sky – Before Your Well Runs Dry!

Many folks brag about how much water they save, and they say that they shut off the shower between soaping their hair and rinsing. However, they could save a lot more water if they would collect the water from rainfall that goes into their rain gutters on their house and diverting it into storage tanks for outdoor landscaping. Most people do not realize this but between 50 and 60% of all the water that a household uses, is used outside the home not inside.

Eco Innovations and Alternative Water Collection Systems for Energy Considered

If you are the eco-friendly type person, then you are no doubt into water conservation. That means you are probably trying to figure out ways to collect the water and rainfall from your roof into collection containers and storage devices to later use on the landscaping of your home. This is becoming more and more common throughout the United States, and not only in drought areas, but in areas where there is lots of rainfall already.

Desk Paper Holder Shaped Combed Box for Water to Ice Energy Generation in Cold Climates

Two days ago, I was considering a way to convert energy from the water to ice expansion that occurs when H2O is frozen. While I was considering this, well for one it’s cold out there this time of year, and two, I noted that about 20 years ago I had on my desk a vertical filing system for paperwork. A vertical comb shaped that allowed me to separate paperwork on various projects I was working on, invoices or bids I was preparing, or bills that I had to pay.

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