E-Bike transportieren mit dem Heckträger am Auto – das gilt es zu beachten!

you want to go on vacation with your way or do a tour that doesn't start directly in front of the front door then you have to transport yourself willy- nilly this is possible by train or by car about the latter we are talking about transport by car today there are different Possibility to transport a driver by car in the car on the car roof or on the trailer hitch on a rear carrier and how is it with e bikes also e bikes could be transported on the car roof with the appropriate roof load but it's not as much fun as lifting heavy things up there there is increased air resistance and in parking garages and underground garages it is also not so easy to transport an e-bike in the car is possible but often there is not enough space in the car if you transport the bike in the car you would definitely need to use the load securing i recommend transport on the trailer hitch with an e-bike carrier in a hurry usually less air resistance easy loading and the dirty wheels don't soil the inside of the car the disadvantages of rear carriers are often expensive you need a trailer hitch the view to the rear is limited you need an extra license plate a third license plate that from the back of the car must not be used and Of course, I need extra lighting for you.

Rieger doesn’t have a special carrier right from Krieger, well, not quite as you can transport it with a flex bike carrier. But it’s important to pay attention to the pieces here , especially to pay attention to that of the carrier, of course, but also the vertical load of the car is not insignificant with several e bikes , the support load of normal bike carriers is quickly exceeded here it is 46 kilos for me the carrier is rather unsuitable because the e bike carriers that I want to transport weigh more than 50 kilos here more this carrier has one nose weight of 60 kilo in addition to the vertical load of the carrier, the vertical load of the car is also important how much the trailer hitch can hold the maximum vertical load is stated in the vehicle registration document checks whether the total weight of e bikes and promotes reger exceeds this limit here is a calculation example my maximum vertical load of the trailer hitch is 100 kilos my e bikes weigh around 54 together the carrier is almost 18 kilos i put a load of 72 kilos on my trailer hitch and is therefore within the permissible range more information about the topic of vertical load can be found on the website my bike carrier de i link the page in the video description which there are legal regulations for rear carriers the bicycle carrier must have an official number plate the rear and brake lights of a bicycle carrier must work the e-bike must not protrude beyond the rear light by more than 40 cm on each side the car and e-bike together must not be wider than two meters 55s Abroad , the rules for overhang can differ and other rules apply, for example in Italy there is also the rule a warning sign needs a rear trigger at the rear, a tip for access with the rear trigger you may be wide and especially on construction sites can be very narrow that's why I recommend riding in the right lane how fast can I ride with e bikes on the rear carrier recommended at 120 or 130 km h you should pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions what do I have to pay attention to during transport remove loose objects , i.e.

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Bags and everything what is not permanently installed splash water and moderate looks better do nothing at first the electronics are namely water manufacturers do not guarantee that the battery display or motor are waterproof so i recommend removing the battery and transporting it safely in the car 2 500 watt hours batteries fitting by the way excellent i n this euro box also remove the display if it is not screwed on bosch recommends a water-repellent protective cover for its motors when transporting it on the car open contacts can be protected against moisture and corrosion with covers whether this is really necessary because opinions differ it does damage certainly not make sure that the ewerk is also securely fastened this includes the tires snapping in place and putting the gripper arm around the frame tube most carriers crack when the circle on is tight enough some carrier models have the circle on also decided which e bike it's best to buy carriers now lr there are a few important not to save here it's about your safety and also that of other road users brands are doing, for example next to me you have atera westfalia and i have the easy fold xt2 rear carrier here I chose the trude because I wanted to transport two e-bikes that Weighing around 54 kilos, the support load of this model is 60 kg.

The carrier also has a few practical properties. If you operate this lever, you can, for example, fold the carrier down together with the e-bikes and open the tailgate without having to remove the wheels. Practical is also the opinion this is available as an accessory if the rail is not used you fold it up and simply stow it in the carrier the carrier is foldable by the way and takes up less space if it is not used the mercedes is in a rush to this rule here is the easy one fold xt2 costs 780 euros a problem occurred with this carrier on the vw tiguan the carrier is mounted on the trailer hitch the power plug cannot be plugged in the carrier must first be turned loosely to the side then the plug can be plugged in and then the carrier firmly be mounted depending on which car he owns and which carrier k ann it may be that you need an adapter plug i hope you can now transport your e bikes safely and wish you a safe journey [music]

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