Electric Bike for Two!

(energetic music) – This is the latest Rad Power Bike. And I'm making the boys carry
it in the house (laughs). They sent it to us and said
they would sponsor a video if we would unbox it and review it, and ride it, and compare it to all of our other Rad Power Bikes. So of course I wanna do that. – Ah, that hurts, okay, sorry. – [Dan] It's way too hot outside. So we are bringing it inside of the house. We're gonna unbox this thing. Don't drag it. It'll scratch the floor. (energetic music) Good job, boys, I'm impressed. I didn't think you had the muscles. (energetic music) Unboxing video. – [Grant] It's a box in a box. (energetic music) – Is this the one? I think this is the one. – I knew it. – [Dan] That green is awesome.

– [Lincoln] Oh, it's like built already. – [Dan] It is. – This is awesome! (energetic music) – [Brandon] Got it. (energetic music) – I wanna ride this though, really bad. I'm really good at building things. – [Dan] Thanks for helping. – Might be. You want it (laughs)? – First impression, we
just opened this thing up. It was pretty easy to open. – It was really easy. – They have these wheels that are exclusive to Rad Power Bikes that are kind of the fatter wheels. But they also are good for the road because they don't have use treads on 'em. So it's a nice mix between like a bike, a moped, and just like a utility bike that you wanna take around town.

Now this is the eighth bike
that Rad Power Bikes has built, and it's the most current one. So they've taken the best
from all the bikes they've had and put it into this bike. I love all of the cables
for the cable management are all wrapped up clean. (energetic music) And then, there's a fender on the front, a fender on the back. So if you're going through water or mud, it's not gonna flip up on you. (energetic music) You can actually sit on the back, and pull these pegs down. And just sit on it and ride. Did I fix it? Hold on, don't go. Okay, let's not ride yet (laughs). That kickstand off on them is really easy. You have a key to lock
up your battery packs.

So that if you lock it somewhere, at least they can't use the battery pack if you take out the battery. Somebody could still steal your bike if you don't like really lock it. So we own, I think, every single Rad Power Bike that's ever come out. Right now, it's about 107 degrees outside. So we're gonna wait
till a little bit later and then go take it on a ride with our full Rad Power
Bike gang of bikes. And see what we think about this guy. You leaving? – [Lincoln] Yeah. – There he goes. So one of the things that
Lincoln does like about it– I guess you should be the one says that. – Yeah, so one of the things
I love about this bike is that there are pegs on it. When my cousin, Grant,
starts going on the bike, I can just sit on the back of it.

pexels photo 4009402

– [Dan] As long as you're up to, I think it's 150 pounds
is the limit for the back. But you don't weigh more than 150, right? – Nope. (energetic music) Wahoo, you can stand up too! (brakes squealing) (all laughing) – This is our current
family of Rad Power Bikes. We've had them for about three years now. Every time they make a new bike, they're able to take what they learned from the previous ones and put it into the new ones. So you could say currently that this is the best bike that they have. This one is called the RadCity. And it has the shocks on it. We use this one sometimes for like off road trails and stuff. We've been buying these things ever since we did What's Inside of an electric bike? About three years ago,
it's been a long time. They're fantastic to get
around with the family and just cruise around. They're really good for a lot of people, especially somebody like me
that likes to ride sometimes. But then, most of the time, I just like the bike to
push me where I need to go.

A lot of people like in big cities might use this to take
their kids to school, or to go run errands, or
use it as a cargo bike. We typically get around like 20 to 30 miles range on our Rad Power Bikes. If you go into like a
mountain biking store in your local city, typically, electric bikes are like 5,000, $6,000. – They're crazy expensive. – It's hard to find an electric bike or e-bike that is under $2,000. And this RadRunner, you can
ride with two different people and it starts at 1,299. You could get like two
or three of these things and your whole family could riding on this for the same cost as one
like electric mountain bike that you go riding around. Thank you, Rad Power Bike,
for sponsoring this video and giving us exclusive access. This thing just barely dropped. If you wanna check it out, you can check the link in the description. – It's down there. – Electric bike review, it's on. Lincoln's over here putting
cats inside of the box. – [Lincoln] Oh, yeah. – [Dan] While Grant and
Brandon do all the work on getting the bike set up.

Good job, Grant.
– Thanks. – Whoa, that sun is so bright. Whoo, that was bright. (brakes squealing)
(Dan laughs).

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