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it's february no it's march 2021 and we already have it this time in the frame size xl an extremely asked that bike because it has a very quiet engine the bosch performance line engine which costs very powerfully with it only 2999 euro here again if completely many are now screaming what 3000 euros and you only say 2999 euro yes if we we'll see what's going on right now is installed is a very good price performance ratio and yes it is from brand manufacturer scott den der nico has known since childhood ever since he went downhill you a scott bike we just have once filmed, I greet nico precisely when a cool color has just arrived you said one can be glad that you single xl at the moment at all you gets in march they came that a bike yes we have one here aspect 930 for us entry-level model in this segment it there is another variant here underneath but with the bike like what I say they are here components already so that we really have a very balanced equipment as I said before, no performance cx as we might think of the cube bikes know the performance line motor great advantage here is stop quite simply that we see the a little quieter and have a motor now also a little weaker but a lot of customers just want more and more smoother running have and performance cx is now no engine where we say it is whisper-quiet or whatever you want to say that's something quite here again other we often see the engine in the trekking bike segment but here in the mountain bike area at the aspect series feels the engine also very much that's probably the same as I say durable as well as in performance 6 peculiarity is natural throughout so god has the frame differs from the entry-level model to to the top model In the hotel sector, that doesn't mean us at all We always have an integrated battery have no semi integrated solution or one more attached battery we have the option one to mount bottle cages and we have the option of a range extender mount range extender means that that I now have another 500 watt hours of battery can put on it and hence my range from here 625 watt hours increases to 1125 watt hours at bosch that means the components us have a group here that is I already say for the purpose absolutely great it is an all-round great package use point at the hc speak man sometimes about fully suspended bicycles the advantage of torture is always that both bikes are really long stay on the ground where at the hotel the rear wheel can take off is that so bad on the rear wheel it comes always on for which purpose I use such a bike that is the decisive factor and in the case here is about a bike where I tour where I go on the road drive where I am on paved forest roads but maybe of course sometimes trey drive down a full suspension rad brings clearly again more comfort for harder use in the but of course also for the terrain b but we have physical comfort currently many customers who also say man, it is a fully sprung bike just way too expensive for me and go on So there is also a suspension seat post there are great solutions and in the case there would also be the possibility of something like that to retrofit if someone says human i would like or need more comfort or from the health point of view simple disc prolapse but the hard knocks away is accurate just takes away the hard blows and that's what makes the difference the general framework is also like that designed to be completely urban can be transformed means we have the option to mount mudguards luggage rack to mount stand is possible you can also see that here charging socket which is nice in the seat tube with integrated so much for that and the range extender option is of course what what now but not every manufacturer offers god we have that here possibility so battery comes on top there are also great solutions you have to I no longer got the original paint I've already heard that there are so new ones compact batteries but you always receive to take the original poschauko alone the customers in the combination would I already go in on an original battery each case you have to say now the range of range extender option is priced about 180 euros because it is not just with the old record for 50 euro done but somehow we have to the system also still couple and connect and we need 78 components from bosch itself whole accordingly with the wheel couple that is the price with the assembly already included, no the assembly is extra we calculate around 80 bis here 100 euros the assembly has to be done by us correct amount of work and 250-300 euro and then please, best order at the same time because waiting times im moment also on the assembly or goes for the workshop we are already full The beginning of march and are now on strike the workshop already has appointments in six weeks free again but it comes always on we have for such things are always important, especially when it comes to new bikes time window also factored in for to do something because we also have neurath montage and the other would be now reality more repair or similar but here it is so in the overall it is really a very beautiful successful the bike now you can see it stop sometimes frame size xl means also for people over 1 90 there is space on it for big ones the whole thing is then combined with the suspension fork in front here have one hourglass fork steel spring function with lockout function from the handlebar then solve this here and here we have the locking of the like stepped so that not against man should be in the area however, it should solve in the area you solve them as you have twice one so-called office valve that means if the blow is too hard gives a fork always after but you should principally out of comfort and now out security reasons definitely solve so 29 kilos of steel frame namely on not off aluminum of course outside of zurich made of aluminum so program now that's a great driver that depends on the size of course xl frame maybe the way still has a kilo more or can you say that or what do the 29 km actually do no longer comes off it always comes out whole on it in the case maybe a couple of hundred grams the bike is specified with 24 kilos information is usually only correct the xl will definitely be a little more be then you have to tell the man explicitly look but I now also say so the ratio whether we are now from 24 or 24.3 speaking is not like that at all relevant we basically have one here bike with assistance if i of course the advice was nine kilos weighs and it is then 87 yes there you can now also think about it argue whether that is better now faster or whatever is in the e bike segment, the leaps have to be bigger to be that means who in march from 24 to 26 27 kilos would go then maybe you can certainly do that in the vahr remember performance as much as you can I also mount a luggage rack here although just up here that was a different model but on monday you can see it nicely that's exactly where the option would be mounted the roebuck iq there we have synonymous already made video about it sees in principle, you can also ride a mountain bike 29 inch base from the wheels, however then now as I said completely equipped with fender lighting and luggage rack that is something like that here I say now is I believe a completely different to bosch mother in there now in that case for 3000 euros so we are good at the price thing say so the people really are in high demand already great demand, too here again very clear announcement if you are interested and really this year want to ride and have a great bike want something under 3000 euro costs you can’t go wrong make as hard and bitter then order you now get a few rows of colors there is only blue in that case there is only the blue yes although I actually find it very successful than the optics now come with the customers who have already pre-ordered it also haven't seen it at all a matt shade is exactly what we on top of it she is in principle then shiny but it actually is looks a very nice color combination really really noble for everyone who wants it not really yet because many are ordering yes moment without the bikes live to have seen what one also quietly you have to say because im you have a distance selling again refund policy but you hardly have any returns to be fair, you have to say a lot of people can see very well how is that with the texture of the colors and such So I think the videos do it all simply the biggest issue is of course always what is the right size We are of course happy to help there you can also find the right size if I now mean a bike and I am sure we give or always try the largest figures in centimeters at to indicate the frame sizes but you always have to distinguish when but i have the same height different stride length then can there is also a completely different one be frame size whoever is unsure should give us a size in connection with the step length and then we can there exactly whether by e-mail or phone there too look what the right bike is generally with us on site is natural a test drive is also possible in the current situation seen in this way only with meeting we just had to go here because of the general situation and openings retail some adjustments make and we'll see where it is still leads now we have the beginning but march is in principle for us the customers are simply important at the moment wanting advice and also again should be on site with us make an appointment the bike comes with pedals in it case no, now a couple of pedals the mechanic chairman of the test drive makes price from the download is bergamont outside we don't have any pedals on in principle The bikes at least have something to do with the e bikes Regarding what was your question price of those who have this quite cheap 10 euros that means next to the now no joke when I say I want to now master pedals because I myself maybe later for them to decide even have pimples that are off plastic I can do three with that drive meters that would be too small by now We also have the pedal size always a couple of pedals in the workshop that we simply take for a test drive assemble it is easy so we here from the pedal around 30 to 40 euros I'll get something sensible I just have to see it that way I want a pure normal pedal I want a combination of click pedals pedal where both can the customer can do this individually here actually looking too yes there it is perspectives 39 29 inch model year 2021 I've had to show that too display a great display for this one Use huge to read but you told me you have bosch displays ordered a lot of which the new neon jonas somewhere are all gone when all have yours we have some but they are all already sold and currently leaves I wanted I wanted to get down to one thing the display ever change what on at the beginning I really recommend it first watch drive because most of them Landtag's great display has to be said so that's possible I can also use another one make researcher display yes you can always upgrade to the biscuit or neon you have to go but always think about what do I want know everything about this display basically we have them here speed display we have that battery condition we have it is still on so we have the speed we have have the battery level we have the modes we are here about plus and minus years change and the submenu is in that to press the minus button that means long press here the daily kilometers the total kilometers and of course the range changes when I go or have been on tour now I already have to go back to mtb have 113 and have to say that it is of the standard condition so are the wheels delivered with two beams and we have not yet fully loaded and if I press it again now then in principle i'm in that respective modes that means I have four submenus that I can display can and then I have to weigh up what I want of course now a route record I want to do one average speed have that But many of our mobile phone apps can do that So don't worry about what I care for I think that's enough because there is also many who say I actually want to just go cycling i want to look maybe how far will I get how fast I go how far does it go battery still that’s so basic functions so i like it not even if I have a display where because it has a lot of functions actually i want to go cycling and for that but everyone has to say to myself It is also important to know for yourself rad is designed so that we basically have a mountain bike sporty agile advice but also in otherwise would have to accept a certain comfort one not such easily ergonomic hold the ball of your hand on it too just protect something that comes with me mountain bike sector more and more and that are the small details where it is at the spot it also makes a difference we have to say we have very low that means the focus on the bike handling is super balanced and so are we don't actually have one yet had customers who said farmer the geometry I don't like that at all is driving sluggishly or the like short sometimes you climb up you are a meter up 78 84 85 depending on the air pressure and that is now gets bigger or xl so exactly suitable for dear nico i will Bahn 11 would rather be an 11 1 so you can see who is the position in relation to the larger frame is it so that the head tube means the whole cockpit gets higher comes upright the saddle is in ratio further inside that means mine upper body rotates in proportion to a little more upwards Your goal as it ends with the bigger one always have a more upright one sitting position with the smaller one by the shorter head tube saddle ratio stays yes I come more into the lying position position now not exaggerated between road bike and holland bike it is always just one nuance that makes it up but for many it is with the test drive remember how ok where do i feel I'm more likely to buy shoes on it do i need in 44 or 45 he pushes himself an is wide to it and so it is similar so with a bike i have to not familiar with anything me just have to go to my body just hear a little where feel I am more comfortable and what I want I tend to ride my bike because it's clearer advantage is of course also has if i in ellwangen I already notice from the freedom of step that is possible I would have mehmel again significantly more space so that means if you also sometimes dismounting can happen the underground is even deeper than it is now yes and then it can hurt but that's why you have the retail trade meanwhile sap tm walks him again that means the people call to pick up the appointment is on the clock website as well as how is it going in In the end, the fastest way to do it is by e-mail because that's the fastest way to do it always react best then can send phone number with we also call back to you forgive them appointments or a suggestion do that you can also have a suggestion send is only currently in demand has been as gigantic as we have now early march we go into this song in and we'll see how now it also evolves dates already has until february until february nemo if then it will be reverse next year next year yes that would be there still appointments there are still appointments for everyone If fundamentally, it's easy for us It is also important to waste time for us taking for the customer that doesn't help if we say just drop by then five customers are in the door and everything has to be quick and easy maybe but that changes anyway it was at the time when the shops were still could still be open to it remember there was, I think, the last one year there was even i think mid-last year there was probably as much as one wanted or or was that exactly us had actually been back to normal open and now difficult that So that means a one-on-one consultation he has a really good year's best make an appointment how long do you have time there is a slot like im Europa-Park can always be up to date also create a gap because there is also those who cancel at short notice have to so it is always worth sending an e-mail write we call that is the one ideally and then agree with the customers from before we e-mails ten times and write here it goes with me it doesn't work with us is simply the phone way fastest but due to the fact that we there are also many appointments in it we don't stop permanently either phone go write e-mail with in usually within 24 hours relaxed word or called back definitely faster than at than us then at the gynecologist we have one woman so and thank you for the first time viewers two shops 1 in riegelsberg everyone in the Saarland knows that near saarbrücken and we are in st wendel right now but you have something really great you got early I've seen it before and hate it ten years already a job has to be a court they say you've had the job for a long time the presence learn live sent like many bikes i have seen was in riegelsberg there is a whole armada of additional installation of our house built so you could handle this it is now the staff have also succeeded strongly increased yes we have strong increased but who still wants to apply does not matter if sale workshop or similar can like to do that too we are always looking for people because we just grow really strong and therefore the option also exists if then someone should look for a job If I still have women you have one fitting well i prefer my times double coincidence if I have a great one I am a woman or whatever kind of woman can do that just as well for sales I say it's something with us also the textile area helmets or also just that around it so I can go out of la boutique come or something like that know me maybe now continues with the bike subject of failure of the show like women here women can and textiles are sold no that but not those who maybe retail in fashion was and now due to the sale of the fashion exactly we also sell fashion clothing helmets shoes everything included So I think that sometimes too the obstacle is to say 'oh i know I don't stop with bicycles should I then address the issue of women see it also with my wife it is always completely different again a woman is perceived differently than a man we are always very technical as far as the whole thing is concerned and with women that is always a bit different and also comes in generally very good for every woman it was always yesterday's international women's day it was right that was still the case which the cyclists say about it now no longer cyclists but them cyclist that was also the topic, but it has a lot changed that must be said by many so women ride bicycles completely So not only deeply inspires beginners but have that meanwhile there is already a text own women versions this is now unisex, it is seen that way now unisex there is also out the contessa series to the sports program here we have the difference that we overall a somewhat more compact advice have shorter stems and thinner handles ladies saddle also built in here distinguishes again but say me there are also many women who want more of a classic advice maybe also due to proportions because the because the ladies are models rather designed long legs short but upper body can now also be exactly the other way around and then feel you can clearly see the geometry more comfortable So it doesn't matter if I now wants to have a blue bike would not be a problem, thank you very much niko filmed today what have tenth today the ninth of march 2021 that aspect i write 39 29 inch 2021 3000 euro disney What

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