e-bullet: Mit Elektroherz in drei Sekunden auf Tempo 100


– Hello? Hello, MOTORRAD online? Well, just kidding. But we wanted to start with revealing the biggest secret of this bike. It’s not just a marvellous chopper, it’s an electric chopper. The e-bullet from the company e-choppers. But e-choppers is no company. It is a Swiss one man business. And to be precise it neither is a business. The constructor, inventor and owner of this bike, Peter Fässler, is a medical engineer. He has a job, kids and a house. But he loves bikes and choppers. So he built a nice one himself. This is his second. And it attracted a crazy amount of attention. The sensation of the Swiss Moto in Zurich in february. We, from the magazine MOTORRAD, presented this bike in Cologne.
Again with lots of attention. The harmonic lines, the finish and the sense for forms, for enhanced aesthetics has been mastered so successfully, that spectators admire this custom bike.


Could be from Markus Walz, from Fred Kruger, from Thunderbike. But it isn’t. It is made by a new comer. That’s really amazing and we take our hat off to him. And furthermore it’s electric. Electric vehicles are fancied especially by young folks. But here it’s different. People don’t notice that it’s electric. When told, no exhaust pipe, charging cable. It’s electric. Then they go like ‘what? That’s amazing!’ About the drivetrain: it has 180 Nm with the big controller. The small one is installed currently. This one has approximately 130-140 Nm, we’ll test that on our test bench. This power paired with the weight of a light beginner’s bike. 170 kg. So clearly beneath 200 kg and clearly above 100 Nm. That’s an unique ratio between weight and torque. More power than a Harley with just half the weight. Obviously a crazy experience. If you’re incautious while accelerating the back tire will drift. Happened to me today while pulling out. The 240 Metzeler 888, a great cruiser tyre, wasn’t ready yet, in the first left turn with a tiny bit of throttle and the tyre already lost traction.


So there’s some power here. Quite some innovations can be seen. For example the first foot peg which is simultaneously a sidestand. And the first sidestand which is a foot peg. And it’s hinged electrically. Crazy! The batteries have been extracted from e-cigarettes by Peter Fässler. And these batteries are the foundation of the energy source of the bike. Range: an important property of every electric vehicle. 70 km says Peter with this battery pack. But, .. we tried it today. With foto rides, including a lot of stop and go and a lot of excessive acceleration, as he promises zero to 100 in three seconds, we reached about 50 km.


However, a second or third battery pack could be added. Three battery packs would sum up to a weight of about 220 kg. Still light and a range of more or less the double or triple. So 150-200 km are possible. That’s interesting for a day trip. Being soundless already is fascinating. The important topic of any electric vehicle is its price. Everything is handmade. Additionally purchased are just the rims and tyres, the drivebelt, the handling bar and the fork. And also instruments, levers and the lamp. But apart from that everything has been made by hand. The frame, made by Peter Fässler in Switzerland. The bodywork and the amazingly designed plastic parts were produced in his garage. He adjusted the controller, the three-dimensional radiator shield. We are talking about 2000 working hours.


And that’s expensive. This is a prototype, but Peter Fässler is contemplating about a small batch series. This would mean investing about 60.000 Swiss Frank. That’s a lot, about 55.000 Euro. But such an exclusive vehicle which even stands out in Stuttgart, the home of Daimler and Porsche and where it seems that more
AMGs than Polos can be seen on the streets, deserves a reward. A great compliment about this stunning vehicle. It has a permit in Switzerland, without ABS. So it’s actually driving outside on the streets. And maybe if some potential buyers are to be found, an additional ten people could be riding a bike like this. Peter Fässler, we bow to you. And we wish all of you a pleasant ending of this year’s season. Ciao..

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