E-Bike im Test: Günstige Modelle zeigen gefährliche Mängel auf | 2021 | SRF Kassensturz

[music] the boom is unabated every year more electric bikes are on the streets already in 2020 there were 170,000 khatib and kassensturz let you test how good the current bikes are [music] the test are the ten best-selling e- bikes from the cheap price range they cost between 1500 and 2700 francs they drive up to 25 kilometers per hour the test takes place in schweinfurt in the independent laboratory welotec stadt the laboratory specializes in two wheels the most important criteria in the test the range of the battery brakes and the robustness robustness the most powerful motor is useless if the bike falls apart , of course you don’t want the frame to break or which components actually fail, like what we had in the test, so that the contactor fell off or the battery suddenly fell out while riding, so that shouldn’t be an expert mounting a weight corner they are filled with small metal balls the sacks v are similar to the mass of a human they stack up on the way the human being consists of about 80 percent water and there it is like that one plays a bit more there a bit less but the Swabian dimensions have to be applied whether on the handlebars or whether on the saddle at the back on the luggage rack or below on the pedals the test simulates bumpy roads, cobblestones and potholes the bike rolls 200 kilometers on the drum this corresponds to around 5500 kilometers in reality and therefore a service life of three to five years the results were unsatisfactory in the test with grade 3 the e-bike brand cross wave from mikro sportics at 1499 francs the cheapest but also the worst in the test the luggage rack came loose and broke on stock too first i.e.

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The front wheel blocked or the user fell over the handlebars even with the decathlon own brand between broke off the fender and got caught between the fork and d rat heike on e-bikes, which are generally fast on the move at coop's own brand leopard, the battery on the test stand fell out after 22 kilometers a new one quickly costs 200 francs here was the battery that fell out during the test we have an explosion-proof one for you put in the box because broken batteries can unfortunately also explode on the model from fischer bought from jumbo, the lab had to stop the endurance test early capital damage rims break here the peoples are broken at 2000 kilometers and that can of course also lead to serious accidents the range it is the a and o when testing the battery, together with the motor, is the heart of the electric bike the expert is how far the bike can go with one battery charge it is a sophisticated program of constant power and changing loads the bike is loaded with a weight of 75 kilograms on a flat stretch and even the smallest support from the engine misses the laboratory ten up to 300 kilometers , the expert turns up the courage to fully open it was only half as far we could test that we would get between 63 kilometers and 147 km with the trainers with maximum support and simulated inclines of six percent reached the ten e bikes on average a range of 67 kilometers is sufficient with a grade of 4.5 the ortler e-bike bought from the mail order company at k s passed the robustness test without any visible marks slightly better than the footballer model bought from ochsner sport the second most expensive in the test e-bike riders and riders come in maintenance and a comfortable pedaling frequency therefore apparently slowly an optical illusion for motorists they often underestimate the speed of the electric bikes daniel morgenthaler from the advice center for accident prevention bfu knows the problem with christian about what the bonnet is when he kist the motor on site quickly and so many people are not aware of that at kaka support she does up to 100 percent affected by the performance of the car on her bike and that happens much faster films at this roundabout in bern there are a particularly large number of accidents with bikes kassensturz films from the perspective of a driver the carter morgenthaler first rides a racing bike, then he rides the same route at the same speed with an e bike from the e bike including relatively cargo space percent slow and perfidious for the with the motto she radiator million a special factor around the tropical pacific with the motor assisted is often faster on the road and that is the difference to gladly with the bike slow on the havel october fast not only car drivers are challenged the bikers have to learn other braking distances ride through the velo 555 the braking distance includes the e bikes roms up to 15 kilometers per hour mr brahmsweg floating cancer death butter almost 20 brakes b ei heavy e bikes are good braking conditions all bikes passed the test both on dry and wet roads with grade 5 1 the univega bank bought at jumbo with 2690 francs the most expensive model in the test with 96 km best range on hilly terrain best braking performance the top model survived the robustness test well but only has a range of 55 kilometers on hilly terrain the same applies to the allegro bike hut in the test but only lasted a range of 55 km the test winner from landi’s own brand trivago is good and cheap 93 km range the strongest battery but with 26 kilos even the heaviest lieblich in the test more testing with the consumption magazine costs the last second that's the amount from the manufacturers tinkering in the college I say in general for a few months so often cell phone there was free service and there to 80, 4 in detail because here the cross bike is in front of the micro microchip luggage rack we have the branches on the matic of loose screws sensitizes nzb decathlon decathlon wrote the speedweek that the 789 has been tested and that no problem arises with fender the sky basket with the leopard velop that is bc partners is the bike or acoustically literal quote to the bike so far we have not got any feedback from customers we will take this into account in future when further developing our models and the edano fischer helmet that is the verbatim quote from the manufacturer with mit ruptured people we have all our selector models tested on the test bench we have not been able to find any broken rims so far as usual, we read all the city's comments with great interest

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