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Renewable, Green Energy With Magnetic Perpetual Motion Machines

If you’ve been keeping current on research into alternative energy solutions, undoubtedly you have encountered discussion of perpetual motion machines. Perpetual motion machines are machines that once set it motion, will run indefinitely or forever-without a need for fueling or electrical input.

Should You Be Using an Eco Friendly Shower Head?

Let’s face it. More and more people are making the commitment to lead a eco friendly life style. By saving electricity with energy-saving light bulbs, driving less and recycling, people are becoming invested in the health and well-being of our planet. However, one overlooked area for applying environmentally conscious practices is in the bathroom. If you’re interested in helping to sustain our environment, should you be using an eco friendly shower head?

Why Recycling Should Be Your Number One New Years Resolution For 2010

With the New Year only just beginning, many people have made or are making their New Years resolutions for the year ahead, but how many of them will be as important as helping to save the world? With landfills in the UK increasingly getting more and more full, recycling should be a priority for all of us living in this country, as the more products we can recycle, the less we need the landfills and the more we help to save world from the ever increasing threat of climate change.

Recycle Mobile Phones and Save the Earth

Mobile phones have become an important part of life. People feel its need at every step. It is no more surprising that every individual is having more than one handset these days. With time, users get bored of older handsets and wish to get the new one. Owning new handset is good but the older ones should not be thrown in any corner of the cupboard. Recycling mobile phones is the best step to utilize old handsets.

How to Set Up a Recycling Program in Educational Facilities

As the founder of the German Green Party, Petra Kelly once said “If we don’t do the impossible, we shall be faced with the unthinkable.” It is time we answered Kelly’s call to action and set into motion the necessary steps to revitalize the earth, such as, integrating recycling programs within local communities. The simple practice of generating new uses for discarded materials conserves natural resources, reduces air pollution, saves energy and downsizes landfills. For example, if everyone in the country recycled a newspaper a week thirty-six million trees a year would be saved.

Global Warming – Reduce Your Personal Carbon Footprint

Global warming will have disastrous consequences for all of humanity unless we do something now. Leaving it all to politicians takes care, we hope of the countries contribution to preventing global warming, however we can all make a personal contribution to the process.

Waterborne Technology is Environmentally Friendly Paint

The advantage of using waterborne is not only reducing the environmental problem in the process of refinishing, but also balancing ecological and economic systems. This new material is safer to be used every day, and also can greatly reduce the investment of new equipment, because the using of material is less than conventional paint.

Five Effects of Global Warming

Most of us realize that Global warming is actually changing the environment we live in. And as our homes, grow warmer and change. These effects continue to raise questions on how we can change the way we live, and combat the mounting environmental changes that affect us, and our planet.

Recycling to Save the Planet

It’s important to notice, the expense connected to waste disposal continues to increase with the passing of each day. The earth is not only filling up with population and losing available living space, but as important is the space being used or lost for landfill. We hear more and more about this decrease and are warned by articles and news stories about the problem.

The Go Green Report – What is Renewable Energy?

Every where you turn, there it is. Go Green. Save the Planet. Stop global warming. Lately, our environment seems to get more focus than the economy. It looks like the media has finally decided the health of the planet merits some attention and renewable energy may warrant a closer look.

Global Cooling and Global Warming Causes

Global warming causes have been studied for years. Global cooling actually has the same causes as global warming. Climate change causes are being disputed all over the world. While one side reports glacier melting they conveniently leave out glacier growth somewhere else.

3 Tips For Recycling Electronics by Selling Them Online

An absurd amount of electronics ends up in the garbage and landfills. An absurd amount also ends up in basements, attics, and closets, never to be seen again until it is fully obsolete, and which point it goes into the trash and perhaps into a landfill.

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