Electric Bike VS NYC Streets (COWBOY 4)

[Music] oh [Music] welcome back to another video today we're out here in freezing new york city we're in central park right now but we got something lined up a little bit different today and i'm excited for it because it's not something i've ever done before cowboy hit me up and they sent me their brand new cowboy iv it's an electric bike i've never ridden an electric bike before i'm excited to test it out and we're gonna take it from central park all the way to domino park in brooklyn over the bridge and the main goal for today is just to see how fast we can get there because these bikes are just absolute machines they're fast super fast and you can cut through traffic like no other cowboy is launching in the us very soon so keep an eye out for that this is why they sent me one of their prototypes i've been hit up by a ton of electric bike companies in the past and i never really was interested until i saw the cowboy because just look at this beautiful machine the coolest thing ever this one piece handle bar with no wire sticking out this is the only two wires you see any other electric bikes they have ugly wires everywhere it's just not very aesthetically pleasing and sleek i was riding this around today and yesterday shooting photos on it everybody breaks their neck looking at you when you're riding this thing it's pretty funny so obviously we have the matte black version with us today super modern urban style bike but i think the coolest feature about this bike is the quad lock system right here that's all it is and then you have the navigation you'll see this as i'm riding we have the cowboy app and we're gonna start it says it's gonna be 32 minutes the way i ride i don't think uh it says 32 to 37 minutes that's not happening we're doing that in like 15 20 maybe alex i might lose you bro i'm going crazy on this thing so we go in the app right here and we go into the settings and i have assistance boost on it's like a pedal assist bike where you pedal and you get that energy boost i haven't done a full hit yet on it and i i've we've been like doing like photos and stuff just cruising it but i haven't done the mission that i've been trying to do on it yet and that is i want to see how fast i can get from central park to domino park in brooklyn and i'm also going to do it in my car and see how it compares with traffic because i believe these electric bikes are definitely the best way to get around a city especially new york so without further ado i say we hit the streets i'm excited we're about to get spicy let's do it i'm going to start my timer on my phone let's see and i'm going to start the route right here at the same time and you ready chief we doing this i'm getting lost so quick all right it says 49 minutes i don't think so the inevitable in new york city is pedestrian craft you got to be careful all right get spicy green light let's get it this bike just moves oh my god nice green lights all the way let's go oh traffic up ahead oh man let's go oh we got in it we got places to be and the cowboys just blown other electric bikes out of the water over here we lost alex alrighty like five minutes ago he's gone let's see 39 minutes i think we got that oh buddy nice bright day not as cold as it was but where you're chilling do not enter except for bikes let's go that's me brother's bike is insane we're cruising come on i got time for these delays man we got places to be there we go back in it so comfortable just cruising oh we're just flying past all the other electric bikes on the roadway damn i had a route in mind but the cowboy said this round faster so i'm following the app dude we look good just checking myself out the reflection this bike is so clean let's get in it watch out buddy watch her and we're hitting every lead light too not good i think that lady was just saying something about this bike actually she said damn that's funny we got love from the crossing guards out here no hands they are cold i've never actually done a video like this where i just non-stop go as fast as i possibly can from one location to another alex was gone in the first two minutes not even two minutes we barely made it out of central park and i lost that can't make that cut that's too tight you make this one though maybe oh my god i'm like loosely following the app because i know the city like the back of my hand and i'm taking you guys through the more hectic scenario there's a lazy typical you know faster out i still think we could beat the time i've estimated 47 minutes instead watch out buddy oh harry see if i was in a car i'd be sitting in all this traffic no sir not today we're just having fun with it this is insane i've never been through traffic this fast honestly not on a bmx bike not a pedal here's your bike i'm just flying oh yeah here's what it's all about new york city traffic is nothing for the cowboy absolutely nothing we're flowing through this like water oh my goodness come on bro got places to be so we're making our way downtown almost at the bridge my ears are freezing sure we're beating today this is what it's all about don't have time for this no buddy we are making a left onto delancey headed towards the williamsburg bridge we got the green arrow the thing about new york city you got to watch out for those crazy potholes gotta love those fenders keeping all the water out of my shirt in my face this right here is my favorite part i hope you can hear me because i'm heading up the williamsburg bridge and i am just cruising look at that with ease i'm cruising with these right now we're on our final stretch we're heading over the bridge and then we're going to be at domino park in record timing so let's do it oh yeah all downhill let's go oh my god saying nine minutes but i can see domino park from right here for right above it there's no way it's taking us nine minutes to get down there this bike is too quick for all that let's see honestly having the time my life on this thing oh yeah we're on our home stretch this is the final block i can almost see domino park from here i'm gonna pull up i'll show you the exact time as i'm pulling up all i know is i've never done that faster in my life so i timed it on my other phone wow it's windy sorry for the noise oh my god all right guys we just got to domino park in 25 minutes and five seconds holy crap i think it's at 47 or 49 minutes when we left and we did that in exactly half the time and if you don't believe me here we are domino park i pulled into domino park in exactly 25 minutes which is way under the estimate that they gave me i think it was 47 minutes on the app i was going full speed the whole time and it's really easy just to go full speed with an electric assist because i'm only doing very little amount of work i can confidently say i've never ridden that far that fast in such a little bit amount of time especially on a bmx bike so i'm very i'm very very happy that the cowboy 4 is joining my arsenal of bikes alex is nowhere to be found he's still in manhattan somewhere i'm in brooklyn so i gotta go back to manhattan pick him up and yeah he's supposed to be helping me film the outro over here but i don't think he's gonna be here anytime soon so we have to time our route from columbus circle right near central park all the way down to williamsburg and we are pulling up on columbus circle right now just to see how long it's going to take in the car and to give a perspective it's 6 p.m on a friday night we just got done riding stop watch columbus circles right here and once this light turns green i'm gonna hit go green go let's see [Music] [Applause] [Music] 36 minutes and 17 seconds in the whip in the m2 nonetheless cruising and m2 still did it faster on the cowboy here's your answer cowboy is faster than a car in new york city so it is a little bit later in the day i had to go collect alex in the city i have to leave it in the dust and traffic we did that 25 minute run from central park to domino park in brooklyn i've been riding the bike all day and i use about half the battery and my phone's charging everything's all good and just look at this sleek design on this the front end is super clean besides overall being aesthetically pleasing and having a super sleek design i also love the functional built drive on this you don't have to worry about getting a greasy chain i've seen some other electric bikes with just like regular kmc chains this is also something that a lot of people have been coming up to me about and just like what is that a belt drive chain it doesn't come off ever it's super locked and dialed clean don't no grease stains on the pants which is super good and also suspenders on the front back so when i was whipping through puddles and stuff you guys saw a few puddle splashes i wasn't getting wet it wasn't whipping up dirt and mud all over my back which is super crucial another one of my favorite highlights on this bike is the removable batteries you can have more than one obviously and you can leave the bike downstairs if you live upstairs in an apartment and it's super practical which i've been doing i've been putting my bike in the garage and then just bringing my batteries inside charging them inside overall the bike is magnificent and i would say if you live in an urban area you definitely want to get yourself a cowboy or at least look into it because you saw how fast i got all the way from central park to domino park and i'll put how many miles and kilometers that was right here i don't know off the top of my head hope you guys enjoyed the video i know it was something different than usual but i had a blast ripping the brand new cowboy four around the streets of new york city so shout out to cowboy for letting us use it and being one of the first to use it actually but if you guys want to see us hit new cities and countries across the world with the cowboy let me know in the comments leave a like below and thank you again for watching peace out [Music] you

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