E-bikes Trip Part 1 / 1000 km Trip to the Black Sea!

our chilhood dream came true! we are going to the seaside! and we will not just take a bus, we are riding there! We are going to pass a thousand kilometers from Lugansk to Yalta to make it happen we've increased the capacity of the accumulators made one more E-bike and took a welding inverter for the fastest charging of the three vehicles what we are waiting for? nearly forgot about you This engine's power is just amazing It's special the most important there, It's really easy to ride we've been waiting for this long trip for so long! we were so eager to go! and now it's happening! awesome we are going to Yalta! a thousand kilometers! one of the things we are going to find out we want to know where we can possibly find a 220 v socket so we will be searching for many places we could possibly find a socket we've passed one kilometer! fancy that! and we have to go 999km now riding an E-bike along the highway is just awesome I'm pedaling and at the same time the motor helps me to pedal with this assistance I don't feel any fatigue and this feeling is damn cool! I wish I could go that easy and nice all way long we also wanna know how these E-bikes would cope with so much load, and luggage will the motor, accumulator or other electronics spoil? the most bad thing could happen is the breakage of the charging device made of the welding inverter it's 45 km/h! because we can't make it with no speedy charge and we don't have a regular charging device with us I really wonder what is the weight of my bike now, it's maybe around 150 km along with things and me however, I don't feel that I'm carrying anything, this motor makes wonders, the pedaling is easier than going a regular bike if we don't have these e-bikes that would be awful, we would be all sweating while going up the hill and the maximum speed would be around 8 or 10km/h But now we are going with the speed of 30 km/h! fancy that! and it's up the hill I know that there are some amazing people that go a 1000 km with no engine, but…

Just trust me, going with an engine is much more comfortable it isn't similar to scooters or motorbikes. the experience is absolutely different that is a new level of cycle tourism we've decided that we should go slow and easy using the first charge just because "slow and steady wins the race" in fact, slower means less energy spending You know, going by an E-bike is just so beautiful! that is wonderful I can look around on the endless horizon just look at the sunflowers and I feel so EASY! I'm going to turn off the engine, then switch it on again and the gas won't work. The bike won't go till I stop and try again what's gotten to it? that's obvious! it is just a chinese controller that's ok! while going we by bikes we don't need to be stopped by police and this advantage does makes the trip more awesomely we've got some weird information Stas says that his vehicle has only 54 V now it can't be true, 'cause we've covered only 15 km or something yeah, we have only lost 4 V I suspect that the voltage indicator doesn't work well while I have got 100% power and Anton as well has a 100 although we don't have the voltage indicators, we see only the percentage and that's it.

On our bikes and my bike also has the nice recuperation system that means that Stas turns on the recuperation and charges the batteries when going down that's just awesome it saves plenty of energy let me show you some broken road here because I can't hold my camera normally here there's my navigation, and you can see where we are we've gone not that far oh my! that all is such a delight! right guys? at first I didn't get it but then I got so high! this trip really makes me happy! that's awesome! and we picked the road with almost no traffic Stas, your motor doesn't heat, right? maybe we should stop and check it out? okay let's check the condition of all motors hello cows! I've got a kickstand I have to stand myself my motor doesn't heat the windings must heat the shell the motor is rather warm but it isn't even close to the temperature we had while we made it go 100km/h that time it was heated sufficiently, oh yeah 'cause it has no ventilation how is your motor? it's warm.

It isn't hot at all it should be warm we have 48 V! this hub motor is so brand new! *kiss* the disk is damn hot, but it should be like this I should have the just same temperature, cause I have the same motor hello cowy? what's up? you say you need my E-bike? maybe you wanna go to Yalta? wanna hear some funny story? I didin't finish my bike I have no speed switchers and I don't have some other small stuff so, I'm going to finish my bike while going it's the project inside another project when we reach Yalta, Stas will have finished his E-bike Just have a look at his vehicle, that's a masterpiece I think there are two school backpacks, rucksack and a tent on it and a pair of shoes I'm going to sell on the going oh…

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I hear some cracking, his bike has some interruptions I believe it's ok what a heck a trouble you lost a sprocket? yeah well let's find it I don't know where is is… that's unbelievable! we've only started our trip! Stas had lost a sprocket that's a real misfortune we've only covered 20 km we have to cover 980 km so Stas will reach Yalta with no steering, no sprocket no pedals fancy his bike has fallen apart on the going found it? Imagine that! it was all lying on the ground together Oh my bike! that bolt has unscrewed I think I heard some cracking that time yeah it has been unscrewed, but why tighten all the bolts to the limit this time, so we won't have a trouble we are lucky this man, Stas is in charge for the technical part if we have a breakage Stas will always help out and make it working again We can even use some welding yeah, we've the electrodes with us, and we can easily source them from the accumulators and we won't need the welding inverter let's go! we've gone just a little farther, when all of a sudden came a loud roar I thought that some bike had fallen apart what happened? I jumped on a bumpy and I got all my tools fell out did they jumped up? yeah, look at this bumpy over there! I also hit the bumpy and look what I've got! and it became a little rainy, 'cause the bottle hit the ground let's move I can tell that there's a big advantage going by bike when I stop the sun fryes me like a pancake.

It's too hot but when I ride, I feel a warm breeze and that's super cool! Is your battery fastened well? is it ok while it's a bumpy road? it doesn't hit the bike frame, no extra sounds it all seems.. perfect you know, mine does hit the bike frame let's stop somewhere and see what are these sounds come from let's see I gotta look inside check out how the battery feels like today you will see my accumulator there's by accum it seems really good, and I don't get what made these sounds maybe this one? well let's go on? as you see, we are going forward still the navigator says that it's 1.5 hours to the borderline and we are at this town it's obvious that Stas vehicle spends more charge that our bikes we've covered 45 km we have 96% I have 88% 88? 96, 88 and? 53% well let's move forward to check out the capacity That is AN E-BIKE ride and Enjoy! that's E-energy-bike! we want to check out the heat rate again we've reached Krasnodon town and He has found a kickstand here does it suit? fancy that! that's real! I want to check your motor again for some reason you spend more energy just look at these wonderful widers! you motor has heated well this time it isn't that bad, you can still go check our motors too you know, our motors are that hot as well! really? yeah! they are hot fancy that! it is hot yeah, but is not too hot we've covered 52 km by now and nothing serious has been broken so far the way is long, the weather is just perfect let's have a break what have we got here? there's a plenty of condensors, charges and other stuff let's go in the shadow we had the customs ahead and some people have told us that the vehicles like our E-bikes are not allowed we didn't take any documents with us, some said they are required Stas has got a completely self made bike that's for real and our batteries did look like a bomb I didn't know how the customs were going to deal with us that's an actual queue to Russia it's quite big that's mad.

I've been there we've covered 80 km now and we reached the customs the main thing is that we are considered pedestrians with these bikes, and we don't have to wait in a line guys, we can't film at the borderline so you will see us when we pass it we are in Russia now! we've passed the customs. they didn't have any questions to you Stas? no she had no questions she looked at me and and made all the stamp quickly they didn't check our things! we were the only on the bikes, the cars may stand 8 hours we were with other walking people and passed it through 30 minutes or something they were very curious loking at our E-bikes that's the bike for lazy, said the custom of. ok, let's go on! the next stop we will have when my battery dies it's 48 V we are in the first town on the way. It's Donetsk of Rostov oblast and the battery of Stas has discharged and the weird thing is, that me and Anton have a half of the charge for some reason it has discharged faster anyway, we've passed 100 km! we need to find some spot for charging we planned to have meal while charging but it's 9pm and almost all the facilities are closed now we will try to charge the bikes we've found a small road cafe hi there we are tourists going on the E-bikes to the sea and we want to eat something and charge the bikes here we have all things, we just need a socket they let us have a meal and charge the bikes! now Alex is going to charge the bikes for the first time at first we will charge Stas, 'cause he is down let's see the voltage is on.

And it's 48 V o nthe battery let's attach an inverter it's 9pm, we have had dinned the bikes are almost charged we've talked to the manager so we can come along any time he let us charge our bikes when we need it there's the charging and a wire that goes right to the kitchen we've got the special yellow vest it's extremely dangerous going without them at night now the drivers will see us easily and that makes the trip more safe we are going to go through the whole night because it isn't that hot at night and going should be easier that's it let's go! yeah we've spend 1:20 h for charging I didn't make it charge super fast 'cause the wire and inverter were heating too much the batteries itself weren't heated at all! we are going forward in the dark! to the dark sea! why Stas had his bike discharged faster? we all have the same acumulators what should we do so we have the charge end simultaneously? we will find it out in the next episode look what is going to happen on this long way we can roll out!

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