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Global Warming is Harming You and Your Children – Beware!

Global climate is changing due to various reasons. As a result, our earth is becoming warmer affecting our lives adversely. Though, climate change has some benefits also, its negative health effects overshadow the benefits.

Economic and Social Consequences of Global Warming

Global warming is causing not only health hazards, but it has many adverse economic and social consequences also. Native people living in high-altitude regions are already facing the ill effects of global warming. The future climate changes will have diverse effects on human lives.

Environmentally Friendly Cars – What Lies Ahead

Electric, hybrid, bio-ethanol, fuel cell? Which is best? Is it really green? These are just some of the questions facing the motor industry around the world as they are put under more and more pressure to produce low / no carbon emission transport.

Report Indicates That Renewable Energy Will Create More Jobs Than Coal

A report released by Greenpeace and the European Renewable Energy Council (EREC) has declared that the world’s shift towards renewable energy will create more jobs than from the coal industry. The report set out that by 2030, a move towards renewable energy power generation could create up to 2.7 millions jobs compared to staying with fossil fuels.

An Optimistic Solution to Global Warming – A Motivational Approach

The threat of Global Warming is now a real and present problem, which needs to be addressed if we are to avoid a possible catastrophic social disaster; however our focus for change needs to be emphasised in a positive manner, which is more efficient at motivating individuals to change. As by offering an attractive alternative future may we may lead to a progressive change in our way of life to one which is both sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Six Types of Renewable Energy Sources – What Are They?

The global battle against climate change has encouraged both developed and developing nations to reduce carbon dioxide emission. Signatories of the Kyoto Protocol lead the world to emission reduction activities, one of which is conducting research and development on renewable energy. Here are six types of renewable energy sources that are being considered to power the globe in the nearest future.

Global Warming – Hoax Or Reality?

What do you think? Many believe global warming is a hoax manufactured by the government for more control and profit. Yet, the scientists continue to produce facts proving the problem exists. Climate change, the warming trend shows no sign of cooling down.

Recycling Printer Cartridges and Saving Money Doing It

An absurd amount of printer cartridges needlessly end up in landfills each year. Estimates are in the hundreds of millions yearly, which is over ten a second. Many of these can be refilled, saving you money, or otherwise recycled. Some recycling programs even pay you for returning your empty cartridges.

Reversing the Effects – Here’s What You Didn’t Know About Global Warming

In recent weeks Filipinos endured two strong typhoons with unprecedented flooding, property damage and loss of life. Earth does not belong to us. Every human being should plant at least one rain forest tree.

Some Global Warming Statistics

While most people accept global warming as a fact, some still deny that humans play a significant role. Unfortunately politics are often involved, and while I don’t intent to try to change anyone’s mind, it’s worthwhile to look at some statistical facts. These come from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) 2007 working group assessment report, which is available for free online. The IPCC is a scientific panel under the United Nations.

Recycling Information – Dealing With Shredded Paper

Many of us now have paper shredders in our homes, offices and classrooms. They are quick, quiet and inexpensive devices which help us destroy personal and confidential information with the minimum of fuss. However there is some issue which is often overlooked and that is the recycling element of shredded paper.

Business Strategies For Renewable Energy

Ultimately, influential key players in renewable energy will understand that their biggest competition is lack of consumer understanding and action. Consumers want renewable energy but they don’t understand how it works and how they get it in their home. Renewable energy is an emerging market; it is not relevant in a consumer’s decision making process.

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