Engwe X5 EBike trip to McKeesport Marina #ebike

all righty guys i'm out here today with the mighty 
and we and we're just going to take a cruise down   to the marina see what's uh going on there today 
it's cool but it's starting to warm up a little   so it might be a decent day so we're going to be 
going down there now i think next week i'm going   to be doing the range test on this in gui i've 
gotten a lot of miles out of this thing so i don't   know how long that battery lasts um i'm thinking i 
could probably get like 30 miles out of this thing   so who knows right but we're gonna try it 
out here very shortly i just haven't got   around to uh doing that yet but i'm 
i'm getting to it i'm getting to it   let's get the app going you know my 
favorite app i always forget this   dude but i thought about it all the way over 
here i said yeah i'm gonna do that right away i've got the water bottle there and i got a 
drone in here and i got the emergency kit right   there which is the you know the co2 things 
which i what i love i love them damn things so we're gonna hop on the inguine and get going let me see if i 
can raise the handlebars up more   i just know i've gotten really good range 
out of this thing every time i've ridden it   so i wouldn't expect today to be any different man this thing wow i said it before i'll say it again 
this thing is the jetson bolt pro   on steroids it's really nice guys really 
nice and i've got it unlocked too so but you know like i've said before the 
pedal assist on this thing isn't uh   isn't everything it's cracked 
up to be that's for sure really doesn't work that 
well to be honest with you okay i've had enough pedaling there you go okay so i just wanted to do it for a little 
bit just to get started just to get going i didn't bring my speedometer 
today but you know i don't need   to know how fast i'm going today not doing any testing well this section of 
this trail is awfully bumpy well i'm thinking about buying 
another battery for this thing   so i can do one of those uh run into a drops test i mean this thing you can 
pedal it if you have to but uh   i mean you don't want to right he 
wants to pedal one of these things i mean to get home i guess you could 
do it if you're out on the trail but   i mean it's not like something you want to do yeah it's not like a highlight okay here let me 
pedal this thing for a couple hours forget it so this thing rides so smooth even smoother 
than the jetson even smoother than that i was looking at that rod bite that 
randy just got and i was like wow   that thing looks pretty sharp to me i 
might have to get one of those suckers oh leaves are starting to fall and turn yeah this is the worst spot of the trail right 
here this little area right here oh horrible now i'm gonna go straight today i'm not 
going oh damn i'm not going over there to um across the bridge i'm just gonna go straight 
down the thing today so that's that hey buddy maybe i'll go over to uh that little thing on the other side of the trail 
oh something somebody knocked over this   outhouse so i forget if i had to 
take a dump forget it in your pants   oh you know that was a kid a punk jerk-offs well i have absolutely no idea how much mileage i've put on this bike but i could 
figure it out by going back to every video i made   because that's the only times i ever wrote it 
is when i made a video with it so all i would   have to do is go back and add up all those videos 
and that way i wouldn't know what the mileage was hell i could just go right around 
downtown dan mckeesport if i wanted to   with this thing i wouldn't do it with 
the scooter because i'd probably get   pulled over but with the 
bike you know i could do it yeah it's not far it's not that far down here   to be honest with you from where 
i started it's pretty damn close oh yeah on a smooth surface this thing 
is smooth as glass guys i'm telling you the smear is doing jack 
and i guess doing something okay well looks like the marine is kind of dead nobody's in the waiting area nothing's going on down here yeah they're probably gonna start pulling 
boats back now it's already you know october so they're still working on the bridge yeah they're gonna be picking 
these boats out of here pretty soon oh i need to adjust these brakes wow i 
don't know if those are the front or the   i can't really tell i think they're 
back yeah these are the back boy there   not much left to it too you need to adjust it get 
off your dead ass and adjust the brake dumbbell okay looking good yeah i'm gonna have 
to come down here and go to downtown   mckeesport man just get off the trail and 
head over that way it's all flat over there   i could ride around down the cocktail 
damn esports on this damn bike going by the police station 
here come see the po-po   yeah we got battery galore on this thing so 
we're gonna head on over there over to that spot and um see what's happening over that way okay i peddled a little up the hill that's enough this this bike it rides so quiet 
you don't even hear it running the motor silence can be it's quiet as a mouse yeah i could just go right here 
and go right downtown mckeesport   right in through here where it says do 
not enter yeah that's where i would go wow okay i'm going to walk across this nightmare oh let me come over here a little bit   i wanted to in the i don't i want to go over 
here real quick to see if they still have the   coven testing because this is where i had my three 
or three of my four covent tests were right here this would be a great place to do a 
range test on a bike or scooter right   through here through these parking lots 
wow you could really wind it up in here oh yeah cause it's never used oh yeah so 
it's still going oh this place used to be   there's a helipad here and this place 
was nuts man the height of the coven   thing there's still people testing today right 
there's one of them leaving right there yep   they're still doing it holy cow i thought 
this thing been long closed up by now yep still doing it wow who knew okay let me get back to the trail that was a 
little detour then i'm gonna get up to that spot   where that building is and i'm gonna stop and take 
a little break check the mileage first you know lots of people out today it's 
cold too so i'm kind of surprised okay so there's a car over here with a   canoe or something on it or whatever 
that is suitcase luggage luggage rack is whistler's mother i guess i don't know 
i just just something came to my head there's somebody with a dog if i was a girl i'd probably 
bring a dog with me too wow there's a nice speedboat out there okay so i'm out here at that 
spot this is my breast area okay i'm gonna go a little bit further so there's 
this little spot over here i saw i'm from the air   last time i was here shooting a drone video looked like some little 
island and there was some guy   down there i don't know how 
he got down there though you could hardly notice it from the 
video you could just barely see the guy   i i don't think i posted the 
video yet i shot a video over here   back in april there it is there's 
how he got diamond right there right there and there was some guy down 
there on this little island and he was fishing and i was wondering 
how in the hell he got down there   and here's how he got down there 
right through his little trap door there's a ladder right there he came down here wow i don't see the island now that's the problem 
and he went down this ladder and got over   to it somehow okay somehow he got to that 
island but this is how he did it right here dang they put the ladder there and they and they 
and they locked the ladder they locked it on there that's pretty wild let me see that little spot hold 
on there's another spot right there   i'm doing some exploring today you see that right you always gotta look out for spots well looky looky oh my goodness could 
i get some drone shots from here   holy cow okay i'm definitely gonna be coming 
back here heck i could just launch the drone   right from here oh yeah great great spot 
here fantastic i'm coming back here next week no doubt all right that's fantastic so i'm not tired out enough now even on this stuff how quiet it is the uh the 
anguing or anything else i ride over here it goes   you know it makes tons of noise but this 
thing's quiet as can be so that's kind of wild i'm not going to go much further i'm just 
going to go down here to that turn around and nice and cool through here wow okay so that guy went into that little area 
right there i wonder what's down in there   probably with another one then access 
points where you can get to stuff okay so i'm gonna be turning around here i just wanted to make it through here a little hair more   so nice and cool through 
here man wow it feels great all right guys i'm gonna stop here look 
at the mileage and turn around and go back   i think it's probably like five um six maybe six something like that this is 
a spot me and rich always stop at the smoke so we're gonna stop here check the mileage 5.5 okay of course you know no no 
bars have moved on this thing   so yeah this thing is wow i definitely need 
to get one another one of these batteries   this thing seems to have really nice range to it wow it has a big removable battery right there 
too so all right guys i'm going to go back   i'm going to cut the video all right guys we're 
in the home stretch here we are coming back   we did a little pit stop over here to shoot a 
video with the evo and of course that didn't go up   that didn't go too well but hey i'll post 
the video we'll see what happens it um the transmitter kept cutting out 
the app kept disconnecting so i   you know and then when that stuff 
starts happening you don't want to   you know try to do anything stupid 
okay your best bet is to bring it back   and figure out what the problem 
is not to go out there and   do something stupid because then you could get 
some kind of failure some kind of fly away or   i mean who knows it just kept disconnecting and 
then now you have to replug the cable back in so   that's going to lead me to believe that 
it's some kind of cable failure you know or   incompatib compatibility failure with the cable so 
that's what i'm going to go with for right now so so so um okay we are back all right guys we made it back it was 
not that long of a trip 10.8 miles and we still got two bars so yeah it's doing good yeah the inguine gets really good mileage 
um so yeah that was just a quick test i   want to get it out on the trail and get the 
uh or up in the parking lot and do the full   range test because i'd like to know how 
far this thing would actually go okay so   now let's this thing sits long enough here it'll 
go back up to the third bar will be green but   right now it's not so all right 
guys i'll talk to you later

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