E-Bike GPS Tracker | BOSCH | Montageanleitung

We install our GPS tracker in a Bosch motor. It is important that we take the battery out of the bike, that we make sure that we do not short-circuit anything. We loosen the engine cover. Sometimes you need a crank puller, in this case it can be solved quickly with two screws. We removed the engine cover. In the next step we install this wiring harness. There is a 4-pin connector from Bosch that is this width. Simply pull it out carefully with needle-nose pliers, then it is loose. Now couple the wiring harness in between. We have a sleeve into which the original plug goes. This gives us a branch that supplies electricity for the GPS tracker. We put it back in. When the connection cable is coupled, we install the tracker.

He comes in that position. Important: Use the cable tie to fasten the cable harness and the tracker at the same time. Tip: Bend the front tip of the cable tie to make threading easier. Thread and position at the engine suspension . We are already adding the cable. Then we can position the tracker and will pre-fix it together with the cable harness. Do not tighten yet. So we can set up everything properly afterwards. The tracker with the cable connection is now pre-fixed. I'm still checking whether we have perfect cable management. If so, then tighten the cable ties. Pinch off the end. Now it's still a matter of installing the external battery. Depending on the model, a check is made to see where there is space in the engine compartment. We have double-sided tape on the back. In this case we will place it that way. We pair the battery with the tracker. Then it remains to attach the engine cover. Check the fit again, here it is perfect.

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We make sure that both screws are fixed accordingly. Now we can start..

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