E bike 4 Wheeled Review : Imus Metro EP 028 Philippines

Good Day Guys and welcome to another episode of Riding in Tandem with me RM and me Elaine In this episode we will be saving the earth by using the 4 wheeled Imus Metro E Bike. Lets go! So how do we save earth? Simple. E Bike 0 emissions. Unlike gasoline and diesel engines both have emissions An added bonus would be to add a renewable source of energy such as solar energy to this electric vehicle.

That would be a great partner. We think that this is the solution to save earth.. What do you think? Just comment below.. Guys are you excited? We are!!!! Lets go.. This is the 2019 Imus Metro EP028 4 Wheeled E-Bike It has a 650 watts motor with the maximum speed of 40 – 45 kilometers per hour. With a range of 45 to 50 kilometers It has 48 volts 32AH battery From the specs you will notice that this is slow.. For short distance only But wait. We will test drive this later… Lets start with the exterior… Ok before we start with the bike lets take a look at this… Here…Look at this… Cool… it has a key… It even looks better than keys of other vehicles It even has silver lining.

Plus it has an alarm and finder. It wont be hard finding your bike especially when there are others around like it. Lets try it. Alarm. So thats the alarm This is the finder.. beep beep beep beep So whats the purpose of the alarm.. Lets take a look Right now the alarm is on. Oh Wow!!! Cool….. This will not get stolen Let's start with the front. The top is made of plastic. Its looks sturdy and will last long.. It has a windshield and as you can see it also has a wiper. You can use this in the rain, but the person who sold it said don't use it in the flood If its just the rain then its ok but if you look at this although it has a windshield it doesn't have any doors.. Most likely you'll still get wet by the rain.. Lets move on here. It has a side mirror which is ok. It has a basket in the front. You can use it for the market or when doing groceries. Lets look at the bottom. As you can see it has headlights And the headlights are LED. Better than the Xpander which were halogen..

These are LED.. The also have signal lights which are LED as well. It also has a front bumper made of steel for additional safety. It looks pretty strong.. Before we continue please Like & Subscribe Lets go to th e side.. They're so BIG.. Its has a big AIR-COOL-DITIONING sy stem… Not Air Con but Air-Cool-Ditioning… Of course when its cold outside its also cold inside.. So let go to the wheels. As you know this has 4 wheels.. Tell me, does your car have steel rims? Does your motorbike have spoke wheels? Well this E-Bike has Mags! Lets go to the back. This is super ready for registration.

It has a place to put the plate number at the top… Or a place to put a plate number on the bottom. There is a problem with registration but it will be covered at the end of the video so just watch out for it. Let focus on the back, As you can see it also has tail lights It also has brake lights when you step on the brake which is OK.

It also has signal lights left and right To get inside guys its very easy. For those with big tummies like me lift up, go inside and then bring it down Lets go now to the inside.. Well is there really an inside? So now lets do a space test.. As you can see..Headroom there's space. Leg room.. Almost ran out. But there still some space.. Lets go to the back At the back as you can see we both fit.

Me a big person and a small child Me and my wife also fit, but if you are bigger than us then just take a tricycle. Lets go to the luggage area.. As you can see there's a basket so anything you bought (wet) you can place here. For the next thing lets go here It also has a compartment here where you can put your umbrella also cellphone or wallet It also has a bigger space in the back if needed. So if you bought a lot of stuff and it doesn't fit in the front you can put it in the back. All you need to do is open it at the back and the fold the chair. Here you go. You'll be able to put a lot of things here.

We were able to put 3 grocery bags. So since this is an electric bike this will need a charger. This is where you would place the charger. All you do is lift this up and plug it. It looks like a laptop charger. All you have to do is shoot it here then plug it to a wall socket. Since the charging area is here the battery is located here. There. That's the battery. So that battery is pretty big Its here. Its here. !@#$%^&!@#$%^ So these are the controls. Lets start here.. It has a handbrake. All you have to do is press it. The handbrake is engaged. All you have to do is squeeze and switch, it s now disengaged. If you want to engage the handbrake, squeeze and the press. Now the handbrake is on. This is the light switch. Used for night.

It also has signal lights, left and right a horn and the display. Lets turn it on The birds that you see on top, if you are going fast, you'll see more birds. If your going slow then there are only a few birds. This shows your speed, kilometers traveled and how much battery you have left. On the right side you'll see these Chinese letters, it means the top one is for forward and back for reverse. The one in the back is for slow and the other one is for fast Now when you say fast it doesn't mean really fast. The top speed we reached is only 43 kilometers per hour. So that's the fastest. By the way here is the key hole. Just place it here. Ok its on and ready to go. So we are good with the technical, lets go for a test drive. "let's go" While driving as you can see the very first thing the field of vision is beautiful. You can see everything but one problem is the side mirror it's useless. It just like a regular face mirror that they glued on.

The only thing you can see is a very small portion. Which is why it's useless Now as you can see since this is electric, there no more shifting of gears. Just squeeze the cylinder handle and it will go The next thing is engine sound If you look at this… When we are stopped it would seem that its not running… But when we start moving it sounds like the LRT. The noticeable sound is the sound of the body.

pexels photo 7843946

Look at this.. Did you see that. Its like it''s going to fall apart but its not. The next this is the suspension. What you will notice about the suspension on this is that it is really hard. It hardly feels that there is any. I checked the bottom of it, the front part has (supporting bar?) and the back has springs. But there are no shock absorbers. Even though there are springs it still feels like its useless Nothing at all. Nothing. Just think that you don't have any suspension.

Lets go the the braking feel… This is a far as it will go.. Were going to use the brakes. The brakes are pretty strong. They're ok. Just as long as your going that fast. Anyways you wont be able to go any faster since that's its speed. The next thing is fuel economy. It doesn't have fuel but it does have electricity.

That's the problem. We don't know how to compute how much electricity the e-bike uses on one travel. Now if there are any engineers out there watching who may want to help us on how to compute for this. Please message us or comment below. The help us figure this out. Lets now go to the overall driving experience. As you can see it is very bumpy.

For luxury nothing but enjoyment is very different.. Look at my son he is super enjoying. He really likes riding. Right now he's busy on his cellphone but he really likes it. Do you know the feeling that… I'm not sure.. but when I was young I loved using go karts Now when you are like this it feels like you are doing unli go kart feeling. Its like an unli go kart feeling. So its really fun especially if you are just here and there.

And another thing here at our place the market is less that one kilometer and you're there, so its just there. Puregold is less than one kilometer so it's nearby. Vista Mall is also less than one kilometer so it's also nearby. So this is perfect for us here. For Manila I'm not that sure. I think it would be scary to be driving an e-bike in Manila. For us this is really worth it especially in our area. We use this more than the motorbike. Here 3 of us can ride but on the motorbike our baby is not allowed. Which is why this is what we use. We watched Avengers. What we used was this. The warranty for this is one year but the only thing covered is the battery and motor.

The other parts are not included which is a downside for this. Now let's go to the safety features. Besides the light and handbrake there's nothing else. That's it. Since this is only an e-bike it just like a bike. There aren't any bikes with airbags right? Also there aren't any bikes that have seatbelts. Another good question about this is "How much is this"? This e-bike cost 68,000 pesos.

Its worth it. Its very good. There is one thing. There is an issue with registration. I heard that all e-bikes need to be registered. The problem is….. There is a memorandum circular coming from LTO that was shown to us by the seller. If the e-bikes speed is less than 55 kilometers per hour, registration is not needed. I will post of picture of it on the video.. There. Now I'm no t sure what needs to be done. But what I saw from LTO it said that all e-bikes need to be registered but only through certain LTOs. Now I saw the LTO's and all of them are Manila.. But the problem is I'm from General Trias Cavite. Do they expect us to drive all the way there. What about our friends and our Tandem friends from Visayas, Mindanao? What are they going to do ship it to Luzon just to get it registered . Tha t sounds pretty hard to do. For me what LTOs should do is make all LTOs capable for registering. In my case the closest LTO is in Sabang.

I should be able to register there. It shouldn't be far. My god e-bike. The range for this is only 40 kilometers. How are we going to get this to Manila especially those in Visayas and Mindanao. Good luck to you guys. So if we have any viewers that are working in LTO, please contact us so we know what really needs to be done. And how to do it. Ok. So guys lets do some shout outs…

Shout out to….. Till next time guys.. Bye .

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