Electric Downhill Bike (part 0)

this is my electric bike made this little setup for it it's got a little tiny motor there it's about inch and a half wide by three inches in diameter Astro flight it's a 3205 motor had a bigger one in there 3210 but kept breaking chains and stuff is too powerful this one is perfect for this bike and it has about three horsepower doesn't break the chain gentlemen broke the chains on time anyways I got hooked up call all save this thing running show you this side over here have a gear it down quite a bit the 15,000 rpm motor with the jackstaff that's first gear first gear does about 20 second gear does about 25 third 30 something like that fourth probably 35 anyways it will you can go through the gears on it I'll just have it go a couple gears here change gears a little clutch here whoa from the break anyways I'm gonna take it out today do a Levin while a cross-country circuit yeah we'll see how it does

pexels photo 5745012

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