Evoke Motorcycles – Next Gen Electric Propulsion

Times change, we need to leave the old behind and jump into new technologies That means leapfrogging towards new propulsion systems, a new cleaner way of life And the time is right now, which is perfect for electric vehicles Like all two-wheel riders, we create excitement and speed And jumping into the future takes me to electric When we take a look at technology, a good example popped into my mind, such as the mobile phones made in Asia We take a look at the battery technology, the charging technology and it's doubled or tripled year-over-year So, we moved to Asia, to really be close to that point source To learn more, explore more, about battery cell technology, thermal management and battery management systems My passion for cars and bikes inspired us to blend battery technology with my passion And now it's what we created here today A base for creating what we have, the products that we have on the market right now And also the world's fastest charging and most exciting electric motorcycles to come It's all about finding the right people, the right team, with the right backgrounds Fit this with the right tools together and there's no limits on what can be done Beyond bringing the right team together blending the hard-working ethics of China and the unique supply chain Combined with North American quality and Japanese reliability Together we have created a new brand of motorcycle that breaks down barriers technology and borders What we really thrive for and strive for is bringing accessibility to electric motorcycles Most companies target bikes that are only for the elite, but bikes literally are the poor man's Porsche Going fast and cheap, bike is the answer and electrics are getting cheaper by the day and becoming more convenient If you take a look at charging stations popping up all over the place and also worldwide battery pricing is coming down Things are getting better and better each and every day With our entry-level motorcycles like the Urban S and the Urban Classic, we are breaking down range anxiety And bringing 150 km mixed-use and 200 km in the city per charge And we continue to push the bar upwards with our Gen 2 Ultra-fast charging battery packs which will charge to 80% in 15 minutes We're looking to expand the dealership network all over the world We have a great business development and marketing team working really hard to bring in core distributors and core dealers all across the globe And really get them product and get them product out to the community What we really see and what we really value is the Evoke Community coming together through a dealership network Being able to ride together, have fun together, party together and that's a huge step in our business development over the next few years Really going up and talking to them and finding out how they use their bike on a daily basis How they feel up, how they charge up, where they go, the exciting things that they've seen and experienced on our bikes And what that means is that they have all the excitement of traditional gas motorcycles with all the cleanliness of a Green EV Finally, we're looking at competition for the racetrack We want to take what we learn from the street and now bring it to the track to really grow this industry together To use it as a stepping point, to use it as a demonstration, to bring more people into the electric vehicle industry And show that we have the power, the range, the capability and the fun just like the track The all-new Evoke 6061 is the answer to what all of our customers have been clamoring for Long range, ultra-fast charging, tons of power We're hitting out 470km within the city with also DC level three fast charging which will take our charge time down to 15 minutes In the city and on the highway, you'll be able to get a mix 230 km to 270 km with a range So, we're not just creating electric motorcycles here, but what we're really creating is something bigger Something that brings a brand-new community of new and experienced riders together Forming that center point that allows them to experience things unlike anything ever before And then share those amazing sights, sounds and stories together while riding our bikes

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