E-Bike 2022 | GIANT Reign E+0 Fully Enduro Giant SyncDrive Pro² Review

this bike will give you the shoes take off because the color the equipment components everything about this bike is extravagant and the beautiful it costs less than 8,000 euros and well under 8000 euro that is 7999 euros that's what it looks like and I hope so that it stays that way it seems the prices no further increased yes it is on equipment the best of the best of best starts with the circuit the best sram not the basics is a sykes it's still about it but we have the ones I read that's already to have me up at higher at that last scream you notice the first sentence I lie the best is always relative, there is a stop of course one more thing about the radio circuit but the XL1 is just before the circuit at stream and the harm also very very precise and shall we say also have the twelvefold tramp phillies has a bit of knowledge manufacturer and there you can choose between cassette looks everything else works mutually compatible everything in this ecosystem is compatible with each other if someone says I have then yes I would like the radio circuit and I would have the decision i will put this on leave broken make no problem can you swap until compatible is there in front the circuit i'm just showing which is also in other drivers on it that she sees them but not that he's not that bad of it goes there is a small button cell the whole thing has no wire connection more please watch the video from the simplon stina there we have the funk circuit included we already have quite a lot rotated with radio circuit totally uncomplicated and you say that you can retrofit then we know without problems but only the screw and is allowed to do away with it the ships in front and then he's bang inside what I need now not the forces he climbs to switch everything that everything is compatible with each other yes please don't touch that's it for us have frame size xl here and it fits just so on the stand but if if you touch it falls down we have just already had tire sizes 29 inch front and 720 5 rear we hope very agile for that front very much running stable exactly very smooth running and I am fast on the go is of course the motor we have it brand new bmw x3 from yamaha so pbx three we made a video about it is brute quality and you say so is really a motor over which one could actually make it into his own film performances what a 85 meters i will soon also have a model there we would be there again next year you can take the engine apart look in that's from again development from bush ahead again why that's 30 percent smaller than that predecessor and that is also quieter again bosch yes, yamaha was a pioneer again just curious what bosch in two years then brings out this year comes out pcx that we in two three announced days later he will have turned 90 newton meter there comes akkus house and a new display otherwise now motor I'm moderately excited to see what's in two years she's doing it again see display very minimalistic now everything is up down and I can here between levels if i have a display retrofit or my cell phone with it connect and here in front nothing at all then switch on you can see it here performance nato right side showed by how many battery i have and the colors I won't say that in all honesty that's the money I've ever seen So smaller is no longer possible or planning you really need more nice for many designers many in the vita x on it but also demo parade you drove cook even more on it I think what you can call up are these stands by bluetooth is that yes clear that one can also read out that is the motor saved that means also the mileage and so on yes the now a special feature that it is the american version now too that is, it is approved in Germany From now on we are allowed to drive all vehicles complete with 32 km h driving correctly pity pity it's really pity we hope that the eu in the future quasi this regulation takes away and that we then finally also do the 32 acres then I'm not saying anything against Finland km h but in 1 0 5 carat most are missing people you are also firm yes also a lot that's a bit too little it will be in becoming internet is a lot american motors sells the die american companies we have as spare part remember if you something like that father that is not allowed up to 25 km/h but there are many eu regulations that one could really question one Of course it's clear you can do it Germans do not expect 7 km h faster to drive and that's when he comes next and says 40 that's true but the three were real reasonable but there are also from the eu other things that you can't do at the moment understand what good things the eu is doing what was on the hat also good choice well that was now although so that that you get a team of three from the brand were now for example in the frame we that is a full carbon frame and seems is from a big space reigns there at the same time and they are simply ahead of and behind all manufacturers gent you really have the best carbon frames we our branch apparently have other manufacturers and bayern also have a lifetime warranty on the frame is the frame can also be loaded up to 156 kilograms true is also specially released we give that to many manufacturers carbon frame not free but seems do it anyway I take it back we have aluminum frames what am I telling you the earth is so beautifully sanded when he returns we have one here we have aluminum frames at trends however, we've already been on the turned channel because we have a carbon frame but the same unsure up to 156 kilograms the aluminum is also something pretty cool here is the one that's good brake the matt fender now first of all so you have an original matt consumption of volkswagen over two different sizes but longer or shorter and that is also included is then fixed directly again and looks really very very awesome going for all people who have someone 100 why do they feel like this or something? this is the original so everything else is shorts or yes the original she looks really horny and this one stuff also have other so two weather but I can also do other functions there also trust the fork and spoon gave open but here they come too windows out the specialty is the emergency brake and that's not one now lie in a group and that is the rsc the first is the highest level where I then also the options I can adjust the pressure point where i have the pressure and rather am beginning or he at the end many want yes the troops he end up so they die be able to dose the brakes better I can adjust the reach and a peculiarity i have this oil film edition you can see that too screw and I'm right in the eye still fall off button is also included, the screws are there have so many people write an e email written that's why writing now offers since nine who also did as youngsters there I just have anodized screws where I my normal brake also in these retrofitting color samples can do that trainee +0 mix the special of course in a full fox outfit with really great component price money big or big large battery has seven px3d brand new engine available what do you have you have with xxl is already times here i get l and i get I think I'll get an m&s too first of july 2022 we are at switch bornemann only a few weeks left or months then you are 100 years old under twelve months that's pretty cool like do you feel good very good yes you are I really must have stayed young at heart I say for your age there dies bike makes yes you can see it you don't have the wonderful we have loading we have of course taken over modernized and I did it and that's exactly how it looks but we are one loading with tradition we have ours don't forget roots tradition should also go keep running and everyone here worked is talking about we just want more people get on their bikes you can advertise in nationwide soon hopefully soon with shop that you can see otherwise each could rad what you see here then also for sale purchase calls the number 0641 34 393 or just send an email to info at widge.de shouldn't pick up the calls is all hell breaking loose with us please take that's not bad it says really people then please call a few hours we'll try again later really calling everyone back even a goal was mine and again But then people just forgot we're still here, so it doesn't matter where we're from come on, you can use the bikes buying makes an appointment calls to or send an e-mail to protection man sees

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