Eurobike 2019 – Das smarte E-Bike von Cowboy

the guys at cowboy have a very innovative and smart concept here developed and today we are at eurobike in friedrichshafen at the booth of cowboy and we take a closer look at the concept over the years as we have done many thanks for your time interview you can us the concept plays a bit bring knowledge closer, imagine exactly so we have our 2009 here bike with ten card and it has been around since 2017, 2018 are on the Belgian market went with the first model and were then super fast sold out and then had from san francisco from new york in spain get and were able to grow this year but to Germany france to holland and because to austria and that's 219 so i would say that the main argument for most customers is why you buy our bike is that you can remove the battery so we have Now back here a security key can be used to power the battery wazir off and that means that you just don't have the whole bike with you must take into the apartment but with the parcours lies on the work maybe a second battery or in three or four years if the battery would have to be replaced so that you can turn the whole bike on send but maintains a new battery sets the ranks and exactly finished and Here you can know to what extent the alcohol is charged or that our display has that the led display since you can see the capacity of the battery still has the on-board computer and the gps installed underneath even if you steal someone's bike and the report pulls out the main act there is still a second battery in it for tracking for up to three weeks makes possible and there we have a gps and also in the second step we have Also in the blood tractors that we are in bars on the cell phone everything is started via the via the via the app so always does here one can turn the light on and off the bike the other off and on the bike also has navigation with it and later on the gps that means when someone In the second step you steal a bluetooth bike with you and see even if that is a five-day building on which floor you get closer to you come the more the bar feels and you actually already have one a few customers who have found their bike again and were super happy about that, that's a pretty theft-proof exactly what we need so of course we still recommend one closed, yes, but that's really cool also the connection between app and bike that means when there is an update on we just send the motor to the cell phone the cell phone sends that to the blues so who with connected exactly and you you see, we have no gear shift because we have everything bit minimalistic design we had in the back we have the engine and torque sensor which work together that means when you start or go up the mountain you get more thrust that means the engine always adapts to the driver on the automatic and private hours of power we have in the battery the battery has 360 watt hours goes up to 70 kilometers so the main target group is our commuters who drive to work The customer drives an average of 12 to 14 kilometers per day, which means he has to Charge the battery once or twice a week and we just wanted to have some advice yes what light that means the bike has 60 kilos if you have more range then you are fast at 20 23 kilos and exactly like that we tried to find the best compromise for us also a bit of the claim third want to have said one attractive price a great design and use the most modern technology on the one hand, 50 percent of the customers buy the bike and 50 percent keep the service, that means within three minutes the answer to the customer is available we want to accept every call and we do really try to live the startup mentality so there are a bunch young people that makes it as much fun as working the body in brussels we are sitting in brussels who give their best every day morning to night and that's exactly what we had this year Market entry in Germany in April and since then da stern has written there the iphone of the e-bikes content the order also through the ceiling and yes i was really a complete package right right exactly absolutely that means I always have to have my cell phone with me and to ride my bike if I understand correctly that's a good question we get often so you actually need to cutting the bike the mobile phone that is also digital key thought that only you can turn on your bike you have to use your mobile phone but do not have it on the front, there is also a bracket that you can use for your navi has or the speedometer you can put it in your pocket and even if one mobile phone goes out while driving the bike continues to turn off there another trick can simply click the battery out then that works bike off too, but to switch on the bike you currently need the battery exactly I mean, most customers have a cell phone with them anyway It shouldn't be a problem if we take the bike from dealers look what kind of led we have here, is it something special or exactly what I can't possibly show briefly in the video then you can see from behind, we have the rear light here But that is also the brake light, that is, if you are standing now but not if you brake while driving, it lights up on substance to light up as a brake light that you can say that the cars in the back or the other cyclists warned other road users and that was completely roadworthy, and that's exactly how it is stvzo approved we also have approval for our bike from tüv rheinland In Germany we also send additional accessory boxes with taillights conducive to tires reflectors spoke reflectors or bells you have to send that with exactly and what circuit system do we have here built in so as I said we don't have any circuit installed on the one hand for the minimalist look and on the other hand That's cool for maintenance too, so no maintenance As I said, the motor that works with the torque sensor is standing the whole thing is transferred I have a chain but over a belt whatever it is also protects the target group of dealers from making a follow-up Because trousers are usually maintenance-free, there is no oil on them don't run the risk of forging your pants that means i can just leave the bike outside and use it nothing happens exactly because of so we have that each component tested to 10,000 kilometers or a conditions and it is accurate no problem leaving your bike in the rain exactly that works very very cool and what makes me pretty strong too What was impressed is that the price is still pretty low, well if I read it correctly, we are going to put something in 1999, which is really a very good price for the person bike what so much cannabis is possible so We can represent the 2099 by doing everything ourselves as I said, everything from a single source so we now have 50 people in brussels who work on the bike we have the engineers we have the electricians we have the mistakes that make the app we have my department is a bit marketing pr events with the bike shops is what is operational working with customers and, of course, that is the topic for us too one topic we sell our bike directly on the one hand for the price to be able to offer and on the other hand because our promise is this To have customer service and that can only be rented by the customers stop by us and have your finger on the quality and that is at the beginning, of course, many customers hear one more after one promise that we then have to keep but we agree every day in brussels do our best to be there for the customer and Offering outstanding service, of course, that sounds great that truth also looks very clean it has no mudguards luggage rack when I do that See correctly here we also have the option to assemble the pastries so it is important that the wheel is already fitted with the corresponding holes form comes formatted on the market and the customer can then add whatever they want to it, i.e.

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Mudguards luggage rack side stand everything is possible you can also raise the handlebars exchange handlebars and we just wanted to take a look at the market do not bring the second 200 euros more for things that may even be paid does not need and a customer gets a minimalist and I can say Leave it that way or I still need things that I may be missing myself decide what the customer then needs or really likes others choose exactly that is definitely a compromise the bike looks great too beautiful, I have to say right now, modern life is here and now with Of course, smart technology is also a wonderful concept for me personally think it's really great so a good option is also a good option to go to Driving work and then leaving the car behind was a great thing I would like to thank you very much the interview for all the info i want the best and continue to be a good one europe let us know what jesus concept thinks just write in the comments below how you like the whole thing and we see us in the next video what today from me your santiago von fahrrad xxl

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