Electric Bike Comparison Fiido D11 vs Lankeleisi G660 | Cycling 90 Km | Part 1

Fiido D11 vs Lankeleisi G660 Today we are going to ride Fiido D11 vs G660 Who will be the winner? 90 km cycling plan until the end of Barelang hope bikes can be achieved towards Barelang bridge G660 bikes vs Fiido Fiido D11 behind Fiido D11 slower to save battery though no effect … hehe I will soon reach Barelang bridge and road uphill E bike with a scooter Final intact electric typical upwards towards the bridge… Today's trip goal is 90 km. In order to take part in the virtual cycling competition hopefully you can cover that distance.. the 90 km traveled is 23.5 km and still is 70 km away… hahahaha can the G660 and Fiido D11 cover that distance… ?? Interim result… Fiido D11 is slower than the G660….Hahahaha I'm not sure, it might be the pedal way…Hehe later, change bikes to make them fairer so you can feel the difference now Use PAS level 2 and always keep the speed above PAS speed.

Use PAS level 2 to make the battery last…hhhhhh now what's the distance?? It is already 24 km. How many kilometers traveled?? Already covered 24.36km and the battery is still 3 bar The Fiido battery is still full because it has a larger capacity battery The battery is on the seatpost The G660 battery is in the middle frame The bike saddle is not high enough?? I'll try from…hhhhh struggling to lift the bike saddle…hhhhh the seatpost is huge…the view is really cool…the bridge between two islands across the sea ok…see you go to the second and the third bridges already cover 42.4km battery no Still 3 bars Battery fluctuates depending on the terrain of the road being traversed Total 42 km already Fiido cut about 36 km battery still 3 bars With PAS level 3 Still a long ride… . We exchanged bikes, how?? G660 is faster!! Let's keep cycling trying to get the feeling of cycling in the Fiido D11 feels like something is holding back the bike speed As if something is holding back the bike speed As if something is holding the bike speed More comfortable G660 …

pexels photo 4045750

G660 is more comfortable and not a steady speed Running out Breath chasing G660…hehe and cycling with the G660 is starting to relax we still can't catch up….heh swapping bikes for Fiido D11 and G660 is this the fastest cycling with a G660?? Really deliberately slow cycling… haha on… wh o will be the champ??.

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