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Eco-Engineers on a Mission to Save the World

Engineers Dick Strawbridge and Jem Stansfield are Planet Green’s eco-engineers and they are on a mission to fix the planet! Based in England, these two environmentally conscious problem solvers travel all over Europe to take on some of the most pressing environmental problems.

Renewable Energies

The rising cost of electricity, along with the unmistakable impact of global warming on the planet, have prompted more research into so-called clean power, from renewable sources that include solar, wind, and biomass technologies. Producers of these types of technology also are quick to point out that if Americans yearn for less vulnerability to terrorism and political instability in other parts of the globe, greater energy self-sufficiency ought to be a national goal. Numerous states also provide tax credits or rebates for renewable energy projects, and there’s a federal renewable power manufacturing tax credit (PTC) of $19 per…

Hydropower – One Source of Eco-Friendly Energy

Exactly why is hydropower an environmentally friendly energy source? It’s simply because we could funnel electrical energy by transforming water into electricity.

What Are Renewable Energy Resources?

I am pretty sure that everyone on this planet knows what renewable energy resources are, so we will jump straight to finding out a little bit about them, further than just the concept. The wind, for example, is one of the most commonly used renewable energy resources out there and that’s because the system and the turbines needed in order to harvest the power of the wind are actually pretty cheap and easy to repair. There are several areas in the world where wind turbines are used to provide the power for entire cities, without needing any other.

How Can You Harvest Renewable Energy Resources?

Renewable energy resources, like the wind and the light and heat from the sun are basically endless and you can surely use them to your advantage and provide electric power to your appliances almost for free. The added bonus is that you don’t create any toxic waste either, so you really can use renewable energy resources.

Why Should We Use Renewable Energy Resources More?

The first reason we should use renewable resources more is because the humanity is growing out of fossil resources, such as petrol and natural gases. This means that at one point we will need to use renewable resources more anyway, so why not do it quicker and save the planet from pollution at the same time?

How to Recycle

It may seem simple enough, but there are certain specifics to recycling that can help the environment and your sanitation service. Recycling reduces waste that builds in landfills in order to make new products from the old.

Ten Effective Ways to Reduce Global Warming

We can tackle global warming indirectly through policy changes and economic instruments to encourage the take-up of new technologies. Or we can use public money to invest in the technologies directly. It is best to attack global warming on all these fronts simultaneously since these methods are complimentary.

It Takes More Than Recycling Trash to Save Our Planet

Back in the early part of the 90’s trash recycling was in full swing. Environmentalists pushed the issue explaining how much recycling household garbage would help our hurting planet. They told us how horrible it was to throw plastics, or glass that could be used again into our trash.

Eco Friendly Printing Company – Cashing in on Green Technology

Eco friendly printing companies are substituting petroleum inks with soy or vegetable inks and recycled papers are taking place of pure papers. The concerns of greenhouse gases, upping pollution levels and exposure to toxic materials or carcinogens are making print houses to switch to go green and print green.

Go Green With Eco-Printing Techniques

Other than or daily chores and duties towards the nation to which we are born, each and every human living in the world is equally responsible of making Mother Earth smile. The points to be considered here is that, every one of us are responsible for the natural calamities and disasters that are happening in the world today.

Redeem PLC Recycling Company Soaring Higher

Recycling Mobiles has become an active business, and there are numerous recycling companies who are in this race to be one of the leading companies. To the list of phone recycling companies, more and more are been adding on every year.

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