Fantic Electric Bikes at The Seat Otter Classic

You never know what's going to happen at an 
ebike show or what you're going to come across   and one of the interesting things 
that stood out to me were these   fine highly crafted also very expensive 
Italian Ebikes from a company called Fantic. Let's go check them out! I should have had her do we went over to that 
little place that makes the little jacks on the   top of your thing so oh yeah I'm going to go talk 
to that guy Andy she had a little talk with him   but she had a recording I was like all right well 
I'm going to just start checking this stuff out   how are you doing awesome yourself good probably 
get a lot of comments about the frame huh   oh it's a work of art there huh it is it's very 
nice I like it but it's only 250 watts I don't   know how much it costs but it looks nice 
do you think our customers would buy that   or do you think if we had it we'd attract 
customers that would buy it that's the question Jory's like oh you're looking at the 
crusader well let me tell you about   check out the rear swing arm look at that he carbon section of that those are machined what brakes are those 
those are milled brake levers and and housings   those are nice i mean they they 
purposefully left the tool marks   What do you think of those bad boys?
I think those brakes are beautiful! They did they did a good job that's yeah.

You've been around braking? Yeah a little bit there we go.
Made in Italy they've actually went back to the two pistons instead of fourth they're going volume these are working 
as good or better than the itself okay so   good luck with them so far 
they're they're brand new   and they're coming with steel braided lines did 
you notice that i did not catch that actually   that's so when you're running difference in 
the motorcycle world you're running plastic   versus steel braided you you're great you're 
precise right yes there's no swell in your mind   bicycle probably don't fill it a 50 pound hauling 
butt downhill then you start to feel it you start   to feel it.
Fantic is moto oriented right there 
they build motorcycles.

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Do you mind being on camera with the microphone telling us a little more?
Our bikes are going to have a little moto tint to them   okay with the Renthal braking.
Which I was looking at the machining on the brakes and the housings   that's pretty unique there's only a small 
handful of companies doing anything like that   multiple adjustments for lever adjustment 
okay running the steel brake steel braided   lines very nice floating rotors the bat 
wings oh yeah two piston high volume   calipers we're running the olins on the 
this is the the yeah let me come around running the TTX rear coil shock Very very programmable. Runing the big S mag motor   bros 720 battery.
I think we have one of the 
largest batteries now out of the ebike world   It's it's getting there I got some bigger but you 
know it's getting there carbon fiber seats days   yeah that looks really good really nice huh Ilike 
that and another little moto inspired aluminum   subframe over the years we've moved our mounting 
forward so it gives us more seat post adjustment   so what's this model called this is the race 
it's the XF which would stand for enduro   okay so we have a trail which is our 150s model 
we have the enduros which is 190 mils of travel   and then we have our all mountain which is a 170 
this model right over here it's 1.7 mils of travel   and then we have a 200 which is the beast 
out front front and center that's it   so if you want a lot of travel a lot 
of travel running olins up front 38   TTX in the rear same geometry 
just running the crown fork and price point say on something like this on 
our on our factory race we're running at 79.90   I couldn't quote you on this one not yet this 
is new this is this is new so there's a 2022   model yes kind of thing coming out yes sir now 
how about the the unique little step through   here commuter it's got a multi shifter in the hub It's got the 630 battery 
It's running the Bafang motor and the frame of course just looks super 
cool frame is super cool they actually have   a what they call side plates that 
you can fill this in in different   colors what they offer gives you a 
little more variety they also have um   your they have one without a rack 
and one with a rack sport and Fat tires obviously a little 
better ride built-in lighting it's a class one so it's gonna have your 20 mile 
an hour limit on it lemon so the bikes the most   assembly done in Italy i see manufactured in Italy 
on the sign and then shipped over here cool those   were some really cool components i especially 
like those Italian made breaks with all of the   milling features that you could see just really 
really super cool i really like seeing those   up close and in person and I hope you enjoyed 
that too there's still more to come from the   Sea Otter Classic make sure you check out 
all of the videos about that right here.

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