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Do We Need Compulsive Limits to Population Growth Because We Are Running Out of Fossil Fuels?

Eco innovations happen, just like human waste happens, or so a bumper stick-on slogan or two once said? Since history often repeats, don’t you think that a solution to running out of fossil fuels might also occur in the future? The reason I say this is that I am not so worried as many about running out of fossil fuels or even feeding our over-population time bomb, as some call it. I trust our entrepreneurs and innovators to solve this problem, they’ve solved all the problems of the past.

Pollution in Asian Ocean Waters Provides Opportunities for Net-Centric Sea Mines and Surveillance

The Pacific Gyre is an area where there is an abundance of pollution in the ocean. Worse, there is a good deal of trash, much of it plastic floating around out there contaminating sea life and also entering the human food chain because we eat fish. In fact, in some places there is so much pollution that you could scoop it out as it floats by. As bad as this is, and as much as I’d like to chastise the Asian nations for throwing their trash or letting it flow into the ocean, I also see this as a potential opportunity for increased surveillance off the coast of China.

Bottom Surfaces of VLFS or Very Large Floating Structures Perfect for Ocean Wave Energy Generation

There is a group of global warming alarmists who are all filled with doom and gloom. They tell us that the ocean will rise and flood out all coastal areas. Is this true? Well, it is true that the earth does go through cycles, and the level of the ocean has changed quite a bit over millions of years. Some estimate that the ocean might rise 1.5 feet by the year 2100. Of course, this isn’t insignificant, but what if it rose quite a lot?

The Solar Power Future And the Dilemma of Free and Fair Trade

Ah the Law of Unintended Consequences never seems to amaze me, as that “road to hell is always paved with the greatest of intentions,” isn’t it? Consider if you will all the money the US has wasted in stimulus promoting alternative energy. Indeed, we’ve totally re-arranged our entire energy sector to make room for new entrants like biofuel, solar, and wind power. Yes, we were promised “millions of new jobs” weren’t we? We were told that the government knows best and we are entering a new age of prosperity, ushering in a new era of clean and abundant energy.

More Work Needed to Create a Virtual Secchi Disk for Computational Modeling

Did you know there is a small and very simple device which measures visibility in water? It’s true, and it works extremely well, it is called a Secchi Disk. You put it into the water and you spin it. It is basically a circular flat plate with white and black triangular pizza shaped sections. As you spin the device on the end of a dowel you can measure the visibility and light. This is very simple, easy-to-use, and it works quite well. The only problem is you have to actually put in the water and spin it to estimate the underwater visibility.

Collecting CO2 Pollution Through Frequency Manipulated Clouds From The Atmosphere

Well, it’s always fun to talk about nuclear physics, and even if you don’t understand it much the principles are pretty simple and visualization isn’t all that difficult. Perhaps because of this I’d like to run an interesting scenario by you. This might be a potential way to capture CO2 pollution from a smokestack, or post smokestack CO2 pollution cloud capture.

Are Wind Farms Affecting Bird Populations?

Wind farms have often been the topic of controversy, and their supposed effects on declining bird populations is as divisive a topic as you may expect. However, researchers have revealed evidence to show that turbines may not be as dangerous as previously believed.

A New Twist on Sustainable Energy Storage

Complete sustainable and renewable energy usage is the goal of most people and governments from around the world. The largest problem facing the proponents of these sources of energy is the lack of large-scale and long-term sustainable energy storage. These types of storage are imperative given the intermittent nature of wind and solar power generation. On this note, a small German company is developing a synthetic natural gas process that is a new twist on electrical energy storage. This company believes that long-term and large-scale storage is feasible using the current natural gas infrastructure, already available in Germany. This article will explore the new ideas, technology, and proposed solutions initiated by this German start-up company.

Understanding Sustainable Energy Storage

One of the greatest obstacles facing the sustainable energy industry is the lack of large-scale storage. It is widely known that an economical solution to sustainable energy storage is needed in order to adopt the goal of 100 percent usage of renewable energy sources. Many possible solutions to the problem of electrical energy storage are being researched and tested. This article will examine and attempt to determine the viability of some of the most common theories.

Could This Be The Renewable Energy Solution?

Just about everyone in the world desires a clean, affordable solution to our dependence on fossil fuels. Do we finally have the renewable energy solution? According to research recently published by the University of Delaware, the possibility of large grid power sufficiency from renewable energy sources is quite feasible. The research findings are very interesting and intriguing. This article will examine the results and determine whether they will bear up to a little scrutiny.

A Marriage of Solar Energy Technology?

The wide spread adoption of solar energy has been handicapped because of the lack of electrical storage capabilities. The solar industry is still far from a comprehensive storage solution, but there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon. A relatively new solar energy technology called concentrating solar power (CSP) is starting to be built out for commercial electricity production. CSP is a solar niche market that holds much promise for the advancement of the solar industry and the renewable energy sector as well. In this article, we will discover how concentrating solar power (CSP) works; the benefits it brings, and why it is important to solar and renewable energy proponents.

An Exciting New Solar Energy Technology

The solar industry is still in its infancy. New ideas, inventions, and innovation are the rule rather than the exception. With that being said, an exciting new solar energy technology has recently been introduced. The new technology is not about a new mousetrap, but rather an innovative process to produce those mousetraps cheaper and more efficiently. In this article, we will explore the company and people responsible for the new idea. We will also discuss the technique and the overall impact to the solar and renewable energy sector.

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