E-MTB Vs E-Moto | What’s The Difference?

– In a short space of time, the electric mountain bike has, in many ways, liberated mountain biking. Allowing people of all ages and abilities to go on adventures, to ride more trails, tackle crazy climbs, and
also just to live a little. – But when it comes to speed and power, there is only one bike
and that is the E-Moto. (upbeat music) – We have arrived down at a crossroads, where the E-Moto crosses, collides even, with the E-Mountain bike. Now that is a very different bike. And surely, there's no way that this beauty can live with that brute. Or, is there? (upbeat music) So here we are in Croatia
and we're super happy to have been invited by Greyp, which is the sister
company of that crazy fast super car brand Rimac, to
ride their mountain bikes.

Now my focus is primarily
going to be on the G6 whereas Chris, well, he's going to be riding a bike which seems to be used by rich footballers to commute to work. – And what an epic location it is, Steve. I mean, it's prime to argue, arm wrestle, drink rakia, eat (foreign
language) on the beach. – (laughs) Or lie on the beach and
do absolutely nothing. – Clearly you've not ordered much (foreign language) then Chris. However, what we have here is, E-Moto bike versus E-Mountain bike. And what we're going
to be doing is a route around these beautiful limestone cliffs to determine what is the best, E-Moto bike or E-Mountain bike? Get a leg over the old
G12 lets get out of' here. – [Chris] E-Moto's are a very different brute to the E-Mountain bike. They are front load
assisted, often more than double the weight of the
standard E-Mountian bike. They come with pedals which kind of make it look like a bike. They're awesome fun with loads of power, all at the simple push of a button. Top speeds of 70 to 100 kilometers an hour plus more attainable.

It can be made street legal and some even have regenerative brakin'. Oh, and they can do things that might end you up in trouble. An E-Mountain bike is
a sophisticated beast with a 250 watt motor that
assists you only when you pedal. They have different assist
modes from eco to boost mode. Weighing in at around 20-25 kilos, with a battery that can
also be easily removed.

They are restricted to
25 kilometers an hour or 32 kilometers per hour depending on which country you live in. Above that restriction it's
down to human power alone. They definitely pack a powerful punch, but in a more conventional package. – Right, you mentioned
arm wrestling earlier. I am guessing that your
first arm wrestle challenge, is going to be head to head, right? – For sure, yeah, I'm thinking a sprint drag race down the seafront. – With your 12 kilowatts
versus my 250 watts average. – Mm hmm, I don't think
you stand a chance. – I don't think I got any chance in hell. – [Race Starter] Three, two, one, go! (upbeat music) – Oh my God! That's ridiculous! I think Chris narrowly had that one. Time to head to the hills I think. (suspense music) So behind us we've got
a thousand foot hill.

Simple, really, first to the top. – Right, ready? – Yeah. (revving bike) Stop that! – Lets go. – (laughing) What an idiot. Okay, Chris you ready? – I'm ready, whoa! (both laughing) – Just kidding. – A bit premature there? Okay Chris? – I'm ready. – Ready, three, two, one. (electric motor running) (gravel crunching) (upbeat music) – [Camera Man] What are you doing Steve? – I'm just taking some nice pictures, of the beautiful Adriatic. 'Cause the quality of the camera
here is absolutely amazing. Meanwhile, Chris Smith is
tearing down the coastline.

(engine revving) But I could simply move across to my navigation mode on the G6 here. And, okay, I'm looking at the
headland so hit on the button. Boom, there comes the quickest
route to the headland. And while Chris is fumbling
around in the woods tryin' to find the quickest
way I can simply hit go. I reckon I got a good
chance at beatin' him. (jazz music) – Alright, through here. Argh, it's locked. (zap) Argh, electric as well, no way. Right I need to get this thing over. (grunting) Oh my God! No way! (lighthearted music) (grunting) Not a chance of lifting. – Yo, what's going on? – I can't lift this, give us a
had to get this over will ya? – What's going on here then? – 50 kilos is not too uh. – Why didn't you just go through the gate? – Well it's locked and electrified. – Ah, right, okay so you're
going to get your bike, between the gate and the electric cable.

– Yeah give us a hand will ya? – Excuse me a minute Chris, I think I just need to press on a touch. – What are you doin'? – Just a get out of the way please. Tryin' to get my bike through the gap. – Yeah, I was just
savoring a minute earlier. – Through the gap. – Yeah, no worries. – Oh look at that, oh crikey! Look at that my bike is through the gap. Now remember Chris when
you go through gates.

– Yeah. – Just stand on the inside
so that all the pressure, isn't on the outside of the gate. – Okay, right, you ready to get yours out of the way then. – Let me just move my
bike over here a second and ha, looks like you
better call the camera crew. Ha ha! – Ah Steve, come on. Guys, can I get a bit of assistance? This is a four man job
I think for this one. Right, you ready guys? (lighthearted music) (zap) Whoa! Lower, lower, lower.

– Through here. – That's good, ah nice one guys. Thank you, cool! I got to catch Steve. Lets go. (tires spinning on gravel) (lighthearted music) – Right, Chris, bit of
E-Mountain bike shenanigans. Stuff we normally do, we do some steps. I reckon we should give those a go. Oh God, I'm genuinely nervous about this. (suspense music) Oh crikey, that's hard. (laughing) (grunting) – Come on Stevie. – Ah (beep) Pft, that's hard. (bike motor) (laughing) (both laughing) – Spun the rubber. – Oh my God, so Chris, conclusion of that? I mean apart from the fact that you nearly took half of Croatian concrete work out of the equation. – Pretty evenly matched I think. – I think so yeah it's time to move on.

– [Chris] On the smooth terrain, I was able to pull out
a huge margin on Jones, but it wasn't just the gates
that were slowing me down. As the gradient got steeper and looser. I began to struggle with the fierce power, as the rear tire kept spinnin' out. This, coupled with the heavy weight and single speed gearin' meant I was beginning to struggle
both physically and mentally with what was turnin' out to
be an extreme mountain assent. It was no place for the G12. Jones just kept cuttin' loose
nailing the switchbacks. Rock climbing the
impressive cliffs with ease. Traction never a problem
and weight not an issue. As the gradient got even steeper, so did the margin between us. – Ah, what, another gate? And a step! I'm totally over this so far. (engine revving) Argh! Steve Jones you got some answering to do. Hey guys, have you seen a Welch
guy in a blue army outfit? – Way up there. – Uh, can you give us a hand here please? (engine revving) – Whoa, whoa, whoa.

(tire spinning gravel) Oh God, where has he gone? I'm so over this. (sigh) (upbeat music) (sigh) – I'm headin' back down I think. (upbeat music) – Ha, so there you go! Steep, technical, loose limestone terrain, on a 250 watt electric bike,
versus the same kilowatt bike. This bike makes it, the
powerful bike doesn't. Wonder where he is? (suspense music) – Wow, Chris, what a day,
not even a time to tell you all the features of this great G6. It's got an accelerometer, a barometer, it's got USB, it's got Bluetooth. Its got internet connection
for four years… – Whoa. – For free in 124 countries. – Crazy. – It'll track every single ride you go on. It's got a camera front and rear. Honestly, this bike has everything. It can even tell you
what your heart rate is, and the system watts coming from the bike.

– But that's restricted to
25 kilometers an hour, right? – Well yeah, but as you've
seen on the trails today, we haven't really been going much more than 25 kilometers an hour. – Right, I know, but yeah. I didn't tell you all
about the great G12S. – You didn't. – This is not restricted
to 25 kilometers an hour. This 70 kilometers an hour, top speed. – I have to say that is pretty fast. – 120 kilometers range
– Wow, wow – 49 kilogram weight
– Yeah – Charges in 80 minutes.
– 80 minutes. – Yeah so it's a pretty fast charge. – One of the interesting numbers on that bike, which you didn't mention, is the 12 kilowatts peak power.

– Yeah, it's pretty crazy. – Compared to this which is,
I don't know, maybe 600 watts. But, anyhow, didn't come much use to you today, did it Chris? I'm off to charge my little G6. I'll see you in the bar. – Back home. – Hey listen, I'm thinkin'
about getting a salad, and a beer or two before
heading back, you reckon? – I'm feeling more like
an ice cream myself. – Okay, all right, well if you fancy that. Hey listen I'm just going to
put the G6 battery on charge. If you watch this… – Oh yeah, I could do
with topping this one off. – Literally two seconds to take that little puppy out of there. – Super quick. – Literally, I'll see you
in the bar in a minute.

pexels photo 5794243

– I need to put this
one on charge as well. Did you bring an extension lead? – Ah easy, ah, bike in the bar? – That bike? – Yeah. – Are you serious? – No way! – Huh? – No way! – Whoa, Chris, that's a slight problem. Listen, I'll get the beers then. But, I think you'll find, that is another point for the mountain bike. – (sighs) (birds singing) (bikes over gravel) – How about a quick coffee
before we get started, Chris? – Yeah, head off Steve, let's get it. – I'll go get 'em in, yeah. But hey, what a beautiful day, eh? – It's amazin', I was just taking some nice selfies down by the seafront. – Yeah, good day yesterday. Bloody good day yesterday, I tell ya'.

I feel very happy with
myself I got to say. – Well you should be winnin'
all these challenges. I'm feelin' a little bit behind, so I'm thinkin' a A to B style. – Oh yeah. – Race this morning, sprint race. – All right, yeah. – Along the seafront. With a Le Mans style
start, how does that sound? – Yeah, I'm tuned up for that, no worries. – Fancy your chances? – You seem to be very confident. – Let's get this show on the road. – Let's do it.

What you got in mind? – Destination point the
headland over there. – Love it, love it. – Race around the coast head up it. – Head out into the Adriatic. Right how does this Le Mans
style start work then exactly? – Well, it's pretty simple Steve. – Yeah? Three, two, one, let's go! – Oh, what? Ugh, crikey. (bike motor revving) – Yo, whoa, whoa, whoa,
where's my bike at? It was there right next to ya. – See ya later. – It was right next to ya. Hey you can't just do that! Dude you can't just do that! What! (sigh) What a nightmare.

It's actually not a nightmare. What that idiot does not realize is that I can simply, so
what he doesn't realize, I can simply go to my
phone, acquire photo, I can find out exactly where my bike is. He's just trying to stitch me up. (laughing) Ha, look! There's the jetty, there's my bike, that's the front camera of the bike. I think you'll find, that my
Greyp G6 is just down here. Actually let me just
check on the map as well. Just go in here and zoomin' in. And there she is, literally. Now he could've been a
bit more imaginative, and hidden it a bit further.

So I'm pretty much confident
that it's going to be down here. And there she is. (laughing) (gravel crunching) (slow tempo music) – Sick. He got up I hope. (slow tempo music) Didn't quite go according to plan that for you, did it Christopher? – No, not quite what I was
expectin' Steve, to be honest. – After your Le Mans start,
all the big hurried start. – What I want to know is
how did you find that bike? I hid that pretty well. – Ah ha, school boy did not know that the great G6 can, in
fact, look after itself. I'm not going to reveal
how, 'cause I might need to tap into that detail
a bit later on today. But, yeah, I think A to B. – That bike. – I feel sorry for you. So day two starts with the
great G6 in the lead yet again! (sigh) (suspense music) – Chris, nah, nah, nah, I
can't handle water slides.

I hate going round and round in circles. – Well, were not going round and round in circles in the waterpark, Steve. We're going round and round
in circles in the carpark. Just like downtown Swansea. – Oh God. (laughing) – The doughnut challenge, you ready? – I'm not ready. – You need to engage the – Watch this, watch this then. (laughing) – Yeah, nice one grandad. (laughing) I'm thinkin' you mean
a bit more like this.

(rock music) (laughing) (coughing) – Ugh, are you serious? – It's a little bit more impressive than the walk mode though, isn't it? – God, what the hell? I think the verdict on that one. – Think you need to pick
some grit out your teeth. (coughing) – Challenge to me. (suspense music) – One helluva a spot Chris, right? – It's cool isn't it? – Oh, I love that kickstand.

I tell you what, I love
the angle on the kickstand. – Smart isn't it? – Forget about the angle of the kickstand. – Yeah. – Check this little angle out up here. An uphill switchback. We do these mountain bikin' all the time. – This gravel looks prime. – Look at that, very,
very tricky conditions. – Yeah. – So I think or next head
to head is going to be, an uphill switchback challenge. I mean this is, look at it,
look at it, it's so loose. – Super loose, isn't it. This looks like a section
out of six days trials. – Proper trial section. – End card up there? – End cards up there. So we got a mix here trials and switchback up and then down. – Nice. Right, observer are you ready? – I'm ready! Three, two, one, go! (bike motor) – Oh my God! (laughing) – 12.78 seconds, that's not bad you know.

– That wasn't my fastest time, I think, struggled a little bit there. – Okay, right, okay turn it swing around and it's going to be downhill switchback. – This end, yeah. – Just to point out this
is not a three point turn test, right, this
is a switchback test. – I think I got this one. – Right three, two, one, go! (gravel crunching) – Oh nice! – Beat that Jones! – Fact is that was sharp. That was pretty sharp. I'm going to struggle to
beat that, 6.24 seconds. Watch this, that's going to
be hard to beat, that is. – Right, Steve Jones are you ready, for the trials uphill challenge? – Yep! – Right, three, two, one, go! (gravel crunching) – Falls as well, does puttin'
your feet down count then? – No
– Huh – Obviously not. 10.67 seconds, nice one, smashed it. – I knew I'd do that. – Right then we're going to'
flip things in reverse, whoa. – Watch you don't flip off the cliff.

– Nearly me down the bank. Right, you ready, three, two, one, go! (gravel crunching) – Ugh, four seconds 47, way faster. – I think its pretty conclusive,
wouldn't you say, guys? – [Group] Yeah! (suspense music) – Wow, talk about trails to die for. That was more like trails to die on. – For sure I've done some
sketchy stuff in my time, but, I don't fancy a
trip down that valley. – Yeah, you know why they call them gravestones, all this limestone? You know why it's used
on graves, isn't it? – Why's that? – Well you'll find out in a
minute downhill time stage.

– Ah, really? – Yeah
– Right We got to, you got a
(mumbles) downhill bike. – That's what this bike
is all about for sure. – Yeah. – So, look guys, this might
look absolutely horrendous. But, I can assure you, we
are riding down marbles, on marbles, on marbles in amongst sheep. (laughing) (upbeat music) (gravel crunching) (laughing) – Oh my God! (upbeat music) (gravel crunching) (upbeat music) (laughing) – That is. – Epic trail, eh? – Wow, what a spot. (suspense music) – Well E-Moto certainly collided with E-Mountain bike here
on the cliffs above Croatia. I think the results were
pretty conclusive, Chris.

– Yeah, it's pretty close, isn't it? – Yeah, how's your bike
that is ridden primarily, by people who roll around
on the floor for a living? – Well you might be
taking them next Steve. But this bike is absolutely
loaded with tech. It's even got batteries from the car manufacturer Rimac on it. – Yeah, fair enough, but it didn't really do you much good up in
those hills, did it? – Meh, I think you were slightly lackin' behind on those faster sections. – Yeah, granted. But Chris, jokin' aside
right, final analysis. I think when you're in the mountains, you need, not a mountian bike, you actually need an E-Mountain bike. – I think for sure that bike
won the challenges today. E-Mountain bike, for mountain bikin'. – There you go, let's hear your thoughts on E-Mountain bike versus E-Moto. In the meantime, if you
want to see what happens when a Pedelec, a 25
kilometer an hour Pedelec, meets a 45 kilometer an hour S-Pedelec, check out the video which
we did in Gaeta here. We really want to know what you
guys think about this video. And also don't forget to hit on the globe.

Subscribe to EMBN. Nice one Chris. – See you Steve, be good. – Unlucky..

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