EMovement Hunter Plus | Electric Folding Fat Tire Bike Review (2021)

How to Collect the Energy of a Tidal Inlet Waves – Ocean Wave Energy Collection Innovation

Have you ever seen a tidal inlet wave, this is where the wave goes from low tide to high tide and travels up a channel, river or inlet. If these waves happen every day at the changing of the tide, then we can collect that energy. If we are very smart about how we collect that energy, we can store the energy we collect and use it throughout the day. I would like to take your mind to a place that you perhaps haven’t thought about before even if you have studied ocean wave generation technologies.

Delightful Disposable Picnic-Ware With an Ethical Slant

Let’s face it, paper plates are pretty useless. With summer on the horizon and picnics on the cards, it’s great to know there’s something better than soggy, notoriously floppy traditional paper and card picnic-ware, something that looks fab, works beautifully, biodegrades quickly and is a real pleasure to eat from. It’s Bambu’s single-use veneer ware and it’s poised to become a massive hit for alfresco eating, picnics, parties and celebrations this summer… weather permitting!

Vertical Farming, Going Up Instead Of Sideways

Huh… Vertical farming? It is exactly what it sounds like- a farm arranged vertically instead of horizontally. Think of having a greenhouse stacked on top of another greenhouse, and so on for roughly 15 to 20 stories high. After a hundreds of years of building out horizontally, it’s no wonder we now need to now look up.

Can Temporary Log Cabin Buildings Address the Urgent Need for Space in Educational Establishments?

An eco friendly idea and potential solution to the demands on schools. Bespoke Log Cabins could be an efficient way to make use of the limited funds being given to schools to cope with the ever expanding needs for extra teaching space.

Could the Original Jack and the Beanstalk Tale Be Based on a Real Plant Used Around the World?

Most people have heard of Bamboo. Some create furniture with it. Some build fences with it.

Three Little Eco-Friendly Pigs – The Three Little Pig Fable Recycled Without Paper

Once upon a time there were three little pigs that went out into the world to build homes. One built with straw. One pig used wood for his home. The last little pig used bricks that have been eco friendly for a very long time. We all know how that little pig fable turned out after the big bad wolf showed up. Here is that tale recycled to show the moral and benefits of using eco friendly and recycled material.

Mayor Bloomberg to Ban Styrofoam

Mayor Bloomberg has recently proposed that he’d like to ban Styrofoam due to the fact that it is expensive to recycle. In turn, companies are seeking alternatives, such as paperboard take-out boxes.

The Dangers of Cloning – A Popular Myth?

Cloning, a word that has been tainted in the news. But what is cloning really and how does it tie in with modern technology? Read more here.

Air Quality Sampling to Breathe Easy in the Workplace

Every employer and employee wants to ensure they are working in a safe environment. Those industries that work with chemical compounds or have smoke as a product of industry can benefit from air sampling techniques to ensure that the air within the workplace meets the certain industry standards that are set for their industries and work environments.

Energy Collection – Graphene Cover Over Perpendicularly Carbon Nanotubes Housing Copper Atoms

When it comes to things like nano science and energy there are some very smart scientists, one in particular that I like to read, has some brilliant research papers about collecting the ambient vibrational energy out there. In looking at some of his designs and how he mixes engineering, nanotechnology, and vibrational energy and frequency together makes me wonder if we are looking in the wrong direction when it comes to energy generation, or energy collection and conversion.

Basic Types of Ovens

Ovens are thermally sealed chambers that are used for baking, heating, drying and cooking. They are carefully manufactured with diverse features. They serve a variety of purposes in various restaurants, fast food joints, pottery houses, bakery houses and other establishments. They are also referred to as “kilns” or “furnaces”.

Some Ideas to Create an Environmental Friendly Business

It doesn’t matter what type of business you operate, saving money is going to be imperative for keeping that company operating for the long term. Although there are many different things that you could do in order to save money, you would likely benefit more if you did so in a way that kept the environment in mind.

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