E-Bike Bosch Intuvia Display: Bedienung und Einstellung

Hello, it's me again your Willi from Fafit24! Today I will explain the Bosch Intuvia Display to you. Let's get to the normal functions first: As you can see, we have 4 buttons on the display. First things first: the on/off switch at the bottom left. I don't think I need to explain much about this. Above you will find the reset button. With this button you can reset the daily kilometers driven and the driving time.

With the information button i
on the right you can click through all the functions on the Intuvia display. The first thing you see here is the range, which of course varies depending on the support mode. Next is the total distance driven, the distance driven today, which you can reset with the reset button, i.e. the daily kilometer counter, so to speak, the time, the maximum speed driven, the average speed and the driving time, which you can also reset . So that you don't always have to take your hand off the handle to change the functions, this information button is also on the control panel on the handle.

With this control panel on the handle, you can also easily select one of the 4 support levels using the + or – switch. These 4 support levels are called: Eco Tour Sport and Turbo. Of course it is the case that I achieve the greatest range with a battery charge in Eco mode , i.e. in the lowest support level. In contrast to the turbo mode, in which I experience the strongest support, I naturally have the shortest range.

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But enough about the different driving modes. And now for the last button – the light. I think this one is self explanatory. If you have a light on the e-bike that is connected to the Bosch system, you can switch it on and off here. I am always asked by customers where they can change the time or from miles to kilometers. To do this, simply press the information and reset buttons on your Intuvia display at the same time , hold them down and jump to the settings. You can now easily change this using the plus and minus switch on the control panel. The settings that you can see here are: the time then the wheel circumference the language the unit km/h or miles/h the time format a shift recommendation, i.e. the e-bike gives you a hint when you should shift into the next gear, to protect the battery and switching system of the e-bike. The operating time of the e-bike is also very important.

This is because it cannot be reset. Once you have made your settings, you can jump back to normal display mode by pressing and holding the reset button. 3 other important points to mention about the Intuvia display: Is the USB interface. The weight loss function via this lever.
However, this is only guaranteed if the screw inside the display is not tightened. We do not recommend loosening this screw, otherwise the theft protection of the displays cannot be guaranteed. The pushing aid that can be controlled via the Intuvia display or the control panel of the display. With the older displays, you can only use the walking aid by pressing the walk button. With the newer displays, you must first press the walk button – the display then jumps to the walk assist mode and you activate the walk assist with +. As you can see, the Bosch Intuvia display is a clear display with all the necessary information that is easy to use.

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