E-BIKE TUNING TUTORIAL 🚲🔝 | VOLspeed V4 Tuningmodul Einbau | BOSCH Active & Performance {deutsch}

Hello and welcome, dear friends. In this video we take a look at the new VOLspeed V4 tuning module for BOSCH Active and Performance engines. VOLspeed has released a very nice tuning module with the V4. Namely, a model that is supposed to support all current BOSCH Performance and Active engines. This also applies to engines built up to 2021, where the well-known 504 error often occurred in the past. This error was caused by the anti-tuning software. How did VOLspeed solve this error? It's actually quite simple… because the maximum assistance you can set is now only a maximum of 45 km/h. So no longer 99 km/h or more, as it used to be. This locks the bike at 45 km/h, but that's not a problem. Because with the transmission or the body power and the pedaling force, you can't realistically reach a much higher speed anyway. The transmission just doesn't fit. Thus, when driving, you don't really notice that the module locks at 45 km/h, which is great.

The installation of the tuning module works "plug and play" and is therefore super simple. Now let's take a look at how exactly this works. The bike is already on the workbench, where we can screw around with it right away. But first the most important thing: I got us the tuning module from the warehouse. The tuning module is packed in a small bag with an operating manual. It is important to order the crank puller as well. It's a little different on every bike… on this one as well as most BOSCH motors you will need this crank puller. So please pay attention to that. In the package you will find the instruction manual and the VOLspeed tuning module, as well as two cable ties so that you can store everything neatly. The crank puller is very important, you need it quite often with BOSCH engines. We now remove the crank with an 8 mm Allen wrench.

Just insert the key in the middle and then turn it. I loosened it a bit beforehand *and boom*. Then I can easily unscrew this part. Next we take the crank puller. If you're wondering what this attachment is for, we need it to push the crank out. I'll screw this part in here. Then I can screw this into it, so it's completely inside. After the crank is off, I take the Torx screwdriver and unscrew the screws. In this case, I use a Torx T8 screwdriver, which is relatively small. Now we need to pull out these two plugs. I use needle-nose pliers for this. Number 1.. ..and number 2. This is what the plugs look like.

Now we just have to put the quad plug in here and the dual plug in there. Gray on gray and black on black. Two on two and four on four – so it's relatively simple. And make sure you have the same connections here. *zap* Then this can go back in. Important.. here is a small caption. It says 1 and 2. This must point upwards. This way we can easily put it back in place – and the same principle applies to the 4-pin connector.


To keep everything nice and tidy, we wrap the cable ties around. Then the cover comes back on. With the crank, of course, we must make sure that the two pedals are opposite to each other. We simply push the crank back onto it. And finally, we simply screw the whole thing tight again with the Allen key. As I said before, it is installed very quickly through plug & play installation. It's really not witchcraft. Anyone could install it. We're going out now, adjust everything on the bike and see it in action. Now I will briefly explain how to switch on the tuning module. It is quite simple. You simply have to hold down the minus button on the control display for three seconds, then the speed of the support will be displayed. Here you can now set from 25 km/h to a maximum of 45 km/h, it doesn't go higher. We'll just set it to 45 km/h. Then just wait a moment for the speedometer to reset to zero. That's how it goes. To turn it off, just press the minus button again for three seconds, and it will show you the default 25 km/h again.

And here we go. Do not forget to put on the helmet, so that we are safe on the road. I'm going to drive around the building now, see you in a minute. Wohooo! My goodness, this is quite a lot of fun! I managed to drive around the building at 42 km/h after that I had to pedal quite hard. This is simply due to the transmission, as I told you earlier. In any case, a support up to 45 km/h is quite enough. The speed is also displayed correctly. This is not like other tuning modules where the speed is often halved or modulated incorrectly. I just think this tuning module is great. It looks really nice. Two more things: There are always questions about the battery life and the brakes. Neither is a problem. Since e-bikes are offered without limits in other countries, they are thus also designed for these speeds. I think the VOLspeed V4 is really great and I can highly recommend it. You can find the link to the product in the video description below. There you will find the product with more information and notes in our shop.

Have fun with it! I hope you will have as much fun with it as I did. I'll say goodbye now and start into the weekend. Until then. Take care, bye!.

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