E-Bike 2022 | Die große Kaufberatung • SPEZIALAUSGABE mit wecycle Review

great buying advice for bikes and e-bikes we haven't had nico ockenfels for a long time more done nico today on 7 June 2022 you're always afraid you say want I actually don't make it because it is yes now is the state today on June 7th and it's not like it used to be that you all always have wheels in stock and the customer can order that has become significant changed nevertheless let's dare it is in many couple of wheels there in particular many children's bikes have arrived yes yes, we have yes, as already said there is always only one is-state we have daily changes where we said yesterday that everything was there everything can quickly go away again its because due to the videos or similar many customers, of course, something is coming is very positive and nevertheless is the delivery situation still very tense and we do our best that we get goods in regularly hope also early now also 23 years to get at some point but that's all there is to it a little star yes you have a lot invested unfortunately is a big of Money and staff flowed that we like put in your own pocket but if there is a lot going on and it is foreseeable that it stays that way you have you invest I think you were three years ago around 20 now around 30 employees just as clearly personal is stop important we are now over the last two years just strong grown of course we also have new ones get employees who we train then there is also something like that always we the pandemic there is also failures, that's what we've got right now very, very badly shaken this year where we actually said the year before man luckily we are like that got through and could full power drive but this year it will be noticed more failures like you yes there is one new segment that's not so new but is experiencing an incredible renaissance these are compact bikes bicycles the one very narrow silhouette get if you then would like to park, for example, in the car or I'll get it on a bike rack three on it instead of normal maybe only one or two you see that here with the speed lifter is that equipped so that several people in a household a bicycle can use just like you here you can see the complete bike individually then adjust to the respective body size or twenty times as much how you want to drive and the compact bikes are coming more and more so we are notice that it is precisely at the cinemas that we also have the cube compact bikes with them the range we have from bergamont the folding bikes with the offer but crew is a brand that is completely new completely fresh and pure only on this one is on the move in this compact area we also know for the coming year already that all models basic actually go through there is none changes there is another one above something to add to that unfortunately you can't go over it now speak but basically all models remain the same and what we might say about it can by knowing that all everyone should remain the same relatively quickly to that decide because next year will be too it is more expensive so that you are top service partner 2022, this is such a thing somehow transfers 20 euro then gets you have a part for shop windows or did you get that because he really good because we are really good we have the now this year won the cooperation with our connected and there is always just me believe twelve dealers per year then 12 can participate no we have them both already some more members and yes, we now have branches for both of them in 2022 degrees beginning of the year been passed with full points you have opened here in 2017 that was the topic family not foreseeable at all you you invested correctly but there it was topic e-bike really needs to get going so you say the variety of models the 422 have everything will yet more professional yet unbreakable yet more coordinated go at Best of all, let's show it but you also have a lot of bio bikes bio so bikes are not bicycles now consist of millet somehow but they are normal bikes don't have a motor anymore so everything that without a motor is called a bio bike I had to get used to it at least once and of course there are those smallest of the little ones who drive actually love bio bikes because I didn't even know where I was in now battery and the motor here but one party would have to do with the little ones will definitely have fun with it too would have or absolutely and even with there are small wheels meanwhile we have planners with us two models in this segment there what offer and but you have wheels with engine yes we're about to drive then I think not yet delivered yes I can don't say at all because it really is only to the product and we even have that had not ordered so just in impeller segment it is actually for me rather less of an issue i say now from the size 20 24 inches or even more 24 inch is already stronger if the parents, for example, forever then the child usually comes afterwards or I always say this rope system that comes with what we you also offer a video kicked too albeit a great solution to really pick up the kids or possibly also the partner so even that it is also possible if times someone really not so much anymore power has a support or sag I used to pull someone with me here in front you have the slightly larger youth wheels are also very nice here someone put a lot of effort into it made like an accordion from the very smallest size to the larger size degrees take the kids with you So many parents make the mistake just give him any bike that's nice but there is Yes countless colors shapes and looks at what age does your child know what it is I want it that way 6 well it always comes on the child on it so now from my daughter knew then already at the age of five what they then stop too already wanted or as well not well not want if the vans date already goes to put on the clothes in the morning that's exactly what she wants but that is very different from the sizes from the said front we have times start 16 inch 20 inch 24 luckily we have customs here now again what you have to say about it just the segment 20 24 inches is from extremely hit by the pandemic because some producers just say power the components are an e bike you earn more from it so just here was little or not at all nothing in part produces so they too the wheels that we now have from the cube here are usually several delivery dates that are dammed up have and now partly has only were extradited and now we are right in the middle of the season Christmas Easter was still there nothing from there been or if only small amounts clearly also the tens or smaller variants audience now a bit again what deliver but by and large all manufacturers only produce at the moment the amounts just aren't enough out and first come, first served that's the one principle you drive can i have so many young wheels already seen a long time since she came really straight all yes so we have now really where we say we we can try different things have one we now have different also talk new cards in that god as they are particularly beautiful from many bicycles orientate themselves in the youth area meanwhile also to the large bikes of mold and coloring here I would say can you can not say exactly is that the girls bike there are girls is a contest is always a contest women's series or girls' series by scott in the case of 24 inches I have to say how she looks really super classy now no colorful box in which are so like pink or green though Of course you have something like that big the skin times mature the same matched stop with the handles then somewhere so you really have to say there Have you already come up with something? let it be great so price 599 euro bus remember the value preserved is now such a children's bike an investment so just when you're there pay a little attention to markers are god or and youth is the then you can get in there yourself after 23 years bike still live right money for whole in contrast to the cheap brands have I then really noticed that too on ebay classifieds for 30 40 50 60 euros at the counter so it's worth it themselves there are also lighter or Yes, of course, but in the end it's just really the point the wheels are a become more expensive we really notice that also in the price structure around 500 euros or the children's bikes because they cost turn to everything and then it doesn't matter if a bike like that costs 505,000 euros costs that you don't do that anymore differed from somewhere but straight there you notice the price increase very much very very strong and they are all organic bikes we'll go straight to the big one the big segment e bikes at the bio bikes, the demand is so enormous so here you can see a very nice one cube that could is that now 720 half or it is already larger than the 1929 inch that's actually already up to the frame size almost adult rates and jugendrat that's a small one now frame size are 18 so is small relative let me say height 1 70 to 1 78 absolutely classic mountain bike rear Then the 26-inch version is there, too we have now occasionally again get models because 26.10 is now more like the in-between size nokia retro look exactly aluminum brushed so really very very noble also makes it so the wheel similar to that demands the white one then only in this silver and son has advice on this when we get out of the youth area then really he already to the bigger ones must lose that's why we have therefore also different models just times about trying this out topic of growth then always plays a role big role so here you see small ones frame sizes here but could also be a slightly smaller woman or something smaller you could find something here that's from the geometry he's playing doesn't matter if I tie smaller no, so we have that in the back we'll look after the specific ones women's models the difference is simple that the top tube or shall we say that generally the upper part is a bit shorter is like having a lady's saddle on it narrower handlebars faster grips that does it matter have now a very small frame size in 14 should the 27 5 inch base because I turn I would also say the leap between 26 and 27 5 that comes then always depend on how they do it proportions, of course, also from the child somewhere holders are easy yes one eye-catcher you have great colors this time the orange with the silver costs that price tag 649 euros will follow suit for a moment in front you are just the color see that is the structurally identical behind that's in yellow those are those team colors or from document, there are always two different ones options once a relatively conspicuous and once a somewhat subtle pharmaceutical and that is a mixture of striking and discreet so there would have been afraid to let that stand again gray so it's beautiful also has disadvantage well if you like it like it maybe someone else right too So send a youth council what do you have said 720 half or a youth council now So the bandwidth goes up until the 24th inch frame so you can also join us ride two meters tall then of course dominate very strongly of course bicycles with motors gm continue up here to this club in orange you there I look was off this time that a competence and 27 inches 949 euros what has an equipment here we have now I have to see let's see have people with shimano deore group installed 12 gang box shops air cable then also with so that's it a very high quality models on it then comes the national or that are videos here it is that it is then so the top model in this the in this segment so you the full sprung ones are not down here or we'll come to the valley in a moment let's go to them motorized bicycles here top model from haibike allmountain number one today mountain in that case is it the cfs with the top model in this segment or in this year now entered very chic or yes very very chic is just he speaks came in unfortunately in too few numbers yes, from the whole absolutely top variants recognize that it is rather already from last year we were there already point of 10,000 euros with ohlins suspension now is so a bit become cheaper on the one hand no oil in chassis more inside we now have one complete rock shops suspension price point 8799 euro very cheap of course but we you have to have an electrical circuit say yes alone the cost I think almost 2000 euros yes we have here now really still extremely high quality components means all rock shox elements are from the ultimate series speaks the top variant then stop too we have in the combination of course then also the bosch performance 6 engine 750 watt hours battery that means we have now the complete new frame too we have a bit of a model before that yes no 750 watt hours and that's why we have a brand new one designed frame 160 mm travel finally you can see it here too with specified lowerable seat post so that's one of them now then that of the top bikes or top models also the top brake for the aipac range from magura that's the one too heat dissipation this time with two different metals dissolved the piston concerns then it would be easy I recommend it afterwards so clearly top brake system also installed here now in the original equipment one-time wheelset middle so too you see that every now and then away why there it was now also a got a little calmer especially as far as the initial equipment is concerned but right now at haibike we have here again in the max wheelset who is really absolutely great the new series by by by mawick am wheelset area you really have done a lot, developed a lot improvements brought about that really makes a difference now that's pretty awesome new bus system what also the later expansion very much easy power for example cultivation of any lamps you have the lamps meanwhile already the direct to the best there are already topics no, in principle we have lamps you can still do it if you now a system you can do that for 1 2 system too you have to make a west 3 system only change the connections otherwise is the structure of the lamp is the same but generally changes is or what is interesting instead of the koks 300 display there is now the so-called smartphones from the smartphone app is im principle the holding possibility for your for your smartphone you can if the phone is can charge inductively and you have the full bandwidth of the app we use too had shown before in their function below display yes good the phone then behind the smart I still have one display small no no certainly one year there what was what you mean it what different smartphone have for the new one so the ps3 system is a wheel grand slam I take everything back doesn't mean more what you mean something else that was then this little hero does exactly that but because up to 3 system is complete different so there is a new bus system we even have a great video made the app showed what that everything can only saves even the data without you having a cell phone or something have to connect because many are afraid your phone from the bracket too do because of the bumps there were so some manufacturers before and great history yes we watch magath you have that are a bit sorted here so-called step-through that means that the central tube is not there that means you can already go through climb very very comfortable driving city bicycles but also for people who maybe a little unsure or have children with that child seat on the back exactly lower getting started is playing an increasingly important role degree in training degree segment or city ​​bike area you can assume 80 to 90 percent of customers want it a deep entry whether man or woman mobility usually doesn't get better with age that is just like that, no one can refuse but we notice it now in the coming or have it in the now more and more over the past two years noticed the people just want this one have easy access even if we in a way we see that right now for example in showcase we have both main hbf nicolai once as deeper entry-level variant in the black and once in front the classic diamond also called the frame of the men's bike is a direct comparison looks sporty but the most want here hf nicole a great brand with i say my reliability like a big one motorbike me now you have here also a belt drive so not can get dirty that really lasts forever that's a big advantage you have quite many elements already installed that's the way it is a thing made of one piece like pastes moped or yes I always push bit like where I got the bikes back then went back to field service but I have since man you know actually also in a camouflage look make use of the bundeswehr because this property so you can see that also here from the body it is absolute massive without but now a heavy one to be tank it is a wheel where really is absolutely torsion-resistant with a deeper arises mostly says well like that it's quite a bit soft on the contrary, i can't direct difference to the classic find diamond frames somewhere where I really say that is indestructible happiness so really a bike that also feels like that but now it doesn't seem old-fashioned at all yes, even with the deeper beginner a thin frame where the people say that is the way directly to retirement home or something like that, people want it so I have a sporty look take that back with the bikes die the colors are definitely great, too optics always plays men or of course So just when there is deep there is such many modern new concepts of many manufacturers everyone invents himself like that a bit new Of course something like that is clear if we do that here already look at the sporty was that could if it was naked whoever im mountain bike be deep-treaded tires on it will but also as mountain bike throughout as well as pretty here look here yes what so the people stay there also ask try that from the manufacturer because the optics as well, I would say completely reduced the work with matt colors is here for example the red makes the effect very noble then of course also again the classic Berger mouth build the bike as we know it since I'll say the colors anyway I would say very, very big bikes tours for tall people bicycles yes we are only for big ones people just stop classic 28 inch trekking bike still something faster tires that is so much wider than before though with a smooth tire tread here here but also high quality metal fender so even that entry-level model has been here really top components installed with we start from 2008 199 euros with a total weight from almost 28 kilos 26 kilos exactly 26 so you actually have everything you need in that case you need an active plus motor 500 watts and of course you can now stronger engine even bigger akku but I always say it comes up the need of good spirits for haibike next to it just a completely different one the wheel now looks classic on 27 5 inch tires you can already see the tires clearly larger volume take the hnf nicolai it also goes exactly to 27 5 inches there it's the same in the training segment now bit that you can move from the classic 28 inch goes away and he on 27 5 with large volume tires that is, we come to the same Strictly speaking, however, have a diameter yes a bit the agile or stop also from the range or Possible use of wider wheel folding bikes are really great up here stands one by bergamont there is a little better complete folded once the variant half collapsed so here for sure also a super interesting advice for the city ​​for the mobile home for in the car for short distances to bikes too drive mobility is of course everything here meaningfully given a very small one pack size that means you can do that sometimes take it with him in the car if he does goes on vacation or sometimes from everywhere always set up at the front you also have to say these are not china bikes with a motor in the back of the hub which then cost 800 euros but that is the technology dubai the big ones inside you do that means a torque controlled motors mid-engine with their right battery with right brakes inside that means mostly hydraulic brakes or yes always we actually don't have one model more what no hydraulic brake has except maybe that entry-level segment without motor children we even have children now actually consistently already hydraulic brake system in the speeches where what installed is a great one bike i think we have it like that or something like that just shot was that green and similar model we have the wheel but I believe him beforehand too had already shot because it is a by runner been complete with that It's called envio automatic and run through has not changed not changing is fundamental stayed the same the will series was yes only been renewed and that means the basic factors are actually also stayed the same so you've got through the pandemic not every now either new higher faster further on the contrary, there are many running through wheels is also im next year with one or the other model be like that because the technique the technology was unchanged no chain strong engine v6 engine with strongest bosch mother included what is that there is no longer a chain in here So you said an automatic engine we don't have automatic engine we have an automatic circuit which in biology is a hub gear with a planetary gear means we stepless here everything with the automatic there is nothing left to regulate set and the cadence chancellor the cadence one yes you set a cadence like you wants to kick that one wants yes kicking the others a little harder would like a bit slower or in the higher frequency occur as stell you once like you have them want and the engine then adapts exactly at where did you ask now so on the bosch display, of course, the whole thing system is linked to each other that means you always kick the same no matter how fast you are the matching that's exactly what you do automatically shifting is like driving yourself and would now tread too lightly then you would have to switch yourself now look where water [Music] these are now easy in practice or so was that is not yet approved because it has to be registered Etc brand new that was yes back then and you can do it here now a cadence adjust each as always would like to be very sporty up to 60 that's one revolution 55 that's very comfortable the motor also automatically controls what with it there is on request that means there is basically they are fully automatic force control of moto yes and what would we be now off again in which modes you drive whether now in eco mode in turbo mode that it's your free decision again there does not start with the automatic together i just heard that there is two engines with automatic mode just talk about the circuit the engine works automatically do you continue to talk i want in the eco I want to drive in the tour I want to drive drive in the turbo that's what you want to continue itself from that is a belt drive is that is already such a V-belt as my father with the car similar in structure that means basically there's the belt drive yes a bit longer more even mercedes was planning been here for many many years then drives installed on their own wheels things got a little quieter around them topic and now we also have significantly strengthened again riml drives especially in combination with the bio logo or hub gears anyway potters absolutely smooth-running you don't have to smearing the dog lasts about three times so long in the classic chain or I even heard longer so if if you take good care of it, you also make yourself not dirty so this is a huge advantage when transporting none now already so and these are deep ones strong step-through haibike yes many they are all different brands you can say that in a similar way components are also quite all similar fundamentally there are devices from the same from similar series but everyone manufacturer differs Marry a completely different look when you now take deep dive how now the bergamont for example this means here is the optics for the customers always come along too, of course on the other hand, it is also crucial of course the equipment here again classic 28 inch wheel da 27 5 inch so there are certain differences that's how we set up our program together that we these differences yes also notice because I need to stop from five different manufacturers same bikes that is less sensible but we want one here large bandwidth offer for the individual needs of the customer somewhere many many have one road traffic regulations approved equipped with light with with fenders and all the trimmings me thought that would be dead everyone drive now With mountain bikes hormones light no so here in the hard training segment you would have always complete stvzo equipment I have now belongs to italy has horrendous penalties introduced if you drive in bike has no light is whole Must be interesting even during the day work where you don't need it I think there are somehow 1000 euros when you no longer have it I read if that's true I know not now but my god it's coming every day something new as money source of income is also interestingly enough, exactly in march introduced the rule somehow there is still to come and there is yet to come bikes where does it start when i now here such a hotel that just means would like to have front suspension what must because investing in good bikes means that trekking bike segment we move meanwhile already in the price structure the 3000 euros where we start there is that one or the other model was already a starts a bit earlier in the mountain bike sector we start at about two and a half thousand euros which are now in the color is around 3000 2009 95 euros so they have become a bit more expensive at that time around 26 i think i can then in a two years ago not quite but the prices increase so we already have the ten percent yes it's just like that we won't come talking nice is just so thick tires here in front you can see very nice difference that is now tracking 427 5 inches was through two degrees that one that one looks very same only have we make it possible to have fully folded tires here here winter tires the single stud that means that also has segments fundamentally designed for the road with the possibility has of course to be on the road in the forest and that next would then be a complete north bank tires for forest paths that at the mountain bikes there is of course the thinning with highest both im hotel as well as the fully suspended segment I had said very one gens we get bikes regularly but these Finding space doesn't work absolutely simply once becomes 2999 euro hard 76 cube you are very long even cube dealers now say yes evil tongues they will come out anyway torn hands because the brand does something why do you want this myth cube? maybe you have to buy all the cubes brand so clearly ask for it is really crazy like the desire According to these products is special clearly has the extremely good price performance ratio compared to competition yourself to the direct ship where almost a retail chain missing somewhere and of course the entire optics and the driving characteristics of it was a very cheap ride costs 35 99 with the strongest engine with best 3 with great equipment nevertheless, the cube brand does not come across as cheap brand so it's not like that they somehow made it and a to become a cult brand you also have in do a segment and that's it brand that offers 100 percent everything from balance bikes for children to high end machine no matter if it is now in triathlon is or time trial machine mountain bike so everything is represented there and the whole thing with or without a motor you have some used shipowners there too here is a hai bike for 24 99 what does that have to do with history? this happens every now and then in that case I'm quite sure either it is a leasing return that would be a possibility or we have possible payments payments names are actually relatively rare become because most customers their already sell bikes privately because they get a lot of money for it However, we are now noticing leasing returns also again to increase that people say here now in the case eg as possibility I would rather have one full suspension bike stood by sprung is and then he practically goes to the next step I don't think that's the case here leasing is the goods payment name because the bike is still relatively young because it's not spam yet what's that difference that has a very high equipment exactly sp is then also with the in bio logo that's it at the bergern and profit have oh so even in the small area clean remain area so the bandwidth of den bio is really high there and it is hold also for us an absolute top of the but the difference is that we don't So having an automatic is a classic you have a twist grip only continuously so name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 but here it's almost infinitely easy or difficult so you can imagine something quite great one from saarbrücken at schulz suspension seat post parallelogram seat post that it is high-tech made in saarland for the whole world now export yes, that's where we are too glad drum that these products here with on the one hand we have them seat post included which we have in the accessories segment also sell extremely well and also offer the same applies to the speed lifter front on the one hand the height adjustment but on the other of course also that I the steering angle now just 45 degrees I can shoot this maybe show them it will be a small bike i have easy then so we'll see a more compact dimension around it then in the car you can even transport it down the pedals can then be folded you can transport it in the car so here in front these are bio wheels again now let's get to them mountain bikes a very competitive field you get new bikes every day clean so I say go through with it quasi your portfolio daily when here balanced up and down that's a lot of work people always want the latest of the latest what do we have here the god if strikes model the 920 would have to be purely yes exactly also in the town hall what where who really have waited a long time for the color we already know from last year for me one of the most beautiful colors from last year was then the strike 901 effect was or exactly this press release and now in this case we have that the strike 920 with shimano xt components mazzotti chassis included or fox damper clear lowerable support the twin lures technology like that too, of course also know which is of course available So all around then the bike which is a lot of fun that means there was a price of 599 euros but 5000 is that middle segment meanwhile if i here go to the left there I have a something is the shelter for 10,000 euros that's probably the one big brother of going it alone or yes are the big brother is basically that wheel from the model year 21 we really had each other back then some ordered or also get almost or quite a lot of them is of course a 30 and what a lot but now it is often very thin we now had the only one in front still standing but that's it now so currently sold Yes, if you still want one, that would be it last since you can't go wrong by the wrong-way driver has a lot of power himself fun let's see if it fights back he went even higher as a special model by ten years a little bit here somewhere and from there exciting here in front we see that we just filmed blue of the stars was that is exactly that was the blue one l here again the case that is but definitely now leasing returns same as we do now see here so also there when the customers are looking for always best to just ask call in the respective branches was now the branch in riegelsberg can of course not say what the branch in St Wendel doesn't see it like that long the new and fear of loss and how here we were at four and a half Viernheim so here it can be 434 like that in the three condition good condition is like this far okay the talk will be all wheels we checked everything that wears out is vulnerable we would exchange the are not polished to a high gloss now, that maybe the customer is also important can you still see it all? Of course now I say work up then they would make her look like new but here are so very small is once signs of use that somehow stop there are that no problem for the bike or so we wouldn't change that now because that's where we're more likely to paint or something similar at the moment we see too honestly we don't have the time to clean the bikes here until at best until they shine like one bacon rind I'd rather say that honestly shown how it is nevertheless we walk such a bike also completely like new advice to that is if the customer decides to do so let's make the vote with the we introduce ourselves completely so that will be everything done together with the customer great god up here that looks chic looks looks directly from the optics expensive from so yes 6700 99 euros with the random write too here combination performance cx motor with 625 watt hours now 170 to 180 mm Of course, spring travel can also be used as a similar faction as husqvarna let hcs really rip down the mountain but you have a lot more shipowner you have to but a lot has already been said ordered comes in is partially cooked not only big unpacked all bicycles before they are shipped are tested once again set up and then restored again it works no different yes there is another so the hurdle is currently a bit because the workshop is not follows sell here we are actually everything relatively fast and just somewhere though every product must be checked by a mechanic hand go brake the circuit it must everything can be adjusted and it works it's not just five minutes now no product missed card and take and stand up and direct sale and take away directly so take away is whole on the contrary, we also put big ones worth buying then have to stop walking sometimes we just say okay mount the bike but it takes time also a few days until then it's ready to go so I would say that is a preparation is but we need each wheel from the ready-made bringing a work state into a state because that's what the customer expects from the We are the specialist trade for that ourselves all bikes are also in the online segment we must of course order that pack size to generate handlebar capitals maybe make the word town hall to make it transportable that's a about ten percent of the portfolio the du I can only show you bandwidth of the manufacturers alone cube there are own cubes but from the sell youtube because so many have bikes you have all cube models ordered one must say all I think every couple but that's the way it is unfortunately you have to deal with that be satisfied what's coming you know what is coming or is that too surprise package no in principle we know that there is also hear one or the other manufacturer surprise packages who don't even know where at where it starts where it ends so Husqvarna in particular wanted a lot present the new products earlier but that didn't work now the wheels actually become one to one taken over into the model year 23 yes there has to be every manufacturer look like him with it handles but by and large like me already say there are dealer colleagues who advertise that they are very many bicycles would have everything is available also one must always distinguish that is here also that some shipowners doubly or even three if we understand that now for example with the three hai seen in the normal case is the in not every bike in my one shop stands once there there is of course different frame sizes what covers but then also with the rescuers die are in stock or again just as well maybe with the model left or right what yes in the basic structure the same meanwhile it's like you're in many shops think people have many bikes but actually only ten models because he doesn't have several models either actually he only has 100 now though teeth and the place just get out like it has exactly gotta say you have this conceal somewhere you have a giant camp the why and riegelsberg is there the logistics are then only on tournaments the cool thing is you can just go to the website you have really well maintained website that depicts the camp one-to-one and you can't do that by mail order allow to have stuff inside that me ran but are accurate and that can currently age no manufacturer say when a product comes and then i can not say twice because of that we want to avoid the trouble have no delivery dates for bicycles in this segment always in the treasury shows that there are a lot of degrees of grinding here facets the 12 8 cassette the 12 8 you have a cassette, I think six normal plant the the pasta or what not like I'm just looking here in the bio is here there is one seven times where is the 12 I'm looking just now save special So there are also delivery problems with them so-called cassettes at the the sprocket packages that are there but is it got a little bit better immediately no so the planning with us in relatively long and even if we now Let's say we have something to save there nothing different tomorrow its really like that then you have my series then you need lots of those and then you have again four weeks was none pause or the shimano will have it again is fundamental actually so that we here in the segment very very difficult share holders come so there will be goods delivered regularly but we must now with many different wholesalers or importers order goods in advance and hope that any one of them sometime then also delivers tires nobby nic exactly the same thing everything I say is specific somewhere every manufacturer support so out at shimano components you have you have that the you can take shimano components also use a card but with the checkout you don't actually have any possibilities at you can tell a mature then namely would have conti michelin or something else something here looks natural already a bit different when I now then take in the luggage carrier bag can i get you from iks brands So that's not the problem, is it helme helm is a good example black helmet actually not at all problem we'll get back there we now have no bottlenecks if But I exactly the one from the manufacturer and this is now the latest model then of course it will be bit more critical am now people say man that's yes all wheels from back then or already a bit older we are here in the workshop what is she doing workshop you are complete busy people always come gladly then in march, what's yours tip best come in winter or that doesn't help anymore anyway plan early anti-cyclical planning that's just for the subject of bicycles the workshop much more relevant if now significantly more people more riding a bike then the need will also increase the workshop height will be the problem but that's not the case at all is to be expanded because of this specialist staff has also missing clear we can career changers take that too but can the technology behind it I just have to have experience to you to repair a new council assembly is actually always similar somewhere but if there is a problem then counts just have the experience and that's why is it better for the future and that's why we work very clearly with them date one or the other says yes me can at a dealer was like always without an appointment and just drop by unfortunately this is no longer possible space situation on the one hand if everyone doesn't matter like bring bicycles and says man I'm still on vacation for four weeks I'll just leave it if we we are not a multi-storey car park here to have lots of space required more than ever because simply the amounts are significantly higher and then we have to stop look a bit it is currently too high I really still So someone for the workshop so male female de boers exactly above all, really stop for the new wheel assembly it's always like that an important part repairs is still do it a bit on your own really the the permanent employees mechanic with us everything else neurath assembly supposedly possible times about it and pack front wheel rheinländer is the newest that a new wheel exactly and such things can then everyone can do one help that is handcrafted of course do well there but knows someone else to finish and check it out exactly the mechanics check that in end result then again but we have to here again just somewhere concerns we are already looking for someone who also has one bring complete expertise because somehow locksmith and have You have manual skills with wood must be familiar with the matter 450 euro basis generally everything that is in direction mechanic is always possible gladly in advance times apply because we also for grow and how they just offered this will be even more important in the future part here in front is the colleague we have already made many top videos of the he shows magath watch out for the bicycles is incredibly vigilant first say or well that is our anti-theft device you used to be self-employed you have to say the whole thing here is professional 30 people run it as self-employed Leading 30 people is nice fulltime job yes, 30 people like him it's like that with personal this is a fulltime job i know now just not what it's about the group do do the general one tour is that something good yet moody is and even still for sale or because I think he's the branch manager now one in the end in the end it is actually like that my tasks are always that, of course everyday business is all that Of course, everything always works there are now having the case today that our chief mechanic sees it broken collarbone and accordingly, the already foreseeable is that he now not next week comes again and that is of course a real problem that means yes but this one hand in hand together you even have groups internal groups where you are also exchange what is with each other the advantage here is that too load the nico leads yes I'll tell you that already load very strictly organized because the computer could see every wheel that must not happen rat is sold that's still somehow closed in the system see is or soy that would be fatal basically the nico works basically in the periphery he basically monitors the whole thing very professional of course they have to step in and hand in hand with our groups work with it also simply the communication within of the team agrees with us agree so that we also have new impulses not only get but we have various possibilities exchanging us there we do regular hit so all three up we then suspend ourselves for four months together I have to what it is water savings course that i am a fun load here is the free time but let's talk now over but one is the x-fold six times the number of wheels here again versus five years from five ago years you can't do that compare so goes a volume meanwhile through that that's already breathtaking so our job is it yes, also much more in team processes optimize and look at and check so okay now I'll say this year the topic of extradition completely new define that is simply important to us we also want to differentiate competition and now we just can let's push the wheels say there is a bike would like the money and go it's okay I see that personally it would be nice if it was a bit different would be easy but we want that too difference bet that the dialog assumption is in repair as such processes must not survive suffer that he said we're still pushing relatively that means it's still like that earlier or is it a bit around the topic of independence again of course we already have that used to be a topic but today it is unimportant because we distinguish we only stop here recycling process through the service service service im unlike our competitors that's the most important thing that means the customers rate that his are at google has one look at her one you can see the ratings look 4.4 4.4 that's good you have to so say everything is over four times it's good nowadays because they're there are not just three ratings inside no but we don't just measure ourselves in the google review it is always that simplest anywhere and of course there it still the word of mouth the extreme is important and crucial but simply that we have this criticism of course has also take seriously and we do with each evaluation or with someone getting in there says human was a quite happy with repair with sale or similar because only we can grow and improve on it we might as well say man now sell so many drivers that doesn't really matter if someone complains or not that's not the intention because at some point it changes the market again and the claim actually gets higher the lower the computer has to happen that too you have a very important topic there too people busy you do that i do I would have the IT system too times two days ago I should show it right there is also such a database system was partie am there is a blog on the table that also exists yes of course you have to do it again and again the customers make phone calls and write call back the people simply provide the service today want to have nico is and already listens to that with his left ear sales talk are already over that is like turning today is Wednesday that says wednesday serves matter is it my god i am totally messed up yesterday seventh sixth thank you tighter turn on we got you mine tour shown at one of the largest bicycle dealership in the southwest nico ockenfels with own dispatch over ten years of mail order two large stores and the organist believe for three years not so much vacation announced unfortunately no nico so two live once riegelsberg am st wendel seventh sixth this is the workshop

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