Electric Bike Commute At 28MPH (18 MILES On A 1000 Watt eBike)

What's up YouTube!? It is the Two Flags
here. I'm not racing, but I did say that I wanted to do some more ebike stuff, so
here's a sampling of that. This is one of my regular commutes that I do. This is
actually the longest commute that I do on any given week – it's my ride out to
church. This is an evening ride. We have services on Sundays, then we also
have services on Wednesday nights in the middle of week. This is a ride that
I was fortunate enough to be able to do for this time of year, because, usually this
time of year, it's not this nice, but this was a beautiful day. There wasn't any
wind, which is rare for this area and it was unseasonably warm, so I enjoyed it.
And, I figured, "hey… I'll just take the opportunity to ride." (Because I'm probably not going to be able to do it for at least several more
weeks until it warms up a little bit.) What you're seeing here is just a
typical commute.

I'm doing this video with the intent of showing people that
may be considering ebikes just what it's like to have the ebike experience. If
you're somebody who's interested in maybe purchasing an ebike, but you're
not really sure what you might be getting, you can check out this video. I'm
not going to do a lot of commentary in this one, because I just want you to be able to
see the experience. But, if you do have a question or something, leave it in
the comments below and I'll reply as best as I'm able to. I've been riding
ebikes for a little over two years. If you have question or something about
ebikes – where to get some good ones? How fast do they go? Are you safe on
them? Whatever you might have, go ahead and leave them in the comments
below and I'll try to respond to them. If you're interested, this bike is powered
by BBSHD and it's run off of a 52 volt, 21 amp-hour battery, so I have really big

This commute is about 18 miles long and I can do it
quite reliably with the battery that I have on this bike. I really haven't had any
issues with the distance and stuff I've done this ride actually
two ways on one charge; out and back on one charge before. But, usually when I
do this, I bring my charger with me I just charge it up while I'm in church
and then that way, I make sure I can go as fast as I want to when I come back. I'm going to be quiet now. If you enjoy this content and if you'd like to
see some more of it, let me know – leave a comment.

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I would appreciate it if you would leave
a thumbs up and also share if you're an ebike enthusiast – share what you think
about it. If you have got anything that you want to ask, leave them in
comments below and I'll talk to you guys later.
Two Flags out! I said I wasn't going to talk very much,
but I did want to say something up here really quick. I think one of
the most frequent questions…(this road is kind of boring so I decided to speed it
up)…I think one of the most frequent questions is, "How well do
ebikes climb?" So, I wanted you to be able to see…you're going to see there's
some climbs up here. (The GoPro effect is in full, so you can't really see the
incline on them very much.) But, I get out of the saddle a little bit. Here's the
first one coming up here; this is kind of a more mild climb, but you can
see how fast I'm going once I get out of the seat again. This particular bike, with the BBSHD on, it running 1,000 watts nominal, we're pulling
about 25 miles an hour up this hill.

Not a big deal. It's dropping to 23 miles per hour. I think I grabbed one gear going up the hill. There's a couple of
other rises that you'll see before this ride is over. The hill that is coming up
after this (and you'll see it because that's when I get out of the saddle
again), that's the steepest hill along this ride. You'll see that I cruise up it at about 22 or 23 miles an hour without
much issues. So, if you're curious about how well ebikes climb, that's a testimony
to how well a 1,000 watt mid-drive will do on any given hill. I just wanted
to point that out for any of you who may have a question about that..

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