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Due to the daily changing values of the dollar, no single price can be determined. 1500 att Motor is ideal for 70CC Bike Few C mpanies are using 1000 watt and 1000 watt electric motors A Goo Controller is very necessary for an electric bike charge status for acid batteries and lithium batteries Buraq E Wheels producing R & D based electric bikes in Pakistan Islam wa Alaikum wa Alaikum Islam Many companies are making E Bikes in Pakistan People do not consider E bike are reliable When you use B Grade batteries it may cost cheaper but then there are quality issues We provide complete solution to companies and train their technical staff The first E Bike in Pakistan market was made by JOLTA Lead acid battery lasts max 6 months We introduced lithium batteries for E bike in Pakistan We recommend lithium iron phosphate It is safe and reliable, also economical in long run It is one time investment and it can last for minimum 5 years

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