E-Naked-Bikes im Test – Energica Eva Ribelle RS vs Harley-Davidson LiveWire vs Zero SR/F

you hear to awarded an anton herze come when the repeater people form on the squad against alcohol it was also language how to we that han through a stupid things now tamerus pitch elise to the i lost prepared it developed secret nice to spit typical month of negotiations with the nooyen ipads, among other things, to a nurse euro in prepared to live with us is therefore not mandatory so with e-bikes and sourcing toasted sandwich strongest the naked bikes show him with it davidson livewire no ntr chico disfigure a marie baby srf fantastic duty sitting calories people smoke don't need or should not it swings the fabrics again we are brindled more timone back moss the second took the daylight or session to search gland always produce never present who t trees roy at stryker plaid pattern that ship and serum interesting is to thick [Music] [Music] there for it but I must say that who bow to the mother snarl stiebel grip the female passionrt is unfortunate her super yamaha we with power is almost you look for it paws luther as each passes their sitting close there hooves bert will need the space ground with a customer rows 2 cylinder with three is massaged demand to win case now with the train moment of course kids we will separate about that I will laugh again in a moment stood of the fair barrique apples because that heap complex inari they are also stopping 1221 fires parsi quickly stand here in fashion logging the four years x witsel and also for mar anp worder and din norm of cup number handy for motor cheap in the mold of desire for books and twist algae lists tagged in master and the young back there from four pairs in two cores it in pride and the procession what had to algae softer than sounds quine quine of webwork bottle how stressed j I are big enough mouth to research less or three man the lounge measures to keep streumer africa toe d at such I don't know who ever the comments are directed then I succeed anyway nice youtube and then direction under coat or in the good news hits including at a time I was already awake that in bikes is such a trump card of finn's boss fantastic is you see your electric competitor in methane obtained by my body where your silo sf pounds in africa and where he arrow next to me tomorrow see fontys party around tori making me away parma height lower bytes click after oral rage look loose [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music ] his stop looks really out of the cloud that he first ciro arafats down the town hall street so nose can call our worst naked bike from my mechanical electro specialist silo electro between the as so sitting for a relatively long time when she turned 16 east ion the doctor off and the marie is 40.4 kilowatts tuned the more he up another range extender thin with the child normal 8 kilos watched under me that mesomerie grietie threaten from a maximum of 320 km that is on the story entry aging missed vereer know is the me throw 200 kilometers that lists tests lo asraf 100 aprea his dogs now kneel meters three strokes we lay browser ap also perfect because when I anchored bang price found the friends here battle plan out the wall to again heaters on aids dressed in god for true is for soba here adjustable for dealing brown session for got just forgotten scores phase of the cd I bring the action because control refueling bartholomew was already in the movie eggermont unit becomes layers of peat via television to sion in the neighborhood and that info liter anti-system is so much maud so technology feed silo srf farming who has sprouted to nexus is right to eat nothing [Music] yes [Music] to the [Music] [ Music] a [Music] [Applause] [Music] so ever see the stop before the sweat the movie he hit nice I lie that ist and apps I only dragonflies aras she's nose too naked bike folder italians shall act on their own family and with a jerk what happens to tim soup there sports club lake already have a motor stripped 3 arrows ace lists 200 flight are new by train moment and 144 price ajax thanks for the software started on time i rather became default he remembers this still rise the decide i to check an app even it said i gamma 8 seconds from the oven to this now there is that ax is torrent for with which baby nice style bar for us sing priestly pay more became you all leg around trees so i ask the knot reese wifo ratio sing in rome the planet 3 belle et grow back then lose other but cs 21 om or 5 kilowatt stood so he has no kind of silence is the greatest i know eine you have calcutta 400 km deep treasure 200 place km combines dogs power skis gorge big track probably does not vote against this correct speed to have one I am I can feel that a little bit tell the noise goat that had then not the sanarium doggy the wonder sony's center fold the edges like an ekan arty turf over psychologist groningen components would actually play so i'm going now that's why give sleigh bells on henkie assistant system pride temp you're trolling back for subscribers but who t round nice is to an ultra livewire up [Music] [Music] [Music] late determined preferably harley-davidson livewire points electro back for the americans cost item saw three wildebeest i 500 france battery backpack gay watch could car crosser ouch standard air ion four syrups glimmer outs those two mama already d'r by-j kilometer range extender around and he calmed down and mine were 20 kilowatts akkouh list I 105 price 100 soft a new me to build up so right homies foreground whoever came your we sail that no he had that much I am the we moment as the other two have that lurking at him who already kept himself enough no yes verily n live for STD's nice step forward mining see it did you think alt control and abs relative om typical ferrari the compact design is a naked bike formative doctors god very sport lie like the women idiot and i'm going to stay alone in a sports club where you gas this slowly goldsmith is allowed to pull the product right also to normal [Music] care this is an exciting roll up relative recipes gland stress see dream room trick is warmer chair illogical time that opportunities details still ran nemo yes goodbye sitting saw video is the one me it pikes formulated that they have the opportunities for everyone hubbert then falls voice-over queer always makes music that also sees whether jews presented for the book for motors papers 12 then he does on kati or is creative equally rhodium also the whole mark massiere would be too see on the superflow is very good is it really wrong it only becomes where you meet with the gasoline there is a toilet because see her for lists guarantor for the for heronshof de bastille for most relatively short eigentliche years our too salty natural remedy act clichés that helps there model was there for neos sports cafe i learn to see it so super supervision frank retina of course you already know you because we supervise doctor or mottos buy through the 20 find it a link how is it going again and chili dries up to you like a loss test for the heap here salted bio the word the peak shopping in the the gamma rebellious come grating serves in so fine I understand that it concerns the spicy engine alter is the interviewer kind of rocket spot upright is alligator forum and you shoot and so essence and they often power then we will that french that splendor you turn all comparisons around when selling through the relatively low will yea i ignore all because this workshop is for this fire was it do you think the father wolf exchange people it went sleeves leave it already like a professor with the my e-bike from i get him fail n to get into tech reality with hollow vermote can so curt oh essential active action movies he got too much for you play along rocks where i can and wherever he but prio for production you when tess was to leave those tasks he was so many heads on good striker join in squirt that it's that tour sorry woke me up for power up angry of course al quincy problem hot addresses problems of how the comments everything is taxi of course you have that dare who by the burnt rossini own before night lot of real hit you tank in with two goals ie t my sister crib white that dog gets to squirt set the derby your own churning like big problem see swallow and relatively heavy between or sport start own project on a vision proud unless you also jugend und learn fire quiet terrain was to ireland crop over the circles rottier and mute wake the masts can was out also got for sale at because who will just reach with my most especially ho if you brown especially a pair of cup a exactly s clinical problem if there is paper she had to see the other three tens so I do my first task and my films and photography the girl with prints very conspicuousness who have already stood before how strong in god to take care of it against mommy september and with that battery loose and too heavy to keep the problem through they brought him everything text our people let us more big all kinds of negative guests when the slightly large dog we people had to place here with the s then that gold f it's my own pavement so is ladder so who's indian play up and no they say load his father object to dating those pleas ian he will never be an old is just me purifies things in i now three four celebrated quiz for other estate don't even leave it something don't bother there 20 all this is your organization on one there already something the problem there is an action on the rope how you so that just deck mark to see that i flat he had to get him quickly that s tation even if I get the energy for the current one side destina review 40 minute m fast let deck flowers servants follows you aspires most bitter area in the latest movies loose as the music you test them for tinder sail around 100 km with the five often hear around we noticed rattling focus on the one we we course that the packaging name is when testing timed wrong and went again so trash track called to an armageddon dare i lie stretches he experiences for the norm fame then the channel with sees it and i were dreams of course the use with your child is higher than in cross-section things are not too bad one is minutes gold so pine still flower that still to I have it relatively much cheese live and mold think that is busy missio a mare the sports motor pharaohs the point back sail because they used to be real curvewood we see start mode oder sogar come into me cars speed suddenly they had moved see the sisters that very good om not really ideal and slo t they lock my amateur syrup i or four tabletcenter i see so jordi with him glitter grows up 40.4 a lot of standing that throw my ear grow weed with the me allow pack players on a meter or see when you are wrong in intro it with who had 3valves so beautifully without quickly loading action action on your server builds itself let it snow the oil that it 50.5 kilowatts are critically busy on sunday 22 protank 2 on the name chica in between start supply come here pee usa happy baby address through and in shinobi aldermen 3 spots end also have side smooth large park with 21 still 5 kilowatts of power through that he called then just loses it again when the crossed to traders to rest univé yes our the put there a bed I that if I it at any heat positive or the negative company must of course causes that I know more something idea I was for are the is or I give you representative and obtain riri tivoli put it in far don't be so dirty we with you I do not lie how exciting sick for the mission itself also gather a solution first project that cross that is already cake on the benches heaviest mother yes she is with rebellions so this is 245 kilos heavy her read 201 eft conti red do you want to keep the trend funny or the tuber fashion beer by at 200 wind on the or brand styng will of course be slowed down by kat support team to I if there is also around that itself as weightiest by saw him interested next to him yes ok well this brand had to have room for pimp I know but also cover the meter ivo mavo so it is very sweet more insight where the electrical service again she actually had to put the brand me big stones ichigo and most boom sitting of papers most booms sales realities most boost story with rock vibrating control apples succeed with dates back maybe the brand is a bit smoother and has to ie with who you subscribe it's more fun than he runs for death in the first place more actually the fish is still lying you and siro you remember he houses ethanol mix by train with very active attention press people you don't speak about this paper have it you take it on by klein moment rotterdam seemed so the occupied view on the other hand was lost to let Rijn moment at igloo stood us all those cutie persons who become reali personal because the name is real nymphs on it in africa is sometimes very steep on role that already work we can focus on years exciting teenagers blow the end I made my mind and on the three game all those other pd suns will undertake yes with a vaerenbergh brand model no cleo that phobia martin of course yesterday than student relieved himself quite a bit here bowling [ __ ] in the the action came in would still work I see you can of course there curt a role to go through the pictures in not I feel like any graphic artists of the r ommel speaks echoes in it is that win who is here in the end where theory is a jew and the coffin it is so land and the reduced is also ruins and how are we already going poverty seeker it's fun for every club to see jan dawkins the underside it was and edgar can close luthers who take the theistic screw end with roquefort so if work quickly annealed own back her reading is mint i like to eat but flash must give us irony of snow with do follow it is that my me was now to form so beware of that, however, tap it right jerked the foil stamping rule and dad is more dynamic ciro is so how I finally stimulate is that was a huge of paper and then also views that act free lets himself with a we nothing to a pot leave it well of aversion to which defeat extreme learns in advance fur ict who is just as stable as mine is van der lee we just said god uhm mind to weber it's 20 nothing about this by the way a working arbe ids crisis grip clic mortgage learned appeal my heart line our whiter I with something after there is with that harmonic that surprise with me how fiikt put täufer heavy comes in the moto rio batterie package the relatively long dutch then the long creative not for a grievance maud it must pass my eyes limit input kaefer think I heard from you just newspaper for flyers ecology waiting for 3 exactly these are a lot of confidence select she sat had street his tongue you that role is quite feedback the name chica is and most zones oh well I take it bike trees they actively fall extreme sports dangers but hope to practice my still walked on the schedule in the other two my guest didn't hear me for hours the swinging dog at citizens airport fell on him and marcel fall more actively it extends over msi have a girl are downhill time to he plans of course what i do again on fire with nature logically by minute euro dad is is sjansen kroos it's with queeg need to get lower the water legs had to keep me active while think about stabilize it shine it's not me stray add again or a need for slimness it fits think that sport plugs in the sport leterme i had no zoom and with an active in front of us we look at how it looks exactly as a team women sometimes far east those hands the exam of so now my interest you ground it crept peter and there chico beautiful as oil that spur toasties good had to see the drawn spandel pin 10 through the done der Waal between sliding voted fumigatus only one more mistake so thought still cheeky jaap something layout pumping into course pumps seating position to show yes if your master bodhi of course so lucky us know speech 3 on the care yes in what glute it thinks eliane what he keeps her ground did planning look 19 medical thinks of oliebollen he wants you is natural lost hand her punishment punishment st raf punishment via vai work is general glees don't want to do something like that never in apps i already quite do it pear tyrolis christ and seemed natural where the massive torque on you must have sleidinge to school cree problem so what would have to massive torque light remember a quest house opportunities at home there per and has crossed them how to choke more practical my still line bones where do you want it the form of mixing that mark with the star walked right in the giver style it goes with oil online creek no the few thread interstate therefore group location to the in nations with their hot water he had to fetch to thijs of something like and see needs that trial those four treetops the if u there was nothing archive and churn at pepsico and the nextup date the sign here in it handball nice with the not even int i get a break euro the sorbus is a she verhoef fall because it is level at home it is in this now they are so sincere oliver raw material that 4 k suddenly had to make sense bad to the far how long lame to steal on a mass so that so i will power through the motors height have to see him does in now is maid with her genius truth and who will see that he in chat you already know who purse to burst in your the also from about fictional your father club the final to the games find who had him already this video lesson is there can not be so mistaken to be laid rotten for an email and dennis you too dear that is it this city audience that disco vermeersch ciro that access air that already had to be so bad of course presales i the idea parties to starting up a piece of the 20 so i female very steely but still has the glimpse that already so less optically also viewer with peer about the boats and competitions blank genesis future most win normal daredevil as is we have a place and mercury until around the furies unique opportunity for sports plug who knows for official chica bureau is to keep chores deliver and spoiled wind snow on it again and stability brand for the this video has already looking plus actually myself what is i need the car dares to act so long to legitimate conditions day good lows the fire on a push me around lord will give you extra speed other parsley the turkish not i would not cirrhosis every word and ahead chikai printer it pure naked bike this is not frapper bol bol electra bike on forums we things that can unizo the farmer's chair electra bike shop for ever ever now I have bare with jesus that pressure pipe bowl of soup roche your parents since vermeer bureau west für relapse unstoppable they begin to form my god orphan was so the misplay drock feeling anchor in large square errors negatively influenced with so just active mix gold it and gamma with and to perform i understand why the direction shows take place and with no concern for race of if you from egg-eaters posted on facebook and fun with curt will most my fault how stage music mission mode the couchsurfer jetted peak of the sky if we just the the temper sloanishness martyr and air purifying pixel is time my to on her list for more time my top of the flier own so fame that leads pieces approach is for me they book her moanings who sie sich floors are they their i think natural style is football natural absolutely steep angle they had on our electric hard lesson was so no mo i not on anything else mage windows xp soul smoking p&o ate you can be a stupid electrotech this morning around harley wooden of the croods the pictures where your mouth officials of directive show during of course all the preses time with you realize the risk supervision franken there you that is for absolute fendt so already ground still limit wrong see my had as strange as technology jans even if there is a lens or she asked me back especially such a pen share is the moment then price list I like and is not yet how it went you are see there is charged he 100 years and two clicks ahead subscribe my fruit and that your technologies it and what the pc' in the margin boss or napalm and we my clumsy layers is financed with my ride or hated the pleading unity moment has the crown ski touring eating free is a top pigeon the fire brave for that how fierce but what what some chick via antoon to with the comforts and of that so light the cool will just team show for striving will is the post surfing god there would come seven members blacksmith lists also gives process very exciting with resume may not just not favorite rugia you thanks so the striker is a body thick called roy the stable beautiful country i wanted all the work reality compétence what he less detergent is yet to see what nor it is have to moth sport schweiz to spit with a peat mud teenagers the regulation t spit we are sitting wear that moment and i love i I see for the there is to fat flies I'm there inputs to this specifically so that we learned few women go and ruin right for equal to this I would it so complete neighborhood dust also on all twitch deposit on to June and July by comment to dig but the troy pius military front then perfumed for input jan 108 so where section for the people that ebikes are not allowed anywhere was that broken rick was finished in the afternoon next to how are we going to dust that letter those that i thought the worst truth and customizing and tom boot then saves him already busy it amazes me wearing music and with pure peace stomach more comes out of her with boys for engines from hung gar here where is palm oil i humbly laren i was power i have more that your own flight filming needed kids next meet how made that your audience normally this one more like you have to subscribe from so as a channel there will also simply message when I descend that count

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