E Bike Tuning: BluePed für Haibike Yamaha PW (Powerdrive)

Hello e-bike tuner. Today i want to show you how to intall the BluePed on your Pedelec. And how to use the associated app for Android. The BluePed is compatible with the Haibike 2015 and 2016 with Yamaha motor. Not with the Giant Yamaha system. With the BluePed you can set the max motor supported speed from 15 up to 75 km/h. An e-bike with installed BluePed may only be used in private areas. You must not use the e-bike on public roads. The warranty of the e-bike is void if you intall the module. The odometer is manipulated by the module and you use it at your own risk. You can see the demo before you buy the module. Download the app in the Google PlayStore or iTunes Store. Open the app, switch to "My BluePeds" and tap on the Demo module.

The Demo BluePed has the MAC address "00:00:00:00:00:00". On the Main screen you see the max speed in the top left corner. Average speed in the top right corner. In between is the riding time. These values are displayed in the e-bike display also. Here you can see the motor support mode "HIGH". The current speed is in the center. If you turn on the e-bike headlight the color switches from blue to red. A long tap on the current speed resets all values. There you see the daily and total distance. On the left you see the current, average and max revolutions per minute. The current battery level. On the right you see the current, average, max motor power level, and the e-bike calculated range.

Switch to "Settings". Here you can set the visiblity, wheel size, max speed. In the BluePed database you can't see the real pin code. Set the visibility to 0 to make the module unconnectable. Set it to "infinite" to be able to connect any time the e-bike is turned on. The speedometer values are calculated based on the set wheel size. With that slider you can set the maximum motor supported speed between 15 and 75 km/h You can change the module name and the pin code. Default pin code is "000000". After we have shown the demo. I want to show how to install the module. You need a long 3 and 6 mm hex driver. Unscrew the cover. Screw off the two motor screws. Pull the two out. Just loosen the third. Pull out the connectors. Release the connectors. Connect all the BluePed connectors with the e-bike. Put the connectors and BluePed into the frame. The speed sensor cable has to be loosen. Push the motor back to the initial position. Fix that position with the screws. Don't use too much force you can damage the module, connectors or cables. Now you should test the module.

If you see the odo value is 0 km, the module works. The app should find the module, tap on it. Enter "000000". Make a long tap on the total distance value in the app to set the e-bike total distance. Check if the current speed is shown in the app and on the e-bike display. If the BluePed works, tighten the motor and cover screws. To reset the speedometer make a long tap on the smartphone speed value. The values are resetted in the e-bike display also. You can also reset the values one by one by long tapping them. You can also reset them with the hand control. The motor support mode is also shown in the app. If you turn on the light, the speed value changes color from blue to red. Set the visibility to 0 to make the module unconnectable. Push the headlight button 5 times within 8 seconds to make the module connectable. Push the headlight button 10 times within 8 seconds to reset the module. Push the "Balance" button to synchronize the motor odometer with the BluePed total distance.

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The balance value shows the difference between e-bike and BluePed total distance. For further information, please read the PDF manual. Now we will show you how to activate the "tuning". Push the "Temporary" button to activate the tuning only until the e-bike is turned off. Push the "Light:ON" button to activate the tuning with the light button. Push "Mode:HIGH" to activate the tuning with the motor support mode "HIGH". Or both. If "Light:ON" or "Mode:HIGH" is activated, the "Temporary" button can't be activated by the app.

Push "Always" to activate the tuning even if the e-bike is turned off. "%perKM" shows the battery loss in percent per ridden kilometer. "Ø%perKM" shows the battery loss in percent per ridden kilometer for the last 5 kilometers. "B-Range" shows the BluePed calculated range which is more precise. You don't have to use the smartphone. You can turn off the screen. The app stays connected. The improvements to the BlackPed are: 1) Better app design 2) The e-bike display shows the actual values 3) There is a BluePed database.

4) The maximum motor supported speed can the set precisely 5) More ways to activate the "tuning" 6) The app shows more value like RPM 7) More precise calculated range by the BluePed Thank you for watching..

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