E-Movement Thor Review | Hardtail E-MTB (2021)

The Organic and Inorganic Work Together in Solar Cells

As solar cell technology develops, scientists are looking at ways to integrate the organic with the inorganic. New breakthroughs include quantum dots and cells that are self-sustaining.

Alternative Fuel Sources – Is Pee Power For Real?

We have paid the price for burning fossil fuels and still are, nuclear energy may be powerful efficient and clean, but at what cost? Pee power may be an amusing concept but taking a pee is being taken seriously as a clean and renewable energy source. It might be unpleasant if a pee-powered reactor lies in the path of a tsunami and bursts, but at least it won’t leave the same lasting impression of a megaton meltdown!

From Plastic to Glass: 5 Reasons to Make the Switch

In a throw away society, people rarely think about what happens after they toss their plastic water bottle in a trash can instead of the recycling. After many years of personally using plastic I decided to make a small change to a more environmentally friendly life style: a glass water bottle.

Artificial Leaf – New Economical Photosynthetic Invention

A team of scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology has successfully developed a new technology that can effectively turn water and sunlight into energy. Yes, if this seems more like a dream, then have a look at this effective yet inexpensive invention.

Is Your Housecleaning Company Green?

How green cleaning has evolved over time and how it may impact you. Green cleaning isn’t just healthful for the home, it is healthy for those using it.

Global Warming – What About The Ozone Layer?

Yeah, what about the ozone layer? It’s still a problem you know! But we banned the use of CFC’s and stopped using them in aerosols and refrigeration you might say. Yes we have and we did, but that doesn’t mean that the problem’s solved. Not at all! You see we banned the use of them, yes, but not the production of them. So industries aren’t legally bound to stop producing them unless they’re operating in environmentally sensitive areas like world heritage sites. Some of the biggest producers of them are those mining for gold and to a lesser extent silver and platinum. Especially those using the cyanide extraction process. The production of CFC’s requires the presence of carbon, fluorine and chlorine and then an environment in which these can combine. This directly leads to the creation of CFC’s – chlorofluorocarbons.

Moving Towards Vehicle Miles User Fees

A number of states are taking the lead in exploring alternatives to the gas tax, like mileage-based user fees, because revenues from the tax are no longer enough to fund highway and transit operations. Experts say the technology exists to make it happen, but whether this innovative concept becomes a reality will depend on Congress and the president.

Increased Safety With Solar Driveway Lights

Solar technology is finding its way into all kinds of products these days. Protective driveway lights are one of many new inventions benefiting from the explosion of solar tech.

Solar Power – Big Vs Small Scale

There is enough energy from the sun shining down on planet earth in one hour to supply all of our power needs for a year. Let’s examine some of the issues surrounding solar power, the next great energy source for humanity.

Fuel Humans Or Fuel Machines

The introduction of biofuels has come as a blessing to the world as it minimises use of the eco-unfriendly petroleum based fuels. As the world is waking up to see the effects of abuse of the environment hitting home with increase natural and man-made disasters it is a welcome solution.

The DECC Carbon Plan

The DECC (Department for Energy and Climate Change) has recently published their new ‘Carbon Plan’. This lays down some further targets and associated timescales for us to meet our environmental obligations.

On Ethics and Hand Cream

We hear much about goods being “green” or “ethical”, but what precisely does this mean? In which way are some products ethical and others, by inference, unethical? What makes a particular product attractive to those who feel an obligation to the environment and to the world about them?

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