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2199 euros year than the bike I said to the nico there I'm used to grief that costs definitely purity and there he said he only laughed briefly and has said well, I get so many probably not of the if it will be the best-selling entry-level bikes are with a bosch at all performance line motor that's in there here is nico ockenfels that's why it is said that says orange I noticed until today very creative therefore orange well what it is means creative when I see people now come in and ask what do I get for 2000 euros you could say yes that comes here back about yes so we have to just tell the model that's a absolute price hit clear cube die brand is very price aggressive but that what i get for this price some other manufacturers still do it no e bike most of them are just beginning sometimes in the price region 25 26 here I have some advice for this price point as already said 2199 euro with the latest Bosch performance motor and a 500 watt hour battery there is this model too still for 2000 euros with 400 watt hours battery 2000 with 400 watt or even with 6 125 watt hours for 2400 euro model project is already called performance performance because of the performance engine is everything else models maybe someone knows or others are all with the performance cx motor if we now refer to the go per model, for example, or that when that was it is direct the following of this has then already a performance cx motor and then costs 100 euros more 100 euros more but now there is still great engine the man has to be to say we are here in the starting price and of course I can I still want to say the strongest motor that only offers cube because mostly have a performance cx really only in a price region, yes 3000 euros and cube offers this from one price structure from 23 24 so that's another whole clear announcement but this is what it is all about say a lot okay the extreme performance if I don't need it anymore, that's enough performance the advantage of performance motors that's really that it is much quieter, well, first really with the quietest motor like you also see him very strongly in the trekking bike segment where you don't even get this performance but absolutely needs in large and whole as a real reasonable engine with a volume that really is very pleasant because clearly the more performance you get louder will stop too a system the big issue of joining the motors is no longer the case here So that's what we have with the generation In other words, it is already in model year 220 performance and performance tx complete decoupled and hence we have that not like the generations before taken because if I was now step back a little bit then is at resistance when withdrawing with and when it comes down to it, you turn it on a little bit of a whisper comes then that is but I'll tell you if who has reached 25 k has reached km / h then the motor comes out of the coupling so the transition is completely off I can still see that absolutely harmonious never necessarily and here is a stop especially with the performance engine to say he's really a good one compromise simply also offers especially the subject of value for money So it doesn't always have to be a way i know customers love the cx though for those who really like that robbie makes or says people orientated i want to go with my family now and then drive where they say it really is more than sufficient that has a quite great optics cube he started this matt optics in the sand that is initially sometimes reserved for the expensive models we looked at the whole time around a year and a half ago in the production there weren't any but they were still in the proposal design now they are there and for 2200 euro i get an optic great or that means it still looks a lot more from the concept for coupies we also have the following in general three different colors for each model this bike is still available in one black tone every kilo of roast always available in black also in marzahn I think it's also mattia and then there is the whole thing in one blue hue there it is but shiny me we think the color is absolutely outstanding already know them about the two of them I really like full suspension there too very good because it is so orange now of course a little a matter of taste but then it stands out just stop at one or the other say that does not fit together from the color but there is until then it is on I could do two small ones mask off now if necessary, I will also keep clear the tires we have here grab with the brown side flank we know all of them classically sides flanks this kid want Schwalbe offers a variety of options here shades now for manufacturers but suits him incredibly well we really do well when the bike is completely the tires turn black for whoever is again a completely different look but me really have to tell me the color personally really very very good and customers like this now have seen really positive too are surprised by where we were before maybe only one catalog at a time or have shown something similar I'll take a look very briefly on the display they still have 13 bikes call it more and more people at the moment and yes when you order now you get one second bike for free no kidding aside delivery capability of the bike is also difficult today I'm not in a good mood tomorrow but that was getting harder too get delivery of the quasi so the bad word now every day so me believe that when it comes to which one you have conception this year 220 or then used for 221 or 222 then is it really is the point we have it in everyone talks with customers that's really only possible to advise what now what now for yourself here is but the ability to deliver is a very big problem so no matter what it is turns that is reflected meanwhile also on components groups whether the case is locks or baskets or something like that is the procurement yes the big point and we can of course we don't do anything else but the manufacturers plan or the producers have to just build bikes and we always are still in the kroner time with restrictions etc and also in the phase where we are now here in november december makes it for the industry is not necessarily easier nevertheless we get every day actually we were recommending it you can see everyone in their current state of course really in the current times where i say november is with us the quietest month of whole year this is not the year at all so it's november like before I say a good may or something because people now also know that you if you have a certain advice just don't want to have that right now get on the fast especially when they are want to have a local dealer yes we'll see that afterwards too finally ben wheels in the webshop then you are there when you not be sold here relatively quickly via the webshop change the bike is still to be had we stand that is still available yes that I now have the exhibition below seized we have here we are glad about it that we have some shipowners we can really also of the entire he say that we are really well supplied there nonetheless, it's just that demand is very high and you know that of course, never if you plan for it the year makes and we were really there also very euphoric and hope of course, on the one hand, that it stays that way but customers have to rely on it adjust that they really last longer Have to wait if you have a particular one behavior of a certain size or want to have color so we are now now we are finished in november okay your bike is coming i say now times may then that is now no bad joke but then it is just hold that magath on that rear wheel then let's show it This is despite the price from 2199 euros for exactly the rear wheel lift up because also here I have this in tube technology not in there where the battery is in the under frame disappears and it really is high-tech now even work the flaps closed two years ago as true Have fumbled around once meanwhile the home run is located not quite up i don't know it bad so it is not in there at all below nico doesn't know that and that's why a little higher what for nico higher to you yes and I believe and not now in one either trading difficulty he with one hand went here because i'm really going super easy just like that let's say [Music] so now I usually have that you don't even have to open it that's the advantage if I go to example the possibility of having the battery I don't have any other places to load socket in the garage that does it sense so exactly here makes really sense if I say I have to go to the fifth now stick or something similar then everyone has to take a choir but otherwise give it to bmw charging socket this is located below nico i have a little bitter if you again straight off the lid again and do it again because otherwise people really believe because he is said it's very easy it works really just that was under and that was again the upper mechanism is made really super easy there has to be down here simply has the lead too hit right and then the whole thing stop not a problem then a bit blind makes it a bit more difficult that is, even if I have one now second battery would take with you I could just do him now make a backpack price 8 900 euros must cost one interview parcours now in the version we are around 700 euros say the 100 euro could get a second buy battery then also longer tours do with full load that would go great great bike 2199 euros with a 500 watt hour battery corrected me with 400 watt hours of battery 1999 1990 not planned you can do it too do not reorder any more it doesn't make sense nobody wants that have sold because most simply Therefore want to have 500 watt hours we also deliberately didn't say we absolutely have to go to 2000 euros for 200 euros more I have the larger battery and that is really a great price performance ratio also here in 625 he takes power for relatively little sense to us because so much will be then also not drive the one we really have that with them higher prices each again are more ambitious and you have to to say about it as the last few years like you always good to me with 500 watts come here in the cut between 70 and 90 kilometers with a good one mix but i can also do 120 kilometers Of course, I only travel far in the turbo mode it is empty faster though by and large i think is that 500 watt hours of battery for the classic from used top products there were we are at wies eickel in st wendel and two shops 1 in riegelsberg these countries will know one forbidden the second in st wendel so between trier and saarbrücken I now roughly say and otherwise also to the webshop she has been for over ten years and there are all bikes in there can I also talk about the ability to deliver if i inform inquire you said you can do not hire the driver until this really is allowed to have bicycles as well as coming soon you can forget or yes we work of course stop also with delivery dates but the manufacturer in our webshop there are currently not because with us, the manufacturer becomes cube or else scott are completely sold out and we can only work with the products work that we have also planned this is also the case with our dealer colleagues simply because the demand is so great and also the production was to say what okay so much i can build and more you don't have to do that either really just think great year thank you very much niko ockenfels recycle in st otherwise on recycled de that's how it is written we're turning on today I'll take a quick look at the clock on the 24th november 2020 actually in st wendel thank you today

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