Electric bike S830 display settings explained (use closed captions)

Press "M" to turn on the display Press "UP" and "DOWN" to enter the settings P01: LCD backlight brightness Values 1, 2 and 3. 3 is the brightest P02: Kilometers or miles 0: Kilometers
1: Miles P03: Voltage Values 24, 36, 48, 60 This depends on your battery P04: Sleep time in minutes 0 – 60
Minutes until the display turns off 0: sleep timer off P05: Amount of assist levels (grades) 3 levels, 5 levels or 9 levels First number sets the start level (0 or 1) change the first number with "down" button Example using 9 PAS levels.
Starting level is 0 (off) 0 and 1 levels are same as off level 2 is the first active PAS level Level 2 and 3 assists to about 16 km/h This is same as level 1 when using 5 PAS levels The PAS level limits the max speed Level 4 and 5 assist to about 20 km/h In this bike there is no advantage to use 9 levels PAS since there is actually only 5 different levels The PAS speed limit depends lightly on the battery voltage.

When battery is running empty, use higher PAS level P06: Wheel diameter (inches) You can adjust small speed error with this setting P07: Speed measuring sensor Values 0 – 255 In this bike it needs to be 1, otherwise speed display is not correct P08: Speed limit (kmh) values 0 – 100
100 means no limit In this example I set the speed limit to 13 kmh Save the setting by pressing "UP" and "down" Sometimes you also need to turn off and on the display As you can see, the speed is limited to 13 km/h P09: Start mode (zero or non-zero) 0: zero start
1: non-zero start Value 1 means you cannot use throttle when the bike is standing still I have set the start mode to zero start (value 0) You can use the throttle when the bike is not moving P10: Driving mode 0: Only PAS (Pedaling assistant)
1: No PAS, only throttle
2: Both are enabled In this example, 0 value is active (Only PAS) Throttle won't work PAS works Value 1, (only throttle) Pedaling does not activate the motor Throttle works P11: Pedaling assist (PAS) sensitivity Values 1-24 Higher means you need to pedal more before the motor kicks in I have set the PAS sensitivity to 24 You need to pedal about 10 seconds before the motor starts to assist You can see the assist from the display showing the Current PAS sensitivity is set to 1 (very sensitive) After 2 seconds the motor assists P12: Motor start strength
How much assist when you start to pedal Values 0-5 (higher is more initial strength) The start strength is set to 1 (less initial strength) Low current level at the beginning The start strength is set to 5 (more initial strength) Maximum current almost immediately P13: Amount of PAS magnets 5, 8 or 12 magnets You can count the magnets from inside the front gears P14: Current limit (Amperes) Check the value from your controller.

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Do not use higher value. This bike's controller has 12 Ampere maximum The current limit is set to 4 amperes It assists with the 11 Amperes, but the start is softer This has similar effect as the start strength P15: Voltage cut-off Do not change this. Value 40 is suitable for 48 voltage system P16: Odometer reset Press "UP" for few seconds to reset the odometer This S830 has 16 parameters, some have less or more Thank you for watching

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