Electric MOPEDS – Everything you need to know before buying


Crude Oil Forecast and Technical Analysis

The drop in Crude lines up with the instability seen after new highs are hit. In the course of the most recent a year, another high has a tendency to be trailed by a 5-10% drop. Dealers should look to the DoE week after week stock print tomorrow to see the front-month crude oil (Comex signals) contract discovers bolster, which would almost certainly line up with short-covering from shorter-term brokers who effectively foreseen instability after the new YtD high at $74.08/bbl.

Solar Power-Renewable Energy for Power Generation

Renewable source of energy is most trendy source of energy for power generation. Solar Power Energy Generation is most useful, reliable and cost efficient source for power generation.

Building the Smart Grid: The Role of IoT in Powering Tomorrow’s Cities

The IoT has the technological prowess to evolve the way we plan out cities across the world. IoT links people and governments to smart city solutions with the help of Smart Grid technology.


Warp Drive, or Stargate Technology?… Which concept is more promising as our future propulsion system for interstellar exploration?

7 Benefits of a Solar Car Parking System

These days, solar car parking offers a lot of benefits, which is why it’s quite popular. You can find them in many countries, such as Australia, South Africa, and US. This type of structures offers a lot of benefits for both common users and home owners.

Is Nuclear Energy Needed to Fight Climate Change? How Much Better Is Renewable Energy Than Coal?

The United States needs to continue to produce energy at an accelerating rate to keep up with the demands of 21st-century American society. So, is renewable energy always better than fossil fuels, especially coal? How big of a role in domestic energy production should nuclear play? And how do you create energy policies that please Republicans in Congress, where Republicans are still a majority in the Senate?

How a Solar Power System Can Help to Maintain the Environment and One’s Pocket?

Resources are becoming scarce with each passing day and renewing them is simply out of question in the coming years. This is the reason why one needs to find inexhaustible resources which can be used and one will not have to worry about finishing them off. Therefore, for some years now, solar power systems and solar panels have become the most reliable, economical and environmentally safe alternative.

Is It Compulsory to Install a Smart Meter?

All the hype around the rollout of this new way of measuring energy consumption has left people wondering… is it compulsory to have a smart meter installed? What is a smart meter?

Retail Giants Go Green

Environmentally friendly practices are becoming more common with many global businesses incorporating an environmental strategy as part of their core business practice. From Apple to Ikea this article shares some of the best ‘green’ news stories from some of the world’s most popular brands.

Solar Doesn’t Have To Mean ‘Sun’ Anymore

Solar energy, renewable energy, clean energy, alternative energy, green energy – until recently it’s all meant one thing… the sun, but thermodynamics has changed that! Did you know, that currently the top-ranking country for solar energy production is Germany, reportedly producing 38,250 megawatts of its energy from renewable sources?

What Are Solar Roofing Shingles?

Solar roof shingles are the next big thing in roofing technology. Learn what solar-powered roofing shingles do, and why they are becoming so popular in today’s market.

4 Benefits Of Solar LED Lights For Parking Lots

The future is solar LED lights. You will see them in the parking lots and other large areas around a city. They are cheap and save a good deal of money on electricity bills.

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