Exploring Abandoned Campground & E-Bike Grows Legs & Takes Off…

hey everyone eric here from nomadic fanatic 
before we leave this campground this morning   it got me thinking in my last video when 
there was that abandoned campground loop   and stuff going on and i figured before 
we leave here why don't we go explore a   little bit here on foot because it's a little 
overgrown but i found the old campground road yeah i'm gonna leave the bike parked right 
here also i'll be uploading this video with   some nomad internet link below if you need some 
mobile unlimited internet lots of spider webs   nobody's been back here for a while that's 
exactly what i need just keep waving that   in front of me and knock down all the webs and 
spiders oh wait what does this sign say over here   eagle nesting area close to 
all entry disturbance could   whoa all right so we can't go over there what 
about over here i'm not your typical explorer   if there's an obvious sign that says do not 
enter for any reason i don't do it so i'm   good at reading directions see i'm just going to 
keep waving this stick for all the spider webs   i want to see what that is definitely remnants 
of an old campground loop is there a spigot there   yeah so oftentimes what you'll find is that 
these campgrounds can't test the water any   longer so they just say no drinking water but it 
still might turn on let's see here nope nothing   at this spigot here lots of spiders lots of ants 
in the wood there still pretty darn spooky back   here as i continue to wave down all the spider 
webs they got them daddy long legs around here   huge huge spiders they're harmless but still a lot 
of downed old trees and sticks and well fire fuel   in my opinion although as much as it rains around 
here i doubt they're concerned about that oh again   another one of those signs eagle nesting area 
well i would like to see where this eagle nest is   back somewhere in there i guess huh it looks like 
we've come to an opening but also a possible just   dead end here huh and again another sign close 
to all entry for an eagles nest wait a minute   is that an eagle's nest huh i'd like to see a bald 
eagle but i guess that's it anyway i gotta put the   bike on the rack then stop back at base camp and 
drop off the bike hook up tater tots so that i   can go drop off the camper van and drive tater 
tot back to the house with the kitties so they   can work on the on the van kind of complicated 
but i've done this several times with other van   projects on my way out of the campground now the 
rain has started back up actually and since this   is only a partial hookup campground you've got 
over 100 people all trying to dump their tanks   at the same time i'm number three in queue now 
there's six of us total but uh i don't know why   everybody's just standing around having a party in 
the rain making this last forever it should be a   five minute max i can do it in two minutes and 
everybody wants to take an hour to dump their   tanks and it's pouring rain and i don't know 
i don't know what's going on anymore we'd like   to get out of here i think most rvers see it 
as a social event like this guy was chatting   with the guy in front of him and then the guy in 
front of him after he was filling up water he was   chatting with them we're all just standing 
around in the rain wasting time it's like   let's go so even though i have to i have to do 
it in the rain i'm going to transfer some stuff   from here because i got to drop the van off but 
i've got all the bins remember so i can just pick   up the bins and take the whole bathroom kit the 
whole uh electronics kit with all my batteries and   then my sheets and comforters and i'm gonna 
keep the litter box and stuff in there so   should be easy enough it's just not gonna let 
up all day as far as the rain and i'm just like   okay i still don't know what you all 
do all summer long in illinois but   i know what i do play some video games so this 
is interesting watch the e-bike here have you   ever heard of an e-bike that is not waterproof 
that's right folks my electric him away bike   turns on automatically when it gets wet and then 
continues to try to ride itself off for no reason   so what's going on here is it keeps turning 
itself on for some reason even though it's in   pedal assist zero there's zero going on nobody's 
touching anything the bike is secured on the tire   therefore it can't go anywhere but that's 
not keeping it from trying to go anywhere   so this is the third time i've come out 
here and turned off my e-bike it's off yep it's still trying to take off by itself 
so yeah it turned itself right back on   and it's trying to take off from the rack about 
every five seconds it tries to drive itself away   no idea i guess i'm gonna unhook the battery 
now so that i can make sure it stays on the   back rack here this is ridiculous you make bikes 
that can't survive the illinois rain huh okay uh   you know what it makes sense though because this 
morning at the campground when i came outside i   had this locked up to my bumper with the kickstand 
down and it was laying on the ground and i didn't   even think to check the video surveillance to see 
what had happened but yeah this thing has been   glitching for several days now i don't know um i'm 
gonna i'm gonna reach out to him away and find out   if they can diagnose something but 
basically it's not waterproof so that's   less than awesome anyways e-bikes now 
gone forget it so i now have two broken   e-bikes here at base camp forget it i'm done with 
it man i change of plans guys i am going to cancel   my generator service this week i've got to leave 
base camp this place is ridiculous it's like no   other place in the world it really sucks and i'm 
trying not to let it get to me but goodness man let's step outside one more time and see how 
this goes so i'm gonna leave tater tot here gonna   so i don't have to unload anything now you already 
can't see me it's too hot and wet and uh i'm gonna   get the heck out of here i don't care about base 
camp anymore i really don't care it's not serving   its purpose because i can't do any work here it 
just never stops raining and so i'll get back here   in a second man today just really really broke 
me and it's not just the rain of today it's just   it's it's it's the entire year 
of 2021 and everywhere i've been   and now this summer that just never 
ends with rain in illinois and i'm just   it's time out like whoa i know better i know 
better we gotta go just gotta get out of you   just gotta leave i gotta leave right now 
i'll see you guys in two days bye guys   bye

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